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Level4 2013-09-15
I always been a super 'kiasu ah sou' when come to buying deals and promotion. Whenever there is a promotion, nothing can be leave out by me. This time round, I managed to grab this braised pork knuckles at only $7.90 per packet from Qoo10.sg. This price is with the additional early bird discount, if not it will be charged at $13.50 each.It is packed in a vacuum packed packaging, which is really clean and hygience. When I picked up the item from Jurong Point outlet, the staff is also friendly and prompt in getting it to me. Was really surprised to see that this package will only be expired in July 2014. Ingredients are stated very clearly on the packaging which includes pork knuckle, garlic, ginger, mushroom, chestnut, fennel, soy sauce, sugar, salt, clove cinnamon, Chinese wine and star anise. I was really anxious on the taste of this traditional Chinese dish, so without further delay I have cooked it the very next afternoon. As follow strictly according to the packaging instruction, just defrost the item from the freezer. Once defrost, just steam it in a wok for five to ten minutes and it will be ready to serve.I was really excited when ten minutes of steaming is done, and I am really glad o see the outcome looks really impressive and the smell of the soy sauce was really fragrant. Soy sauce gravy was quite thick, sweet and fragrant. However only 2 small pieces of mushrooms and three small chestnuts can be found in this dish. They taste really fragrant but would have been better if the portion can be a little bit more. However the disappointing part about this dish will be the pork knuckle. Even though lots of meat can be found on it and they are tender and juicy, but it still lack of the fragrant and was abit too blend in taste. Even the pork skin was not even braised to really dark nice brown colour, which was a pity. This dish could have been better since the gravy, mushroom and chestnuts are nice, but not the pork knuckle. Fortunately I have bought I really cheap at less than ten dollars per portion, still I will not consider to buy it again. Still I am very proud of Fragrance to be so innovative in producing such a creative idea in coming out of instant packaging for our favourite traditional Chinese food! Two thumbs up for their great affort! continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-04
I like the concept of this stall, though it is located in a shopping mall, the size of the shop is very big. I bought a container of my favourite Crispy Arrow Head. This chips in this container does look like potato chips but it does not have the potato taste. Unlike the normal potato chips, it was not loaded with salt and seasoning. it taste a little salty on its own. the texture is not like those potato chips, it does not break so easily like potato chips. i guess it is slightly harder. so glad to have it for Chinese New Year. continue reading
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Level4 2010-12-18
This is my very first time trying out the spicy bak kwa as normally I will buy the normal version. It was quite spicy to me but you can still taste the flavour of the BBQ bak kwa. If you are a person who love spicy food, then this is for you. Some of the slices are a bit charcoal burnt but then they gave out the best aroma. Can have it occasionally but not advisable to eat it too often. The spicy taste will linger in your mouth and it is quite addictive. For me, I would like it with bread so that the taste will even out. continue reading
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