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Flam’s was founded in 1989 in the town of Strasbourg in the Alsace region, in France, Flam’s is an original and renown restaurant concept featuring a traditional French dish called Flammekueche or Tarte Flambée. Enjoy their delicious and convivial French culinary tradition. continue reading
Opening Hours
Mon - Sun
11:30 - 22:30
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Signature Dishes
The Charolaise The Chicken Tarragon The Goat Cheese-Honey
Review (2)
Level3 2012-05-30
For a full story & more pictures, please read; http://www.epinosh.com/2012/05/flam-singapore.htmlI am excited upon learning that this original French tarte flambée has finally make its way to Singapore on April 2, 2012. Happily, I marked my calender to visit Orchard Central to try them out. Flam's adverts can be visibly seen in the mall, specifically on the escalators leading to Level 2 (next to Jewel Chocolate). Conveniently located a stone away from the escalator, it led me to this accomplished looking place which I best described it as a log cabin.Flipping through the menu, I ordered my flammekueche one at a time. Bearing in mind the principle that says "to enjoy a hot & crisp flam each time: Make your first order, finish it & send in your second order". I hesitated on my starter but still went ahead with Farmer's Roasted Pumpkin Soup and a cup of Malango long black.I am thrilled at the sight of the flammekueche coming at my direction. The signature flam's "The French" was served piping hot on a flat wooden board. The thin crust of dough was covered in cheese cap and topped with finely chopped beech smoked bacon and walnuts. I love the way the crème fraîche was introduced with this flammekueche, a touch of sweetness and seen oozing out as I rolled the flam with my fingers. The chef has been generous on the Camembert, I like it softened and flowy when heated. It was mild in taste with mushroom undertone, slightly salty and buttery. It did surprise me.Near finishing The French, I quickly put in my next order for the sweet version; "The Apple Cinnamon". This was definitely the highlight of my meal. I regretted not eating all the sweet flams, they are so yummy! The scent from the cinnamon completely fills the air accompanied by the nice fire-baked dough aroma, so captivating. You really need to try this. The thin apple slice was able to retained its juiciness despite the intense temperature. I am completely sold!For a full story, please read; http://www.epinosh.com/2012/05/flam-singapore.html continue reading
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Level4 2012-05-01
The little Angmo kia discovered this during his lunch hours and had been wanting to bring me so we finally had the chance after movies and it was one of the few restaurants that closes late in orchard. The thing was we reached arnd 950 pm and their last order was at 10 pm and they close at 1030 so the staff was a bit 'rushing; us to make our orders.. (I really dun like to rush my food! )Ok, let's start with.. wats flam? the full name of this dish is flammekueche, and u can read abt how it came abt from wiki. Its bascially smt like a rectangular thin crust pizza. So even as a girl.. i could finish one whole thing by myself. lol. But i must add that my bf had the cheesy gratinee one which was nice (and much more like pizza) but i doubt i can eat the whole thing by myself.. its more like for 2 girls to share. I chose the chicken taraggon one but as u can see from the last picture it looks more mushrommy than chicken but it was great for me coz i dun feel too guilty from eating it. Taste wise its so-so, i added some tabasco.. but for the price of 18 its really more or less like pizza. I would say the mushroom gratinee thing is much more tasty.Next, theres a promotion now where u accumulate stamps and its really quite good because on the second one u can already get one for one.. But do let them know before u order as theres a minimum price of $15 to use this.. go go go now! lol. I would like to try the provencal thing next which has tuna or smt.. Btw, the boss is french-asian guy who looks to be early 30s. Another bonus. continue reading
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