Giovanni L. is an award-winning gelateria which has brought the finest flavors of Europe to its customers since 1961. Owing to three generations of the Lasagna family recipes, its gelato is highly-loved around Europe. While retaining traditional values of the art of making gelato, Giovanni L. continues to innovate and handcraft new gelato varieties to the world. Opening in Singapore represents the first time they have ventured out of Europe. continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-29
Giovanni L. is owning a repertoire of 102 international ice cream varieties. Most of them are made with our own recipe. Each year 2 to 3 new flavors of ice cream will be created and several of their gelato flavours are international award winners!Seattle Pike Chowder is under the same management as Giovanni L., and the gelato brought in directly from Germany and decorated in Singapore. It is hard to turn down a scoop of delicious and fresh gelato!At one glance, you will notice several different types of chowders and you can havethem with a bread bowl, or in a cup. Seattle Pike Peak's chowder also offers sandwiches and a combo for a sandwich and a chowder.They also have a small selection of cakes and pastries but the cakes looked abit dry and stale and I decided to get a muffin instead.  They also serve imported chilled beers which can go very nicely with gelato.1. Chocolate Gelato Spaghetti $12.90A very interesting creation that can only be found at Giovanni is gelato spaghetti. They have a few flavours, namely, chocolate, vanilla and berries. I decided to go with chocolates as it came with almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts. That's a lot of nuts! I was surprised at it's presentation, with 2 waffle biscuits at the side. It was nothing like I've ever had before.The gelato was nice with chocolate syrup drizzled over it. The gelato here isn't very sweet and is generally milder in flavour, probably the lack of using artificial flavouring. Underneath the gelato is whipped cream which gives the entire dish a light and creamy feel. There were so much nuts that I had a nut in every spoonful. A truly interesting dish, but even though it is gelato stringed into spaghetti, the ice cream melts too fast for you to twirl the ice cream spaghetti up like real spaghetti noodles.2. Apple Cinnamon muffin $3.90The apple cinnamon muffin is pretty sizable with a crunchy and almost crispy like top, that is filled with crusty cinnamon crunch. The muffin on the inside was a dense with a cinnamon aroma and essence. There were cubes of apples wrapped around in cinnamon sauce, similar to what you find in a McDonald's apple pie on the inside of the muffin. It was surprise to me. It was pretty good muffin and I'm definitely getting it again next time3. Smoked Salmon Chowder in a Breadbowl $12.90This chowder very interesting, as a huge fan of smoked salmon I was intrigued by the tastes. Seattle's Pike Chowder managed to capture the essence of the smoked salmon blend it in with cream cheese and TA-DA! You have an amazing bowl of smoked salmon chowder. I highly recommend this to any fellow smoked salmon lover! The taste of the smoked salmon comes in strong, as an aftertaste.This was a very creamy bowl of soup, not much to bite into, just good, flavourful chowder. A good compliment to any sandwich.Since this place is literally marketed with "Seattle" on the signboard, all their chowders come directly from Seattle on a daily basis, to ensure top-notch quality. Their bread however is made locally. The bread definitely isn't the same bread I had in Seattle.It was alot fluffier and not as tough, it may suit the locals more, but it is definitely a change. 4. After Eight ice cream (single scoop)The After Eight was very rich and not as creamy as you would expect, it had a slightly rough texture which would indicate the mint bits embedded into the gelato.As with any ice cream parlour in Singapore, they melt fast! But the dining here at Fort Canning is well cooled with power air conditioning. Having a wide range of gelatos gives me a feeling they are out to fight the already competitive gelato market. They do not offer typical flavours such as matcha or cookies and cream, but rather very unique flavours like Amorena which is a vanilla gelato with amorena cherries. It will blow your mind! Think of a super awesome raspberry ripple!Overall : Interesting ice cream creations, great imported ice creams and seattle soups in a very cosy and culturally rich location. Service staff were also very attentive and quick to serve the ice cream and provided great ice cream flavour recommendations continue reading
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