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GoGo Franks, a Halal sausage specialty concept focused on Asian tasting sausages meal. GoGo Franks successfully marries the popularity of sausages with the comfort and familiarity of unique Asian flavours such as Cheesy Chicken, zesty Black Pepper , tangy Satay , Sensational Red Roast , Chili Chicken and scrumptious Mushroom. GoGo Franks' Sausage Prata wrap filled with a sausage of your choice, veggies & sauces. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-14
One of my favorite kiosk for their signature Cheese Sausage Balls! They have branched out into several flavours like Black Pepper, Red Roast, Spicy and Satay, including two new flavours like Teriyaki and Pizza! There are also other items on their menu like the Junior Sausage Bun ($3.30), Sausage Balls Spaghetti ($5.30) and even a Double Sausage Prata ($4.80)! I usually just buy the Sausage Balls only, which start at $3.30 for 8 pieces. It is more bang for the buck if you get more in a cup, for example, the 11-pieces cup is priced at $4.30, 18-pieces at $6.80 while the Megacup for 23 pieces is $7.80. You can also get it as a combo set with other items on their menu for additional savings. I noticed that they had the Chicken Floss Ham Prata Set ($8.80) which came with a Chicken Floss Ham Prata, a 8-pieces Sausage Balls cup, and a Lemongrass drink. Since I have not tried the prata before and it seemed rather interesting, I bought the set to sample. The staff were polite and quick in processing my order although there was a short waiting time for the prata which was prepared on the spot.Gogo Sausage Balls, 8 Pieces (à la carte price $3.30)Pardon the yucky photo of the balls due to the mayonnaise and sauce. I got cheese, red roast and the new teriyaki flavour to try although I have also previously tried satay and black pepper too. My favorite is still cheese although I also like red roast and black pepper. These are slightly firm but springy and juicy. The cheese ones were especially quite cheesy!Chicken Floss Ham Prata (à la carte price $3.80)This is like a local version of the tortilla wrap with prata instead of tortilla and with ingredients like ham and chicken floss. I was initially apprehensive about the taste and it certainly took two or three bites to get used to but beyond that it was rather yummy! The prata was quite crispy and chewy and the floss added a touch of sweetness to it. I certainly wouldn't mind trying this again!Lemongrass Lemon (à la carte price $2.50)This was rather light with a tinge of lemon taste but not as tangy or refreshing as I'd liked. I also found it to be slightly diluted. This was priced at $2.50 per cup if you get it à la carte. Rather pricey for a small cup and the taste was nothing exceptional either. At $8.80 for the entire set, I found it to be quite pricey although the prices for the prata alone was reasonable at $3.80. For the sausage balls, it's definitely more worthwhile to buy the bigger cups and share with someone else. Definitely go for the cheese and black pepper! In future though, I would just get the Sausage Balls or Prata à la carte instead and give the drink a miss. Junior Sausage ($1.00)There was also a Christmas promotion for this at only $1 so I got a cheese Sausage to try. Unfortunately, this was quite disappointing. It was a tad too soft for me and it didn't seem to be fully cooked as it still felt somewhat chilled on the inside, as if it was just defrosted. Give me the Sausage Balls over this any time.I have also previously tried their Swedish Fun Balls ($3.90) which are basically marinated chicken meatballs with a cheesy center. These were quite springy and juicy too. But in my opinion, their Sausage Balls are by far the best on their menu, followed by the prata and meatballs which are also worth a try! continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-22
Went to Gogo Franks and bought a Sausage balls which was basically a mini hot dog with chili and mayonnaise. I like the fact that there were different type of sausage balls that I get to choose and my favourite flavour is the cheese.Bought it just to fill my empty stomach for awhile and it was truly satisfying, it tasted delicious. The prices are quite reasonable. continue reading
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Level2 2013-01-03
I ordered a jumbo cheese sausage prata and a box of 8 pieces of sausage balls. The sausage prata was wrapped with lettuce and you can choose to top it with sauces such as mayo, chilli, mustard or tomato sauce. Simple sauces so that the taste of the sausage will not be covered by the sauces. The prata was quite crispy and the sausage was very delicious. For the sausage balls, you can choose among Black Pepper, Cheese, Satay or Red Roast. I chose a mixture of Cheese and Black Pepper. Very tasty too. The Jumbo Cheese Sausage Prata costs $4.50 and the small box of sausage balls costs $3.30. Worth the try if you are a sausage lover! continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-09
Bought the cheese flavour one back home to cook it myself. This packet contains almost 20 cheese hotdog balls! I always like GoGo Franks hotdog balls because they are freshed, properly package and give a promising feel of the quality. The cheese balls is really good because of the texture which is not chewy or mashy. However it is very good in taste and great for snacking or have it with rice! continue reading
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