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In this day and age when we are constantly rushing to get from one place to another, FOLKS COLLECTIVE hopes to provide a place where people from all walks of life can come together to wind down, relax and seek solace from the company of family and friends. We have an emphasis on Thai food (with handed down recipes), but really, we simply cook food that we ourselves feel like eating. We love what we make in our kitchen, and we hope you would too. continue reading
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Located at China Square Central - China Court
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Mon - Fri
11:00 - 23:00
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Beef Massaman Curry Fish Cakes Pineapple Fried Rice Pork Jar Salad Prawn Yellow Coconut Curry Red Rubies
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Level4 2017-05-04
Came with my family to discover the restaurant very quiet on a Sunday afternoon. Only another family other than us. We ordered many of their signature dishes and though there were not many people ordering, the food took a while to come. Lucky for us, we were enjoying a lazy Sunday lunch so we were in no rush. We saw later that the kitchen was only manned by 1 chef so maybe that's why. The food is actually not bad, some were even very good. The not-bad ones were:1) Cashew Nut Chicken - a tad spicy and served over a basket of yam!2) Grilled Pork Collar - not much taste on it's own but the accompanying dip was too sour for my liking3) Okra - normal nice4) Pad Thai Seafood - texture ok but a tad too sweet for my likingThe food dishes were: 1) Basil Stir-fried Pork - I didn't have any as my eldest girl ate them all and did a 👍🏼 when I exclaimed "no more for me?!"2) Crispy Fish Skin - super crispy and laced with salted egg = Yumz3) Olive Rice - nicely fried and fully flavour, another favourite of my eldest girl4) Pandan Chicken - good marination so the meat was tasty and nicely fragranced with pandan5) Prawn Cake - not the factory made ones, you can tell from the bits of prawn in the patty. Was the right kind of crunch6) Red Curry with Roast Duck - this is an interesting dish with mild lychee sweetness and red curry spiciness in a good combo! 7) Soft Shell Crab Salad - didn't see much of the salad but the crispy soft shell crab made up for the dish8) Tom Yam Potaek - not a big bowl but the ingredients were fresh and the soup not overly spicy that it'll kill your tastebuds. 9) Street Omelette with minced Pork - fluffy egg fried with minced pork and onion strips! Let's just say the kids ate through the first one so fast that we had to order another! continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-19
Set lunch is the brainless solution when you totally have no idea where to lunch and you are dying for a seat during the super packed lunch time. It is surprisingly very spacious inside the restaurant. So people working around Raffles Place area, if you are in a big lunch group looking for a lunch venue, can consider here. Moreover, there are 4 different sets to choose from, and IF, there's not good enough for your lunch kakis, there's still ala carte menu to choose from. =)Set A (Ex colleague's order)Set B (My order)The food came in small red tingkats, presentation was really neat. And it probably speeds up the serving time since the serving staff can carry a few tingkats at one go. I guess that helps during crazy peak lunch hour? LOLFood wise, pretty decent. I quite liked my green curry, mainly because it was not really spicy. Haha. The only bad thing was probably the portion, too small for big eaters. Although my green curry (Set B) did come with lotza chicken pieces, so that was fine with me.Click on http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2014/03/folks-collection.html to read more! ♥ ♥ ♥ continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-07
I love having Thai food and ever since I heard of this new hipster thai cafe, Folks Collective, I had to check it out! Had lunch with 2 of my friends here around 1 plus pm and the restaurant was pretty empty. I guess it was already past the lunch hour ;) Initially wanted to order the lunch sets but ended up ordering dishes to share among the 3 of us. Hot/Cold water is chargeable at $0.50 each and it was serve in a pretty looking cup. For drinks, we ordered the Thai Iced Tea (Cha Yen) and Lime Juice. I really love the Cha Yen here as it tasted so authentic!! It had the right balance of bitterness from the tea leaves and sweetness from the condensed milk and sugar. Pad Thai is a must to order when you dine in at a Thai restaurant and we had the one with chicken. It is not bad! Tom Yum soup is also another must-order item