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Overlooking punggol waterway, Frienzie is situated near the exit to the running path, perfect for an evening outdoor dinner near to mother nature continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Lamb Rack Lava Mud Cake Lava Soup
Review (5)
Came here for a sunday walk from the mrt through the park to arrive here in half an hour's time. It was crowded on a sunday evening, as i can imagine probably 25% of the people in punggol came here to hang out, lol. I like the fact that the restaurant is next to the reservoir, which gives the place a very serene feel. However, because it was so busy, you will need to wait often to catch the staff's attention. Food quality is not bad, although I would say its a bit pricey with regards to where they are situated. Food variety is quite plentiful, including western delights and local dishes. We were feeling pretty hungry after our walk, so ordered the spicy NZ mussles to try out, coz we saw other tables and it was looking so delicious with the melted cheese on it. SO essentially, this dish is a kind of fusion, with mussels bakes with sambal and then cheese on top. I thought the flavour went pretty well together, although i think the mussels were not as fresh as it should be. We also ordered the garlic bread to start, which was surprisingly good! Crispy and the garlic spreaad waas very flavourful. For mains, I had the Jumbo chicken cheesy sausage, which was what its name suggested. It also came with a side of salad, which was actually the main reason why I ordered that. I wanted to order a fish but requested to change the potatoes to salad but they could not accede to that request(thumbs down for that). My boyfriend ordered the barramudi, which came with rice and spicy sauce with some sauteed vegetables. It was good, and fish was quite a good portion as well. Given that the restaurant is quite out of place, I might not go back soon, but because of the reasonable food and lovely atmosphere, I would recommend people to give it a try.  continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-01
Now, it is time for some scenic river views, cooling breezes and dinner at a far away side of Singapore - at the Punggol area. Frienzie's Bistro & Bar was chosen for that purpose, and also its laid-back ambience with music and another aspect of river-side dining other than Boat / Clake Quay and Robertson Quay.There is usually a crowd by nightfall, and this area is fabulous for an after-dinner stroll. I never knew this place existed until now. We decided to go for the alfresco seating so we may be closer to nature - they set up with nice glass-topped tables and Balinese-style chairs anyway, so it was comfortable.Main course no. 1 came next - the Spicy Meatballs Spaghetti - I thought that it would have tasted better if more spicy. Nonetheless, the meatballs were bouncy and succulent, a delicious blend of minced beef taste and the spicy flavor of the chillied sauce it was tossed in. The pasta was tangy and well-cooked, so the overall feel of the dish was rather delightful, like comfort food at its best.Next, the Marinated Chicken Thigh - tender chicken thigh cooked to perfection and served with a savoury gravy and chunks of capsicums, carrots, mushrooms etc. I rather enjoyed the light burst of flavors for this simple dish, but the amount of fatty meat in the chicken was quite a turn-off. For more detailed information and photos, do visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/03/dinner-at-frienzies-bistro-bar.html continue reading
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Level2 2012-06-26
Came here on a Friday night and the place is packed. We had to wait for 20 mins before getting a table. The good news is that is beside a giant drain/ river so you can go for a stroll along the bunks first. We order a ribs and fish with complete meal. The mushroom soup is pretty decent and different from those at some restaurants that taste like it's out of a can. The ribs comes in a nice presentation but the taste is average, nothing spectacular. The fish is a little too dry, the most disappointing dish. Overall, this is a pleasant experience, the place is great for chill out with friends over beer or wine. The service is below expectation as the staff always seems too busy, rushing here and there. At times, I have to wave frantically before someone notices and come over. continue reading
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Level3 2011-11-21
I happened to be at Punggol and was very surprised to find out that there were quite a number of restaurants at Tebing Lane. It was a friday night and Frienzie was very crowded. However, it didnt take us long to get a table. I had lamb rack while my friend ordered fish & chips. The lamb rack was awesome. It was not overly done and the seasoning was just right. It was served with mint sauce and potato mash. However, it was a little pricey, cost about $34 while the fish and chips was only $11. The fish & chips were great too. It was really crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. We had a mushroom soup as the starter which was not exceptionally great but still acceptable. There were indoor and alfresco seating. If the weather permits, it can be rather chilled to sit at the alfresco area for some beer and wings. continue reading
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Level4 2011-04-20
New chillout place at Punggol. We had their Shrimp Remoulade. Very fresh and tasty! Prawns were very succulent. NICE! However, the service was rather slow though there were many empty tables. Long waiting time to get a seat, food and bill!! Food wise not too bad but need to improve on service. I saw a few customers walked away and a couple beside our table commenting that they will never ever come back.. I'll give it a try again but not too soon though as their food was not too bad. continue reading
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