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Flavour Flings serves up Modern American & French Breakfast/Brunch delights. You will be surprised to see many American & French Classics, and also some twists around many Flavours, Ingredients and Presentations. continue reading
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Full review at http://lepakwithyaops.com/flavour-flings-halal-certified-cafe-in-the-heartland-of-hougang-ave-1Follow Lepak With Yaops on Instagram and FacebookIndulge in American & French classic All Day Brunch at Flavour Fling, a homely & zen café nestled in the midst of Hougang Ave 1. Co-owned by three chefs whom graduated from The Culinary Institute of America (Singapore), get ready to have a fling...with your taste buds.As starters, we ordered Truffle Fries ($9.9) and Beef Chilli Cheese Fries ($9.9). Personally, I will prefer thin shoe string fries over the thicker version. Generous with the truffle oil, we could smell it even before seeing it.Our mains were Ham and Cheese Croissant ($14.9), Royale ($15.9), Honey Chicken Burger ($16.9), Ultimate Burger ($18.9), Carbonara ($14.9) & Eggs Jupiter ($16.9).Ham & Cheese Croissant: Pleasantly crisp croissant paired with what I considered a perfectly cooked omelette as it retained the right amount of wetness.Royale: Not the best cooked poached egg as the yolk wasn't totally runny. My best experience will still be Common Man Roaster. However, the hollandaise sauce was brilliant. Its creamy texture had hint of zest which whetted my appetite further. One Royale wasn't enough!Beverages were Iced Chocolate ($6.5) and Latte ($5) and rounded the meal with three dessert: I-Scream ($12.9), Profiteroles ($7.9) and Chocolate Fudge ($6.5).The pancakes were dense, moist and a little fluffy. At this point of time, I was already filled to the brim, therefore my judgement for the pancake may undermined its real standard.Overall, Flavour Fling is a hidden gem with great atmosphere and service. Our palates literally had a fling that evening! continue reading
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Another new addition to the Singapore cafe scene. 3 months old Flavour Flings tucked away in a corner under the block of flats in Hougang focuses on breakfast and brunch. The owners have definitely paid detailed attention to the overall decorations of the cafe. Behind the main door, pebbles and wooden planks are laid on the floor leading straight to the ordering counter, a very refreshing concept that set it apart from all the current cafes.Although the cafe looks spacious, but seating area is kind of small and closely packed with wooden tables and chairs used as the furniture. Walls are ingeniously utilized with hand drawn coffee menu and art works from the owners themselves.We decided to order the following coffee and mains for trying.Hot Mocha ($6)Nacho Cheese Fries ($7): Straight cut fries that are a little cold and hard. I thought it will be at least warm as it took so long to be served.MaChamp’s Breakfast ($18): A little of everything. Onion marmalade toast, pancake coin with maple, scrambled eggs, sauteed mushrooms, caramel-glazed chicken bratwurst and greens. For a usual big breakfast, it will turn out savory, instead, it’s rather sweet for the case of flavour flings. But i would say it’s quite a good rendition of the typical big breakfast, just that, more effort has to be made in balancing out the taste and flavors.Atlantic Shirred Eggs ($16): Decided to order this dish for a try as it is something different and new from the usual. Made of cream, smoked salmon, spinach & shallots served with toasted bread. I was so looking forward to this dish as i saw from other blogs how runny the yolks were however it turns out to be rather disappointing. The waiting time for the food was pretty long, at least a good 20 minutes, so i expected something decent to at least worth the time i have waited for but when the food was served, i was dangs, the yolks and white are simply overcooked. I’m sure everyone could see from the picture itself. Shirred eggs are supposedly to be baked with the white set and yolk remains soft. Sadly this wasn’t the case. The salmon is a tad too salty too.To sum up all, i believe what this cafe is lacking is the consistency in the food served. They really have pretty good menu containing all time favorites to some unique additions to start off with, and what they need now, is to work on the balance of taste, consistency and serving time of the dishes to bring about better dining experience for the patrons. continue reading
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Flavour Flings run by a lovely and friendly Muslim couple, while the café itself is not halal certified (yet), all ingredients used are halal. Although this is the first time running a cafe, they are definitely not new to the café scene as they are also café hoppers themselves.The new café is located in the Hougang heartland area among other eateries.Must try The Awesome One ($11.00)This is the chef’s specialty, the pancakes were soft and fluffy with a homemade feel. Served with salted caramel, we were expecting it to be very sweet but surprisingly it wasn’t! The pancakes blended very well with the bananas, kind of awesome!Our verdict, seeing the owner going around table to table gathering feedback, and from the few main dishes we had evaluated, we could sense their sincerity – and it’s heartwarming that Flavour Flings cafe is putting in such an effort to ensure the tastiness and quality of the food. The only comment we have is the pricing which could be a little on the high side for a café that is situated in the heartlands. On that note – we believe some fine tuning is all it takes and they should ready to take off!Please refer to www.ieatandeat.com for details review. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-11-04
Despite being a heartland cafe, Flavour Flings seemed to have nothing short of other cafes situated in town when it comes to its interior fittings. Walk in the glass door and you would be greeted by a concave flooring that is filled up by pebbles with wood planks to step on. Cemented walls had textural designs, and the plain walls were made alive with paintings of people. It just gives us a refreshing environment, especially when these days everyone seemed to be jumping up on the industrial-themed bandwagon. The menu is pretty varied here, ranging from poached eggs, baked eggs, omelettes to pasta and pancakes. There are also a number of plated desserts to indulge in as well.My dining partner decided to go for The Awesome One ($11); pancakes with salted caramel, bananas and walnuts. Drenched in a generous serving of Salted Caramel, the pancakes absorbed that sweet-salty goodness that was in perfect ratio; not too sweet, but not too salty as well. There was also a crisp consistency around the edges of the Pancakes, though it was a tad thin and we actually expected a stack of three instead of two for its price. My dining partner still found it filling though; the bananas seemed to have done the trick there.Settling for my baked eggs craving, I went for the Atlantic Shirlled Eggs ($16); essentially baked eggs in cream sauce with smoked salmon and spinach, served with toast alongside. The toast had a crisp skin, and when coupled with a portion of the Atlantic Shirlled Eggs were comforting; simple yet delightful. The cream sauce was able to give the eggs sufficient savouriness, though sometimes it gets overwhelming with the smoked salmon. Appreciated the spinach added though; it provided a good break in between when it gets slightly too overpowering.My dining partner and I decided to go with the Creme Brulee ($7) for dessert. This was pretty impressive; a crackling melted sugar layer on the top that cracks with a knock of a spoon that reveals sweet, eggy goodness within. Their version seemed to trump even those from hotel buffets which I have tried lately that seemed to had uninspiring liquid sugar seated atop the custard layer.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/11/01/flavour-flings-blk-121-hougang-ave-1/ continue reading
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