<br>Owned by a former banquet captain at Four Seasons Hotel, Full Of Crab is a casual 60-seater seafood restaurant that offers a utensil-free seafood dining experience. Adopting the idea of serving marinated seafood in plastic bags, then digging in with nothing but your hands. continue reading
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Alaskan King Crab
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Level4 2015-01-08
The concept of serving seafood in a bag with the main idea of eating using bare hands to get the best taste out of it has been a rising trend right here. Full of crab has been around in this community for just slightly longer than 1 year.So basically this is how the ordering goes. First you’ll choose your catch – snow crab legs, crayfish, sri lankan crabs etc or you can pick the combo for sharing. For instance a Captain Cook’s Combo contains sri lankan crabs, prawns and choice of corn cob or baby potatoes. All prices were rather reasonable as they are priced accordingly to the market rates. Once you’re done with the main ingredients, you choose the preferred flavor and its spice level – cajun, fully loaded or garlic butter and mild, medium or hot respectively. You can add on other seafood that you like to the combo, such as boston lobster, clams etc.Full of crab called these as fish sticks, and they are served complimentary for you to munch on before your bags are served. It may just look like those shredded dried fish snacks that are easily available in NTUC, but do not belittle this simple snack. They have been toasted/fried and somewhat tasted like crackers, crunchy and highly addictive.Here comes the main character! Captain’s combo with fully loaded sauce at a medium spicy level. The price range for Captain’s Combo is usually at the $100 odds. Once the bag is opened, the aroma is so so good! The taste is pretty good but weren’t well infused into the seafood itself. The sauce is a little too salty and oily on its own, its better to go with the potatoes, seafood or some bread sticks. It’s kind of mixed feeling towards the seafood. Crab roe to me is the best part! But the way it is cooked make it super hard and tasteless. It was such a waste. Even for the prawns itself, it’s kind of hard to chew on too, it lacks the sweetness and crunchy mouth feel. It seems like it’s overcooked or the method of cooking does not seem right at all. But luckily, the crab meat is still awesome! Sweet and fresh! I believe because it was protected by the thick crab shell, so it was not over expose to heat for a long time that results in all the toughness of meat.We decided to add on a boston lobster to our combo at an additional price of $40. Similarly to our combo, as the lobster is cut into half, unlike what you expect of a sweet and crunchy meat, it turn out to be hard and chewy. Another disappointment despite the good flavor and aroma.Being a little unsatisfied from our meal, we decided to add on a 6pcs cajun wings ($10). Wings are served piping hot and are well marinated with mixtures of herbs and spices with some sorts of flakes. Very crispy and juicy. Way better than the tough seafood! Never regret ordering these wings. It’s highly recommended!The plus point of Full of Crabs is that seafood used are really big and meaty but the downside is that, seafood being subject to heat for too long a time results in the toughness in meat, losing it’s sweetness and juiciness which i find it a pity. But overall, they have good service and flavor of food.For full review, http://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2015/01/08/full-of-crabs/ continue reading
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Made a reservation for 8pm but couldn't find parking on a. Friday night till like 830pm... Katong 112 was the best bet but it was full too!!! So I lucked out and found a parallel parking street spot outside the katong laksa... Nonetheless I called in to let them know I was going to be late, a lady politely told me they would keep the table for me yay! I waltzed in around 840pm and it was pretty much packed, they had already turned over the tables at least once.. It was the start of the second seating... As all the tables around us was getting cleaned and new patrons were coming in..The tables are lines with mahjong paper so you can pretty much make a huge mess and they can clear up easily.. Whilst waiting for the food, the waiter served us some cuttlefish looking fried sticks to much on... Then our calamari rings ($8.50) came.. They were so yummy and fresh! I couldn't resist grabbing more even though I was conserving stomach space for the crabs.. And next the Cajun wings came ($10) I can't take spicy so we got them to put the spices separately.. The wings were piping hot and so yummy! We wasted no time munching them down and totally forgot about the Cajun spices as the wings were well seasoned.. 6 pieces of chicken (3 drumsticks and wings plus tip) pretty expensive compared to what you could get across the street at wings world that recently opened.. But hey! I'm here for the crabs! Just needed something to munch whilst waiting for the main course!Crabs! And prawns! 500g of snowcrab and 500g of prawns ($69) in a bag of buttery sauce goodness with two corns and we paid $3 to add button mushroom which was literally 5 pieces.. Sad... I loved the mushrooms.. Gonna have to add more servings of mushrooms in the bag next time!!! The sauce itself is extremely buttery and can be abit salty.. Depends on your taste buds but I had 2 cups of iced lemon tea to wash it down.. So I was enjoyed it! Definitely made a huge mess and was kinda proud of it! Ended up dabaoing (taking away) the wings and calamari wings because we ordered way too much food for just two people!! But I was extremely happy with the meal! continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-17
