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Freshly Baked offers a variety of Artisan Breads, Cakes (Special Order) and pastries. Freshly Baked specialises in macarons - crispy yet chewy and also tooth-achingly sweet. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Macarons Walnut Raisin Bread
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Level4 2013-06-14
It is rare to catch this shop still opens at this timing. Actually they already closed, since they already mopped the floor and stacked the chairs. But the cashier still serves me. There is not much items left on display. I select a loaf of butter cake for $8.00 and ask for it to be sliced up, which it is quickly done in the kitchen.The butter cake is evenly sliced up and looks good. It tastes buttery rich and very soft in texture. There is no feeling of dryness. continue reading
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For a full story coverage, please visit:http://www.epinosh.com/2012/10/freshly-baked-singapore.htmlFor 3 years now, it seems to me that there are new breakfast parlors & coffee joints opening every month. All-day-breakfast and coffee tasting (surpassing wine tasting these days) becomes suddenly fashionable. Many are made to rediscover the art of coffee drinking and cultivate the new societal norm of brunching. No one could be spared.While some are untroubled by queues, others like myself, gets irk by it. Those that comes with a long line, therefore needs either entice me with real stuff or delude me with some marketing gimmicks which I may fall trap at times. With a bit of luck, one could still find authentic flavourful eatery without having to join the crowd in the bustling street of Orchard - but allow me to echo; "that's when you are in luck." Betting at it, I seek out the less congested spot in downtown. Nestling along a quieter lane at Killiney road, this 5-year-old deli-bakery shop is a stone away from the signature kaya toast at Killiney Kopitiam. I remembered savoring the optional coconutty kaya jam & that slightly salted slab of butter that cuddle 2 slices of warm French toast and washed down with a cup of old-fashion brewed coffee. And today, I met with Freshly Baked by Le Bijoux for a similar nostalgia experience - no queue absolutely. I enjoyed its unpretentious makeup with sturdy wooden dining furnitures, withholding some traditional elements. The well-ventilated shophouse is most welcoming. But more inviting is the lady behind the baking countertop who was once the executive pastry chef at Saint Pierre who struck out on her 5 years ago. This baker - Audrey has tempt patrons with her homemade sweet cinnamon loaf, butter cake, walnut raisin bread. Some make their way there for the affordable breakfast sets (nett prices). I hear them, and so I turn up.I was greeted with a firm but friendly tone, the moment I stepped into the shop. The place was empty at 2pm on a Saturday. I quickly pick up the menu placed in an acrylic holder against the wall. Without delay, I went up to the payment counter to make my order and pay for them. The cake choices in the glass shelving were narrow - forget about having any fanciful slices, Audrey bakes traditional confections.The burger bap arrived with a loud bang. The sizeable bun came with an authentic softness with an easy to chew texture and airy interior, nothing more. The salt-cured beef slices didn't taste too briny but a little too greasy. Instead of assembling them into a à la mode burger, I forked the sunny side-up and get excited watching the yolk exploding in all direction atop the bap. The result was a moist and eggy bread combo. Unimpressed, the baked bean stood motionless on the plate. Though it didn't wow me greatly, I appreciate the homely bread offered.2 slices of thick wholemeal bread helped fix one's hunger pangs. I feel the crust crackling apart as it revealed large to medium air pockets in the crumbs. I figured that I tasted too many well-baked European breads these days that the ones I had here failed to surprise me further. The set came with some crisp bacon strips and a pool of scrambled egg - moist but bland disappointment. The stalk of romaine looked out of place on the plate; too little to call it salad, too bulky on its own - I don't understand. Still, I am pleased by the customer-oriented gesture here. I feel good not for the cappuccino but the biding good-bye when you make your exit to the door. continue reading
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Level2 2012-04-29
The donut here is pretty good! I love the richness of the donut and the sugar that's on it! The combination is really great The good thing is that the sugar didn't melt even though I brought it all the way home before eating. Also, the price is quite reasonable so it's quite worth a try if you're in the area and craving for donuts! continue reading
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Level4 2011-12-16
There're lots of nice breads here. Was coming to get some macarons but they didn't sell them that day. Instead they have all sorts of X'mas goodies on sale. Not cheap but it's very good quality. Everything tastes and feels home made with care. The breads are also expensive but worth it. Love the pecan tart but there's too much icing sugar on top. You can custom what sort of X'mas goodies you want. It's rpetty popular so have to put in your orders early. continue reading
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Level4 2010-09-18
If you want a fresh morning, you'd run out at by 6am before cars start to pollute the air.If you'd want a fresh and energizing morning plus indulging your nostril, then Freshly Baked is the place for you to have breakfast!I've known the place after passing it one-two times OTW to Fair Price, but never really tried (although the smell did invite but since it's a premium bread store compared to plain breads in supermarts, I left it right there). On that day my uncle invited me to have breakfast together picking me up. What surprise did they bring me to Killiney rd. and went in to Freshly Baked!It was roughly before 9AM arriving, and there was just a table occupied.Breakfast menu is western style:There are 3 special breakfast sets to choose from. I usually choose the first set (If i'm not mistaken) consisting of a large-sized sausage which is succulent covered in sauce (the first time I came, the sausage was as long as the plate, but this time round, it's smaller), scrambled eggs, two large sized toasts with jam which is totally filling. The bread, as you know is of premium quality, so the toasts are from their loaf line, from wheat to raisins to cheese loafs. The set comes with coffee/tea, and with the delicious smell coming from behind (kitchen) it's an exhilarating smell to start the day! This set is 9.90$.The other two sets, one at same price and the other one 13.90$ (if i recall well) has other choices.it is pretty pricey for a breakfast set (that's why I only come by if my uncle calls me up but their quality shouldn't be questioned. I'm sure the sausage they used are those german ones and their breads aren't as commercially produced with preservatives and such)After half-hour enjoying my breakfast, more people came by with lots of expats coming in and enjoying their breakfast; it was a full bustle after 9! Should come early as parking space isn't much as well too!As for their breads, I think almost eeeeverything should be just as nice. The chocolate donut however was just a pass as it was pretty simple. But most of their bread loaves which my sis likes to buy for me are very soft! continue reading
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