and we had the seafood version which came in a clear broth. I was scared initially to taste it as I heard the clear versions are actually the killer spicy one compared to the red version. However, it was not that spicy at all! I guess they tweak the taste a little to suit Singaporeans. The sambal kangkong was also not that spicy as I expected. The cereal prawns were yummy! However, I find that it's too small a portion for the price they charge for it. This is my favourite dish out of all! I just love the combination of chicken and cashew nuts The 3 of us were very full already but we can't just leave the place without trying one of their desserts! I really love the coconut icecream from Thailand and the version they serve here is so authentic! It is coconut icecream with traditional toppings on top of glutinous rice. The decor of this entire place is so pretty and I can tell a lot of effort being put into setting up this restaurant. I will want to come back here again to try their lunch sets as they come in really cute looking vintage tiffin carriers! continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-06
The restaurant theme is very strong with the food container used for the food and water cup too but there is charges for a small cup of water, the food is a disappointment to me, we order set lunch at around 10bucks before gst and service charge, food portion very small, tom yam soup not spicy, food ingredients a bit, not full at all, i wonder why so many youngsters craze over this restaurant, i got total disappointment in this restaurant, they should put more effort into preparing good food and let people eat more full for set lunch. Thai food taste not strong enough and taste so so only. won't go back eat again.bad service, difficult to call staff for assistance as they are too busy during lunchtime, yet there is service charge. continue reading
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Prior to my friends' vehement recommendation of Folks Collective, I had not heard of it before. But once we reached the restaurant, I knew I had to be an isolated case because it was packed with the CBD lunch crowd!Upon entering the somewhat dark and and dimmed space, located along the row of shophouses of China Square Central, the communal bar counter of alcoholic drinks first greets you before the vintage mismatched furniture and quirky art paintings hanging on the wall do. The next thing that strikes you is that the staff all speak Thai, not only do they greet you in Thai (as do every other Thai establishment), they communicate with each other in Thai as well! I was impressed. One up for the authenticity factor!We ordered the Signature FOLKS Wings $6.90 which is supposedly one of their best sellers. Problem was, these were not wings but drumlets! My friend who is fan of wings, was very disappointed. Nonetheless, we moved on from that and ate it anyway. Taste wise, although the marinate was sticky sweet with a hint of spice and the chicken itself was fried to a crispy skin that was addictive to munch on, sadly between us, we all agreed it that this appetizer was marginally underwhelming.The Pad Thai Goong $8.90 seemed promising with its fragrant notes and motley of colors that was extremely appetizing. At first bite, the rice noodles were chewy with the right texture and the overall consistency was not oily. The pad thai sauce however was much too sweet with the absence of a balanced tangy sourness from the tamarind.Folks Collective also offers affordable set lunches at $9.90 each. And seeing how every table had tiffin carriers, we ordered ourselves a set to try as well.Set B: Green Curry with Chicken, Minced Shrimp Omelette with Steamed Jasmine RiceBut while the gimmicky concept of using the tiffin carriers to serve the food was cute and novel, sadly that was really all to it. The food was lackluster- green curry was watery with few ingredients and the omelette was just normal. I think the ala-cartes fared a lot better.We ended with a traditional Thai dessert- Mango Sticky Rice $6.90 which I could not fault. The slices of mangoes were fresh and sweet and the sticky rice had a nice creaminess contributed by the coconut milk. This pretty much saved the day in my opinion.Overall, it is not hard to understand why crowds flock to Folks Collective. The place has been designed especially to model after the hipster cafes that have been taking Bangkok by storm in the recent years with a charming and vibrant atmosphere that is inviting. Folks Collective is unlike any concept you can find in Singapore at the moment and its uniqueness is likely to keep the people coming...Make a reservation beforehand if you are dropping by! continue reading
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