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Signature Dishes
Curry Soft Shell Crab Honey BBQ Babyback Ribs
Review (3)
Level4 2019-11-22
https://www.umakemehungry.com/2019/08/fuel-plus.htmlIf you heard of Refuel Cafe which is popular in the East sides, you will probably know that they have opened another cafe in Telok Blangah area located at the foot of Mount Faber.Interior has thrown a show case of  Scandinavian inspired decor. The environment is bright and gives a comfortable feel to diner. If you notice the pipeline decoration on the wall, you will figure out that they are spelling out "Fuel Plus".We ordered some bites while waiting for the mains and we were glad that we did as it took quite sometime for the food to come. Cheesy tortilla nibbles were not a bad choice and served with BBQ pulled pork topped with refreshing salsa, jalapeno and their homemade sauce. While presentation is a plus point here, we also get to taste a different style of enjoying a glass of Ice Latte. Instead of having milk with espresso topped with ice. They did a reverse engineer way by having Espresso Freeze into cubes and served it with a glass of milk.  Fuel Ice Tea is surprisingly refreshing. Sweetness level was just right and pack full of citrus flavours. You get to taste the real strawberry fruits, kaffir lime and mint flavours in this drink. Definitely a boost to your vitamin C for the day! The slow baked tender pork ribs were tantalizing! It comes with thai inspired mixed salad that contains rocket leaves, cauliflower, strawberries and even slice of fried lotus root. Yum! Taste and tenderness were definitely great and comparable to those cafe that specialized in BBQ Ribs. However, one thing that can improve on maybe perhaps the serving time. It was served cold and we preferred to have it at least warm.It was the dish I looked forward to the most before travelling down. I was tad disappointed as it was served with egg fettucini instead. Nonetheless, the quality of the food was above expectation. Tender chunks of beef was a spot on. The slow cooked beef in rich hereby tomato sauce was generous and every part of the pasta was well coated in sauce. Overall, food has been slightly above expectation and by looking at other tables orders, i'm kind of convinced that we have to make additional trip back to try other interesting bites, desserts as well as the Mains. Serving timing for the mains may take a while but good food comes to those who wait. Ha Ha Ha.https://www.umakemehungry.com/2019/08/fuel-plus.html continue reading
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Level4 2017-06-04
Came here to fuel us up after mass and we had:Seafood Tomyam Pasta - fettuccine tossed in creamy sauce that is infused with Tomyam spice. The seafood (mussels and grilled prawns) was fresh and generous in amount. Overall a tasty dish. The Fuel Plus Burger - hubby liked his burger. He also enjoyed the Sweet potato fries that accompanied the burger! Honey Baby Back Ribs - my FIL enjoyed his the most he declared. I tried a bite and the meat was moist yet falls-off-bone tender. Seasoning also on point. Mad about Salmon - MIL said it's nice. Salmon meat was not dry and Rosti was great too. Beef Mac & Cheese - daughter didn't like the shell pasta but she still polished the whole tray of baked pasta! Haha... the sauce base is tomato with cheese over it. Think it's more lasagna than Mac & Cheese really. BBQ Cheeseburger - this should be good because my 8 year old ate the WHOLE burger unassisted! This only happens when she is super hungry or food is good. I'll lean towards the burger being good. Parking here is road side and a nightmare so if you don't like to illegally park, you may need to do a stake-out. Having said that, I'll find another time to try their desserts. continue reading
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Level3 2016-05-26
Original Reviews at http://www.nahmj.com/2016/05/07/fuel-plus-at-morse-road/Fuel Plus rested under the foot of Mount Faber, surrounded with greens is the sister cafe of Refuel at Bedok. When I saw the address 16 Morse Road, I thought it was familiar and then realised that it took over the space of 93 Degree C Coffee. For those who have never patronised the 93 Degree, you can’t spot the cafe along Morse Road, instead, turn right into Wishart Road from Morse Road if you are coming from Telok Blangah Road.The raw space where it was occupied by 93 Degree C Coffee previously has now transformed into a hipster looking Aussie-style one. Fuel Plus cafe has cleverly uses different tiles on various walls, pillars, counters and even on the floor to provide the different texture instead of just plain white cafe. It has elements that captivate.Even though it has an A3 size one page, it has lots to offer. On the menu were 7 sections; Beverages, Desserts, Cakes, Eggs & Such, Mains & Burgers, Pastas & Salads, lastly being Bites.The commonly found espresso-based coffee is also provided at Fuel Plus. There isn’t anything usual or special under this section. As usual my choice Espresso-based coffee is the Cappuccino ($5) which has a medium body, pretty low acidity and mainly nutty note.For diners who prefer tea could opt for the Tea by pot ($5.50) or the recommended Fuel Ice Tea ($5). Other options include the Shakes and Sodas. I tried the Raspberry Basil Soda ($6.50) which is lightly sweet and nice basil fragrance.Fuel Plus At Morse Road, Telok Blangah, Singapore - Desserts, Mains and Burgers, Soft shell Crab in What e Crab BurgerI have not tried any breaky items under the Eggs & Such. I dived into the “Mains & Burgers” and picked What e Crab Burger ($16). Basically, this is a deep fried softshell crab sandwiched between a burger bun with a bed of shredded cucumber and wasabi mayo and lots of roe. By the burger side is shoe string fries. As long as you like softshell crab, you can’t go wrong.We went for the Baked Chicken Stew ($17) as it is a recommended dish by Fuel Plus. I was surprised to find the chicken tasty and not too heavy in tomato sauce.Beef Ragu Pappardelle ($18) was my pick from the Pastas & Salads section. This is a recommended dish by Fuel Plus. This dish uses Pappardelle as the pasta mixed with herby tomato sauce, mainly rosemary herb. The beef was cooked in the same sauce. It was tender.Fuel Plus serves quite a number of pretty plating desserts. The Pump it Up Hotcake ($16) and The Wicked French Toast ($15) both are the recommendation by Fuel Plus has enticing look. Homemade Apple Crumble ($9) is a smaller portion dish suitable for one to finish. The granny smith chunk were perfectly caramelized and the crunchiness remains. It was topped with granola instead of the usual butter crumbs. Finally, it was topped with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.Limited cake varieties were served at Fuel Plus too.I thought well of Fuel Plus. At the very least, the food I tried were delish though not sure about the rest. I like the ambience too and its location, since it is accessible by public transport with minimal walking in a quaint environment.More reviews at http://www.nahmj.com/ continue reading
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