Gastronomia is a gourmet-quality take-out boutique ideally suited for those with great taste but to little time. Choose from a mouth-watering array of professionally prepared dishes, including homemade pasta and sauces, artisanal cheeses, salads, pizza, sandwiches and more. Indulge in delicious pastries, cakes or our celebrated tiramisu. And complement your meal with fine wine, premium tea or authentic Italian coffee. continue reading
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Review (4)
Level3 2013-09-24
The restaurant was quite nice, they brought us to the second floor.We ordered the set lunch, there we saw Capitalland CEO having lunch too Appetizer: celery soup or salad with roasted chixThe salad looks better than the soup.Main: beef sirloin, pasta or tunaThe pasta is good, my friend ordered beef sirloin n they never ask how well they want their meat done, and they served medium.. so it's still bloody.. haha..Dessert: gelato or sorbet+ drink coffee or tea.Not bad for the set lunch.The waitress was quite nice too each time refills our water. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-30
What can I say after marrying my husband for 7 years he still brings me to nice fancy restaurants occasionally (but we tend to save and travel instead). This time he brought me to Da Paolo at Club street. We ordered Pumpkin Soup with Dried Mushroom, Lobster Fettucine, Tagliolini with mushroon and ham cream.I like the ambience of this place very quiet and romantic.Pumpkin soup is light and has a hint of mushroom smell. Succulent lobster with sweet cherry tomato in their handmade pasta. Tagliolini is cooked al dente and flavourful. Bon Appetit ! continue reading
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Level2 2012-03-29
For our annual celebration ritual of a birthday dinner - this time for G's, we went all fancy with a meal at Da Paolo Restorante. It could be the charms of Club Street, where the restaurant was situated at, or the decor of the place, which though simply decked out, had a classy air to it. It emitted a lovely ambience for a great sit-down meal and had us at one moment, imagining that we were in a small town in Italy.To allow easy sharing amongst the few of us, we started off with a crowd favourite of Deep Fried Calamari. And it did became our favourite, since the dish was extremely light for something that was heavily cooked in oil. It didn't come stricken in grease and there was a nice crisp to each bite. Some other vegetables like zucchini and capsicums were accorded the same treatment in this dish and the results were equally magical.At least half of the menu showcased their Pasta dishes, which was in line with our carbo ambitions. All except for Alv, who had cravings for pizza, which unfortunately is only offered at their Pizza Bar at Holland Village. I found my Foie Gras Tagliatelle (to the left) to be pretty good and well-studded with succulent pieces of Foie Gras, with their creamy insides and caramelised exterior. Alv went for Vongole with Clams and though appreciated the freshness of the dish, didn't find it extraordinary.G's Tagliatelle with Crabmeat was an appealing plate of orange and earned good reviews, though I'm not sure if I could bear with the creaminess throughout the entire dish. Plus, I have pledged my loyalty to Marmalade Pantry's Crabmeat Linguine.When the birthday girl requests for Tiramisu, how can one reject her? And we are glad that she asked for it, as it was DIVINE. It was a perfect balance of coffee and liqueur, all captured in a not too sweet and sponge-soft block. However, we wouldn't extend the rave compliments to the Strawberry Cheesecake.All in all, it was a decent meal, where the pleasant surprises came in the form of our starters and the Tiramisu. In addition, it aided in transporting us out of sunny Singapore shores and was an inspiration for a holiday*. But then again, I get such inspirations all the time. continue reading
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Level2 2011-04-01
This is my second time visiting the restaurant, chose this restaurant as it's one of my friend's favourite dinning place.The restaurant at this location has 3 stories, and I was seated on the 2nd. They have about 6-7 tables on this floor so you can imagine the area is not too big, but they enhanced the spaciousness by adding in a big full length mirror on one of the walls which makes it very comfy for such size.We ordered the following:-1. Parma Ham with MelonA must-order for my friend. Generous slices of parma ham (as you can see from the picture) but too little melon (only 3 small pieces of melon, which is hiding under the parma ham in the picture ). We had to cut the melon to veryyyyyyyy small pieces to go with the parma ham, and in the end we had to eat the parma ham on its own as we ran out of melon to go with it.Guess we couldn't really complain about it as they were already generous with the parma ham, though it would have been nice if there were more melon pieces. (hope they don't serve more melon at the expense of cutting the portion of parma ham )2. Tomato and Mozzarella SaladPretty straight forward, as seen in picture - big chunk of cheese with slices of tomato.3. VongoleAs nice as expected, Vongole has always been one of my favourites. Generous on their clams again, really fresh, sweet and juicy, done just right.4. Homemade egg noodles with crabmeat I'm always tempted to order homemade pastas whenever they are available, and this was one of the recommendations from the waiter. The cream sauce was really thick 5. TiramisuMust have on my friend's list!We might have ordered too much for 2 pax, but my friend really wanted the Tiramisu so we packed the remaining crabmeat egg noodle home instead of stuffing it in.No wines were ordered as we came after a happy hour session, so refraining from alcohol consumption Everything seems perfect except one thing: the waiters are not too friendly and they don't carry a smile on their face. No "heart"....... Thought restaurants should be part of the service industry, is it not? Despite the service, would still come back for the food. continue reading
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