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G-One was previously named Goto Japanese Restaurant. It is a kaiseki restaurant set in the heart of Singapore.The detail of the food as well as the preparation is underscored. The food is prepared such that the natural flavour from the ingredients are retained. The taste, texture and presentation are also finely balanced to enhance flavour. continue reading
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See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2014/10/28/very-expensive-kaiseki-way-below-expectations-goto-on-23oct2014/we had good recent experience of GOTO’s S$168 omakase lunch on 1.10.2014.we ordered the S$280pax omakase dinner on 23.10.2014.food was good of course, but relative to the exorbitant price, it was really far below expectations, compared with keyaki, kuriya, hachi & of course mikuni. :-(the #1 sakizuke – a selection of small appetizers 先附 was of very good standard, with a very nice pickled sanma (秋刀鱼) pacific dory which i liked, duck, a periwinkle?, prawn, cured squid, ikura, pickled shimeji mushrooms & spinach.#2 dobinmushi was a very good soup, very clear, tasty soup, with pieces of fish fillet, mushrooms etc.the #3 sashimi moriawase was a very large serving than the usual served in a kaiseki or course meal. there were 2 chutoro, 1 botan ebi, 2 hotate, several thick cut tako, 2 kampachi, hirame & tai, & uni. it was good standard but no better, in fact the toro was distinctly poorer c/w the S$45 chirashi don (after 50% feed at raffles discounts) at mikuni.the #4 braised kinki (expensive japanese fish) was a good tasty fish but to me it tasted like angkoli (red snapper), so i didn’t really understand why it was expensive. this was a nitsuke or simmered dish.the #5 minced prawn in lily bulb paste was an interesting, unique dish. the lily bulb + mountain yam paste had the slightly sticky yam texture, and the dish was very tasty overall. :-as with the S$68 lunch, they served a dry miso tempura. it was very nice. :-)#7 kagoshima wagyu was very good, but the better marbled much tastier kagoshima wagyu ishiyaki at mikuni only cost S$37.50 alacarte after 50% discounts.the #8 gohan – chicken shimeji mushroom rice had good mushroom flavours but otherwise no comparison with any kamameshi at sun with moon wheelock or aunagi chahan at zen japanese.they offered very good dessert – very good japanese melon + grapes. yuzu ice cream, orange jelly & strawberry mousse.& i always enjoyed macha.the kaiseki dinner was very good standard, but for me price was far too exorbitant relative to other good kaiseki restaurants & it was not at all value-for-money. one could get a very good omakase dinner at hachi for S$118pax. and at this price i would want to try kumo anytime. continue reading
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Level3 2010-07-25
Goto Japanese Restaurant is a kaiseki restaurant set in the heart of Singapore. This small restaurant was set up by Goto Hisao, the owner and chef who was formerly the chef to previous Japanese ambassador in Singapore. I had read about the exquisite quality of their food served here at Goto from the other blogs and so despite the steep price, I decided to at least give it a chance for lunch.All in all, this was well worth the money for a traditional and exquisite kaiseki lunch. You can definitely feel the attention given for the preparation of the food and how the chef managed to coax the natural flavours out from the seasonal ingredients through light cooking methods. I am now actually tempted to return for the dinner kaiseki set!Please visit for more pictures: http://dirtystall.wordpress.com/2010/06/24/goto/ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)