Full Of Crab is a casual 60-seater seafood restaurant that offers a utensil-free seafood dining experience. Marinated seafood were served in big plastic bags and customers are to get their bare fingers moving while digging into the crustaceans. It looked as if we have entered the seafood shack in the beach and the place had given a laidback feeling, interior build with wooden panels, graffiti and with fishing props like net, crabs and life saver floats.Dining tables were all covered with a clean big white sheet of paper in preparation to place our meals on it. Fish stick crackers were served upon settling down at our tables, spread bare onto the white sheet. Menu was very simple and seafood were priced at the market cost.Cajun chickens were crispy at the exterior accompanied by mayonnaise dip. It was a little peppery and crystal sugars were seen clinging onto the aromatic golden brown yummy wings!Part of the restaurant thoughtfulnes to equip their diners with tools to crack open the hard shells of the crustaceans and to dig out the meat which is hard to reach.The friendly server comes in a red bucket and took 2 clear bags of food out. I was kinda amazed by their way of serving, the crabs that we had ordered was served in those bags, loaded with cajun and garlic butter chilli gravy. There were 3 choices given, Cajun, Garlic butter or fully loaded to flavour and the level of spiciness is divided into 3 level, mild, medium and hot.We had the medium level of spiciness which should keep us perspiring over the meal as indicated on the menu. While the server rolled down the plastic bags, revealing the sexy legs of the King Crab. The portion was actually half the crab, mix in the bag of baby potatoes and Shrimps.Spikes were seen on the claw.The flesh from the king crab was salty.For captain choice, it consists of Sir Lanka Crab and a side - corn on the cob, as well as shrimps. While I expect its flesh to be sweeter, it was as salty as the Fresh King Crab, I thought it was perhaps the way of their cooking.The shrimps were fresh. However, the rostum was left unprocessed which make it difficult for shrimp's head lover to obtain the "juice" out. The spiciness and heat from shrimp was a challenged for us to remove the shell. Though it was mild spiciness, the level was more than what we had expected. Level of oiliness from the bag was kind of let down which stop us from having more. The table was full of mess after extracting their flesh. Overall, the dining process was a good experience and a memorable.For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.com continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-16
For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2014/07/full-of-crab.htmlEach person will be provided with an apron which can prove to be a great "shield" against the crabbies! It is actually to prevent the sauce from staining your clothes. Crew will drop a handful of chips on the table, almost similar in reason, to how Chinese restaurants serve a plate or two of peanuts.Calamari Rings ($8.50), with choice of either tartar, mayo, ranch or veggie dip. Nicely fried outer to crisp, and springy sotong beneath.Cajun Wings ($10.00). Their Cajun Wings is another of my favorite, and sure-must order when I visit them again! Mild spicy, with juice oozing out at each bite into the wings.Full of Crab is not stingy with their complimentary Twiggy Fries ($6.00). Long skinny fries with crispy outer, could be a hot favorite among the kids too Captain's Choice ($94.00 - Market Price) with 2 pounds of Sri Lanka Crab and 1 pound of Shrimps. You will be asked to select your flavor (Cajun/Garlic Butter/Fully Loaded) and spiciness (Mild/Medium/Hot). We had the Fully Loaded, which is the combination of cajun and garlic butter, and Medium level for the spiciness!Contained within a transparent plastic bag, and opened up to reveal the red hot steaming crab and big fat shrimps in it! You will get to sniff the strong smell of cajun flowing into your nostrils, but it isn't that spicy at all, at least for the initial taste. Their crab and shrimps are quite fresh though, but we had a tough fight with the crabs in cracking them apart, even with the shell cracker.For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2014/07/full-of-crab.html continue reading
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Level1 2014-03-01
Was there yesterday for dinner with a friend. Excited about having "ang-moh" style crabs as it'll be my virgin moment for it but wasn't too sure about the thought of no cutlery dining; kinda unglam... Love at first sight with the whimsical wall doodles and the whole restaurant decor when I stepped in. Served with a handful of crispy fish flavored crackers as pre-meal snacks... Ordered the Sweet Potato Fries and the Captain's Choice Combo consisting of Sri Lanka Crab and Shrimps with baby potatoes in hot fully loaded sauce. The sauce was very addictive; combination of both Cajun and Garlic Butter. There is a hint of spices perfuming the seafood, and the different layers of flavors in the sauce is pretty distinctive... Spice level goes from mild, medium to hot depending on individual preference. The hot level I picked did bring a little heat to the party but it's not extreme spiciness. The whole marriage of freshness of the seafood, the firm baby potatoes and the irresistible sauce made me getting all my fingers messy and uncontrollably licking the sauce off them repeatedly... There's also some lime and salt pepper provided... Tried squeezing some lime juice onto the shrimps and it bring a different refreshing taste... Zero feeling of unglam as every diner had their fingers soaking in the sauce, getting busy with the food. Messy is the new sexy... The restaurant operators, Eldric and Nigel were very friendly, came over to have a few small chats, making sure that the food, service etc were all good and if there's any suggestions for further improvements... The only con was the menu, personally I find it a little limited on choices. However they are in the midst of fine tuning it, and will be adding more items to it. Heard that they will do a new flavor or type of seafood monthly, I will definitely return for their possibly clam special next month... continue reading
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