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Grandma's embodies authentic and full local flavours in its dishes. The casual setting, eager service staff and central locations ensure an unforgettable dining experience for the whole family. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Assam Fish Head Char Kway Teow Hokkien Noodles Nasi Lemak
Review (6)
Level4 2014-03-24
Jurong Point is easily my favourite shopping mall, no points for guessing why... but following the features on LENAS, Pizza Hut, Seoul Xpress, Old Town White Coffee, Benten Cafe and Ji De Chi... here's one restaurant of the local delights: Grandma's! This popular franchise popped up along the basement of this shopping mall in December 2013, and provides an awesome alternative for those who wants to eat the classic Singapore dishes yet don't want to brave the heat. Air-conditioned places and local fare have never given me a good impression together - you either get one or the other. Maybe Grandma's could change this deep-seated perception.There is an ongoing promotion at Jurong Point - Spend a minimum of $8.90 on a bowl of noodles (a few choices available including Ipoh Kway Teow Soup, Dumpling Soup with Noodles, Chicken Noodles, Fish Noodles Soup) and get to buy their Chicken Rice at $1 (U.P $10.90)!Once seated, a basket of keropok ($1.80) was presented on the table. I thought I only needed to fend against appetizers with hidden charges at dimsum restaurants, but I was wrong. Nevertheless, their keropok was really crispy - worth a try.The Dumpling Soup with Noodles came in a minimalist white bowl with springy mee kia. What's more, their ingredients are extremely generous with four huge dumplings stuffed with prawns. Reminds me of how grandmothers always do that to feed the children well. A good place to invite foreign friends to try local cuisine without squeezing with the crowd. The whole bowl of noodles was really flavourful and I gobbled it up in no time.Grandma's Signature Chicken Rice was surprisingly good. The rice was chicken-rice fragrant (though not soft enough to contend with Tian Tian's and the best of hawker centres) and sufficiently oily. The chicken on the other hand, met expectations for it to be tender and smooth. Although I wasn't a fan of chilli sauce, I had to try it - piquantly spicy and strong, this chilli sauce packs a bomb!Some handmade Milo ($1.80) that was a little diluted and a little too sweet for my liking... oh well, the bar is set too high by my favourite Milo vans. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-08
Salted egg prawn $14.90 - This made a good side dish to complement with your main. The salted egg tasted rather addictive and the prawns were fresh. I also liked how they placed some crispy crackers below which was fun to eat too.Nasi bukhari $14.90 - The rice was rather fragrant and the chicken was quite tender with a thin layer of skin and not much fats. They are still having the $1 chicken rice promotion so try it if you're there! Worth it continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-05
As patrons of Grandma’s restaurant, we were ready to be spoilt for choice with extensive array of nourishing dishes. This was the eatery I frequently visited and came to love, certainly would not a disappointment. During the peak hours, surroundings were lively and noisy. Service was promptly quick, food were ready within 15 minutes. One of their signature cuisines, it was a splendid aromatic pot. Indulgence in the tangy mixture of Fresh Fish Head, other ingredients included Lady Fingers, Tomatoes, Onions, Long Beans and Brinjals. Without coconut milk, curry was impressively savoury with a heavy hint of sourness. Be caution for the bone, flesh of fish was firmly tender. Nicely-cooked in claypot, every soupy curry was rich in spices fragrance. Portion was hugely generous, sharing among two person was just nice. Price at $28.90, we ordered additional two bowl of fluffy rice to accompany it. Quite reasonable meal, dining experience was enjoyable overall. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-23
Grandma's new branch at Jurong Point was opened recently. I went during the weekend dinner time and it was very crowded with a long queue. Unable to get a table, I bought takeaway of their nasi lemak.Their nasi lemak had generous amount of curry chicken. The curry chicken was good, the meat was tender and moist. The curry sauce was also rich in taste. The lemak rice had a very rich aroma of coconut milk, so was the taste. But the rice was slightly soggy, not fluffy. Their chilli was very unique. It was more of onions than chilli, but the taste was sourish, not to my liking, I hope they gave sambal chilli for nasi lemak. Overall, this was a good nasi lemak, only their chilli was not to my liking. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-23
Grandma's, a local restaurant has been recently opened in Basement selling local food with a good range of Hokkien, Peranakan, chinese and Malay food. The setup was rather simple with walnut furnishing as its theme color. Upon settling down, this crispy crackers were served to us in a wooden weaved basket. The hungry us had the whole basket munched up as we were very hungry.Even its menu, it showed a grandma preparing dishes in the kitchen. The environment told us that she was using some traditional method of cooking over the slow charcoal fire. An irresistible combination of savoury pilaf-style rice, succulent prawns, beef rendang and golden-brown chicken drumstick. Simply authentic!These thick and fat egg noodles were wok fried together with dark soy sauce with fresh seafood and chicken. Totally classic Hokkien dish and not to miss. If you like fried Udon, this is quite close to one!One of Grandma's favourites, the San Bei Ji literally means 3 cups chicken when translated consists chunks of chicken slow cooked with ginger, garlic and chili with a dash of basil for the unique's Grandma's flavour. Served in an earthen pot and garnished with a generous portion of dark soya sauce and spring onion.The grass jelly drink was under promotion and a cup cost just $1. A good thing about the drink is that they had actually separated the sugar syrup, giving the customer a choice to add them according to their preference.The Cendol is a must try as it brings out the original flavour with red beans, cendol jelly, jackfruit with shaved ice topped with fresh fragrant coconut milk and gula melaka.While Sago Gula Melaka was filled with pearl sago drenched in a generous serving of fresh coconut milk as well as Gula Melaka. continue reading
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