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Gerry’s Grill offers a menu packed with food with Filipino and Asian influences, and complements the dishes with a selection of beer and other drinks. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Grilled Calamares Grilled Chicken
Review (6)
Level4 2013-03-27
Before my good friend goes back to Myanmar for good, I wanted her to try Filipino cuisine because she hasn't tried it YET. So, my colleagues and I met up with her after work on a Thursday and I led the way to Gerry's Grill at Cuppage, Somerset.For a dinner crowd, it was a bit quiet, since we were there early. I took charge of ordering the dishes and I chose:1. Shrimp sinigang2. Chopsuey3. Adobo rice4. Chicharon5. Pork SisigOrder came quite fast. We first enjoyed a hot soup. Btw, this is very sour because the soup is tamarind based. It went quite well with the salty and crispy appetiser of chicharon as well as pork sisig. Since we wanted to have some veggie dish, we also had the chopsuey.. could've been served warmer. But anyway, it was still good.For the desserts, we had:1. Leche Flan2. Halo HaloThe flan was too sweet, but the plus point was that it was very creamy. Overall, it was a good meal. My friend enjoyed the dishes and she said that they're quite similar to the food she grew up with. =D continue reading
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I'm a HUGE fan of Filipino food although I'm 100% Singaporean. It's hard to find folks here with a strong love for Filipino food because it's really different from local fare - it's way oilier, full of fat and loads of pork is used in Filipino cuisine... which is exactly why I can't get enough of it.I was quite surprised to find out there was a Filipino eatery at Cuppage Road. And I was even more surprised to find out that Gerry's Grill is actually a chain of restaurants in the Philippines. We decided on Chicken Chicharon Skin (white plate on left), Pork Sisig (sizzling plate on right), and Sinigang na Baboy (soup - image above). All these were side dishes that accompanied our white rice.The Chicken Chicharon Skin tasted somewhat like the cripsy bits of pork lard in Bak Chor Mee - only bigger, dried, not so oily, and cracker-like. I could taste the oil in it and it was just soooo good. It actually had a smooth texture, unlike our bits of crispy pork lard. One could definitely eat this like popcorn all day long. Try it for yourself and you'll see what I mean.Pork Sisig is a very classic dish in the Philippines. You usually enjoy it with beer at a bar. But here, we had it for dinner instead of as a snack. It seemed to have bits of corn beef in it too, I wasn't too sure, but the gamey pork taste was strong. That's also another thing I love about Filipino food - the fact that the gamey taste is there. Strange but true. Sisig is usually topped with egg but we didn't have that this time round. You can see the oil in all its sinful glory floating around the plate... wahhhh I'm practically drooling now... Last but not least, Sinigang. This sour soup dish is my FAVOURITE Filipino dish of all time. Baboy means 'pork'. This soup dish is tamarind based and has other ingredients like tomatoes, eggplant and kangkong in swimming around in it. The best bit? The large chunks of pork belly floating around, waiting to be eaten. I can't say this is the best sinigang I've had because it could have used more tamarind, but I haven't had sinigang in a long time so I was happy to be slurping on the soup after ages!All this was enjoyed with a chilled glass of Ripe Mango Shake. I'm telling you - I would come here just for this drink... not kidding! It's sweet and incredibly refreshing. It's not your average cup of Mango Shake.After the meal I had to walk around town just to burn some calories. I think I overate but for darn good food, who cares?! continue reading
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Level4 2012-08-30
Their Pana Cotta at Gerry's Grill which looks like some caramel pudding and indeed it tasted like it. I felt that there is nothing special about it and it is over-ly sweet! perhaps they poured too much syrup on the pudding and make the overall taste bad. For the pudding, it is soft and kind of melt when it enters your mouth and means like beancurd to me just that it is in caramel flavour. continue reading
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