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FOC is a buzzy, interactive dining experience, a vibrant Spanish affair in the heart of Singapore with stunning food and outstanding cocktails. continue reading
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Michelin Plate (2021)
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Signature Dishes
Tempura Octopus Salad served with cold pipirrana salad of tomatoes White Chocolate Burger Buns with mango cream, strawberry and mint leaves Carabinero Prawns
Review (3)
Pictures are at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2015/08/foc-restaurant-by-nandu-jubany.htmlFor a new-ish restaurant, FOC is already running like a well-oiled establishment. The staff knew the menu inside-out, so they were able to make spot-on recommendations; the arrival of our courses were timely; and our water glasses were kept topped up with big smiles.As for the Catalan food at FOC, it was indeed superb - traditional but executed with an effortless flair so while dishes seldom deviate from the classics, flavours are rich, hearty and soulful. It's pricey, but no more expensive than any other Spanish restaurants aroundWe had:1) Heuvos Estrellados con Chorizo ($10) - a breakfast hash of fried potatoes, chorizo balls and a just-cracked egg, still sizzling on the hotplate: Smoosh it all together, and you get a glorious mess of runny eggy delight. Our favourite tapas here.2) Croquetas de Setas con Jamon ($10 for 4): a mixed platter of mushroom croquettes and Spanish ham croquettes, bursting with creamy goodness, and tempered with the contrast of the soft mash and crunchy breadcrumbed coat.3) Tortilla Abierta con Trufa y Pimientos del Piquillo ($26): an open tortilla with blistered red peppers, truffle strips and aioli was simple but done fantastically. It was just the right balance of rich aioli, aromatic truffle, sweet peppers and eggy pancake.4) Gambas al Ajillo ($18): a classic of sauteed prawns in white wine and garlic, notable for 2 things: the copious use of really good white wine, which made this the most heady rendition ever - I think I got a little high from this; and incredibly sweet prawns still with shells on, for maximum flavour infusion to the sauce. A tip: get bread to mop all the deliciousness up.5) Vieiras a la Brasa con Caldo de Bonito y Caviar de Soja ($16): a couple of fat succulent scallops grilled to a beautiful caramelization, and dunked into a delicate bonito stock and topped with soy beads. Great fusion of Asian flavours6) Costillas de Cerdo a la Brasa con Pure de Calabaza Ahumada ($30): seriously good, premium iberico pork ribs, burnished with rosemary, were grilled to a juicy smoky finish, and sided by a smoked pumpkin puree.7) Arroz Negro con Mariscos y "All I Oli" ($24): perhaps the best squid ink paella I've ever had. The moreish squid ink was nuanced and countered with the creamy bite of aioli. You can't quite see it, but there was as much rice as there was squid dice, so that's really amazingly generous. continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-11
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/09/11/great-tapas-foc-on-27aug2015/son was back for summer holidays. this evening we went to FOC for a family dinner on 27.8.2015.^^ restaurant has a chic ambience. it is supposed to be for fine food & fun dining from barcelons. for us, it’s tapas.FOC supposed to be fire in catalan. chorizo & egg was a good start. its was a good tasty dish, the egg gave it a silky texture. maybe its a bit like my spanish omelette but deconstructed, no? like the ham croquettes. at first taste, the mushroom croquettes had much more intense flavours & bested the ham croquettes by comparison. but i tried the ham croquettes again & it had a very nice lingering flavour. i like both. ^^ the patatas bravas, a deep-fried potato dish was very good too. really well done enjoyable dish. the pork trotters carpaccio was delightful. especially with the condiments & sauce it came in. the slow braised octopus was excellent too. taste & texture wise, it was almost comparable with the very good ones i tried recently – the grilled cotopus dish at da lucathe octopus dish at zafferano& i still prefer the tako kakiage at mikuni. ^^ i think this squidink paella is the best of all squidink i had. really flavourful, smooth & buttery. good enough for us to order a second serving. i think it is better than (maybe) the dish i squid risotto i had at follia (which was outstanding). & my own very good squidink pasta. kith’s squidink pasta would be quite behind by comparison. the first serving of scampi fiduea alio olio was excellent, very sweet, tasty, intense. unfortunately there was a hair in it! restaurant did the right thing & replaced it with a new dish. again unfortunately the new dish was not tasty as before. i guess hair made a difference to the taste? rack of lamb was pretty ok. it was very tender yes, but actually flavour-wise, my own pistachio crusted rack of lamb was a lot better! the iberico pork rack was superb! not only it was fork tender & yet not sinewy, it was very flavourful, excellent! the hanging sculpture. daughter wanted to try the chocolate fantasy. it’s the chocolate bomb i thought of trying for my anniversary dinner but didn’t. we tried the apple tart. it was ok, nothing special & can do without. the french toast was good. looked at a dessert i may try myself at home. i think minus the drinks it was about S$50pax. not cheap but doable. continue reading
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Definitely not 'Free of Charge'. FOC (pronounced as fock and represents fire in spanish) is a contemporary Spanish tapas bar set in the heart of Hong Kong Street, delighting after work goers with their selection of good food, music and most importantly alcohol. Was here on a tuesday night and boy was it crowded. Very typicality like of restaurants around the cbd but a good indication that you'll be in for a good time.What did we have?Grilled Iberico Pork ribs w Smoked Pumpking Puree Tender, juicy but a long wait for this dish. Flavours were there but I didn't manage to catch much of the smokiness on the pumpkin. Mushroom Croquettes One is not enough. You'll need a second serving, a third or maybe you'll be able to wipe off the dish. Mushroom can be evidently found inside and the taste marries well with the potato. Crispy exterior, moist interior.Squid Ink Paella One of the best i've eaten. The seafood were fresh and cooked perfectly. The grains were consumed with the rich black squid ink. Very satisfying indeed.Pulled Pork Taco Certainly a different take on the normal pulled pork. Unique I must say. Taste wise, it was average and I still prefer the ones marinated in BBQ sauce and served in chunkful. This was rather small and very unsatisfying. You need more than 2, but it will bust your budget. overallreview: full reiew and pictures @ http://shauneeie.blogspot.sg/2015/06/foc-hong-kong-street.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)