8 Halal Restaurants to Visit with Your Muslim Friends!
We're a little late to the party; Raya has just gone by (and no, we do not have a Starbucks to go with our lateness to the party), but still — that doesn't mean it's never a good time to have a great time with your fellow Muslims over hearty meals! When it comes to looking for fulfilling meals, halal restaurants are a good alternative choice. Bring your Muslim pals and have a jolly meal with them at these 9 halal restaurants!

This cosy café smacked in the Arab Street is based off the capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam. The menu is even obvious with the Dutch influences! With offerings ranging from burgers to pizzas, you’ll be in for a deliciously endless ride. The charcoal-grilled burgers are one of the highlights; the charcoal-grilled patties will be sure to spice up your life! 

The Lab is experimental with the food they have to offer and in fact, their selection is quite creative, derived from experiments. We highly recommend the Terefrank Buffalo Wings that vary in spiciness depending on which level you choose, served with a little bowl of condiment for all of your dipping pleasures. This is deliciousness in its final form.

Literature fanatics would probably find their name eye-catching. Indeed, it's taken from the popular classical novel, The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde & Dr. Jekyll. This café fuses the concept of contemporary with vintage. “Creative” would be an understatement when it comes to describing their food. Whichever dish you end up ordering, you will be surprised by the personality that has manifested in the food.

Pack up your books because it’s time to go to school… to eat yummy food! Penny University is a café, yet the presence of bookshelves with items neatly stacked on them makes it feel like you’re in school. Many of their dishes are complimentary for breakfast; we can’t think of anything better than their egg dishes to have as the first meal of the day!

This adorable café can easily capture the hearts of many children and maidens with their charming, animated design. Their specialties are the desserts; vibrant in appearance, served on colourful plates, diverse in flavours and alluring in taste. Furthermore, they also have a lot of cute items on sale, so navigate to your own liking!

Fix hits the Singaporean café scene with extremely unique dishes that incorporate both local and non-local elements. A good example would be the Naanwich — a dish combining an Indian naan with sandwich, coming in either the variation of Chicken Tikka or Beef Kimchi. Desserts are also a must-try here, especially the Donuts with Salted Egg Dip. 

Krave is a Malay and Western fusion café and that alone is already a good sign. The food clearly reflects the fusion, incorporating both traditional Malay and Western food elements into each dish and making their menu stand out from many other cafés. Will you believe us if we told you that the Crème Brulee here is served with chempedak? Believe it or not, our mouths are watering for it as well.

Forget those relationship flings. How about a food fling instead? Flavour Flings may go down in history as the first ever café to offer the well-anticipated salted egg croissant. Even without the croissant, Flavour Flings is still worth a shot due to the variety of food you’re entitled to indulge in here. They’re homely — and we’re not just talking about the food; even the interiors will make you feel like you’re home.

The salted egg adventures don’t end at Flavour Flings. Kowloon Express is ready to party with some of their Charcoal Salted Egg Custard Pau. There’s nothing better than biting into a bun and feeling the salted egg filling flow out! Hong Kong staples can be found in their menu. We highly recommend the Prawn Wanton; fulfilling and crispy with juicy prawn meat await underneath the skin!
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