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Seafood Tom Yum Risotto Duck Kut Teh
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Level4 2016-09-20
The cafe used to be located at the basement of Big Hotel before relocated to its current location. It took over the space formerly occupied by The Royal Mail which served British cuisine. Gone was the former old school dining decoration. It was replaced with a simple decoration. During the F1 weekend, the restaurant was having a 1-for-1 promotion for its items on the menu.SioBak Aglio ($25.90++)linguine served with homemade slow roasted pork belly crackling and pork jerkyThe roast pork was yummy, light and crispy crust with juicy moist meat. But the pasta was a tab too oily.Squid Ink Lobster Burger ($25.90++)aburi lobster chunks, squid ink mentai mayo, nacho sauce, and tobiko on a charcoal bunIt was a huge black mess when served. The lobster was chunky although my partner remarked that it tasted frozen. I could not taste the nacho sauce in it.Fruit Splash ($7.90++)elderberries, raisins, papayas, apples, hibiscus, sunflowers, blackcurrants, cornflowers, raspberries, strawberriesMango Tango ($7.90++)green sencha tea, black ceylon tea, purple cornflowers, lemon myrtle, orange peel, mango pieces, natural flavouringBoth tea based drinks were disappointing. One cannot taste the tea flavour nor the fruits in the drinks. More like colored drinks.Service was not bad. The place was fairly empty except for a big noisy group of 10 people. continue reading
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Level4 2015-02-21
A well hidden artisian cafe right at the basement of Big Hotel, beside their reception corner. Well, the simplicity in the design with the use of just black metallic furniture and wall decorations against the white wall and grey cemented floor, kind of make the cafe stand out from the rest in a different way. With nothing to look around at, it redirects the focus of the customers back to the food itself. Indeed, i couldn’t deny that a lot of effort and thoughts was put into their food’s outlook.Froth’s menu is kept simple yet with a variety to choose from, with a mixture of all time favorites from various cafes to a few fusion specialty of their own. & we decided to order all their chef’s recommendation for a try.Don’t this look like a piece of art to you? Grilled Portobello ($12.90) with truffle mushroom puree laid out like the soil base for the ‘growing’ white asparagus, roasted potatoes and grilled portobello slices and traces of truffle mayo all around. We are amazed by how this dish was served to us in the artistic way. Not only does it appeal to us visually but definitely also entices our taste buds. Very strong mushroom flavor and i must say the roasted potatoes are really good and crispy.Don’t underestimate this Cheesy Lobster Sandwich ($22.90). Served with golden crispy shoe string fries and the slipper lobster are neither in minced nor chunks but as a whole with cheesy sauce and accompanied with toasted bread and some fresh veggies! Meat is definitely fresh and crunchy! The taste is light yet cheesy. Kind of love this dish pretty much.I guess everywhere is serving salmon in their menu now. & it’s kind of hard for this Pan-fried Salmon ($20.90) served with slow cook roasted vegetables to stand out from the rest. The taste of salmon is just so-so but i do like how crispy the salmon skin was.This Seafood Tom Yum Risotto ($23.90) was way better than the salmon. Fresh and big seafood was used in the dish, and the sauce was a little special. Though it’s tom yum but it brings out a japanese curry flavor subtly. It seems like the fusion of both and i find the taste pretty interesting. One of my favorite mains there!Of course there’s a need for dessert to end off the meal. Their famous Taro Waffle with a scoop of Earl Grey Ice Cream ($12.90) that is all over the instagrams and blogs. Crispy waffle with taro jam in between the waffle and droop-lets of taro all over. I like how the texture and taste of their waffle is like, it was kind of different from the usuals. Also, the waffle with taro brings out an intriguing taste of lavender. It’s a must try when you’re there!In general, their plating and freshness in all the ingredients used is praise worthy. However, for some of the dishes, the taste could further be enhanced. All in all, i feel that we are probably paying more for the look of the dishes instead of their flavors. It will be a good recommendation for special occasions or times when you need some pampering.http://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2015/02/21/froth/ for the full review. continue reading
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Level3 2015-02-11
http://www.jacqsowhat.com/2015/02/froth-cafe-big-hotel.htmlI've been seeing plenty of instagram post about this place especially the hype of their signature Taro waffle, which looks so appetizing. The menu is pretty extensive ranging from burgers to meats and seafood. For sides we had the signature Doritos Crust Winglets ($11.90). The spicy Doritos were topped on the confit winglets, a crunch in every bite. And the best thing (for me) is, this winglets were boneless! The chicken meat were tender and juicy but overall be warned that it's a tad spicy. Seafood Tom Yum Risotto ($23.90). The richness of the tom yum flavour is fragrant but too overwhelming for me. It's so strong that it became quite spicy and salty for the whole dish. Cheesy Lobster Sandwich ($22.90) which is their all time signature. Unfortunately, this dish was a big disappointment. The lobsters weren't too fresh and felt mushy. Fried Chicken Steak ($18.90). It's fried chicken thigh, roasted mushrooms, greens and truffle mash. The chicken texture were juicy and tender but felt that it's under seasoned.Taro Waffle ($12.90) served with single scoop of ice cream: deconstructed taro waffle were presented beautifully, drizzled over with taro sauce. Go for the earl grey ice cream! The waffle were stuffed with taro paste in it. It's not the crispy and light kind of waffle due to the yam filling in it. It leans more towards the pancake kind of texture instead. Just wondering about consistency as I've seen many different versions on Instagram. Overall, the food werent pretty decent, froth sure look promising but still lacking. continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-04
Inconspicuously tucked away in the basement of Big Hotel on Middle Road, the Froth Cafe adopts a minimalist composition with a lot of seating area. Of course, if you are into food photography, there are tables that has natural lighting, white backgrounds, wooden tables... you know that's very important, right? One of the enthusiastic service staff also shared with us that they are still in the midst of food experimentation and haven't done much marketing yet so they do not have much traffic yet. But you know in this digital epoch, Instagram is truly the best marketing tool. That's where I found out about Froth!Don't miss out on Froth Cafe's milkshakes when you are here. While we were agonizing over getting the highly raved Nutella milkshake, the service staff recommended getting the Bubblegum milkshake for an unconventional twist from usual orders. Say whaaat? I was worried it'll be too sweet, but then that confident suggestion felt too irresistible to deny. Okay, Bubblegum milkshake it is. When they set the glass jar on the table... I was like - isn't this more purple than pink? In my imagination, it would be Barbie doll pink, but no.. it's in this curious shade of lavender to be exact. Guess what, the first relief was that it isn't too sweet. It gets more enjoyable after a while with its thickness and even ice-cream-like consistency.What we ordered was taro waffles with vanilla bean and sea salt caramel ice-cream. What stood out for me was the taro dollops which has this creamy, muted sweetness density which I liked. I wished there was more. The quality of the ice-cream is equally outstanding - though the sea salt caramel was much preferred for its balance across the salty-sweet spectrum. The waffles felt a little different from all the other waffles from many cafes in that it willing relegates itself to be the supporting cast of the dish. It has a decent level of moistness, only slightly fragrant, reminds me a little of bread in a good portion.For more detailed review and Froth's menu: http://www.amiehu.com/2015/01/froth-cafe-singapore.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
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