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Level4 2013-08-19
Yesterday to watch the National Day Rally at home, we got takeaways of our dinner back home. I bought for myself the san lao hor fun $4.50 from this zi char stall. The san lao hor fun is the hor fun with sliced fish, beansprouts and spring onions. It is flavoured with salt and light soya sauce to retain its white colour. The portion of the san lao hor fun is quite a lot. There are around 8 slices of fish in the packet and the fish slices are rather tender but firm. It does not break easily when I was stirring apart the hor fun. The hor fun is well fried without being too greasy and the gravy is also not too thick or sticky. There is also a very generous portion of beansprouts. I love beansprouts so I am more than happy to mix them in and eat it as a whole, but not my hubby who detests beansprouts. Overall, I would say this stall's san lao hor fun is worth it to buy. continue reading
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