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Level4 2015-12-16
Last week, together with 2 of my friends, we went to Griddy for our food tasting.It was located in the heart of the bustling hub of Jurong East MRT station at Westgate Shopping mall (Gourmet Paradise Section). ** Quickest way: Escalator down next to Kate Spade Saturday from Level 1. Griddy3 Gateway Drive, Westgate #B2-K12 Singapore 608532 Tel: 6465 9465Website: http://www.griddy.com.sgLychee Mojito $3.90 Started off with Lychee Mojito to quench my thirst. SIDESTempura Fish Strips with Laksa Dip ($5.90)My first time trying Tempura Fish Strips dipped in Laksa sauce as it is usually seen with tartar sauce.Anyway it is creative and really goes superbly with the laksa dip. Mid Wings with Dips $7.90 (with choice of 2 Dips) Salted Egg Yolk/ Laksa/ Creamy Garlic/DillYou can get to choose 2 dips out of the 4. As for me, Laksa and Creamy Garlic dip will best complement to the tender wings. Mushroom Soup $3.90Yummy Yummy Yummy!! Mains Tom Yum Pasta with Pan-Seared Salmon $10.90This is interesting as it's my first time seeing tom yum pasta in aglio olio style. Paired with lightly-seared Salmon steak,this spicy and sour tom yum pasta is definitely one of the choice to order. ** Mind you, some of you might feel that it's spicy because of the chilli padi. Griddy Burger $9.90It's a good change from the original form like bun or wrap you see outside. The size of the waffle is also specially chosen to fit the ingredients like the meat and vegetables.Desserts Salted Egg Yolk & Caramel $8.50Before i comment anything, I just simply want to profess my love for salted egg yolk. As you can see, the salted egg yolk sauce is served separately so as to prevent the ice cream from melting too fast. Before you eat, just pour the sauce over the creamy Vanilla Gelato and waffle to achieve the perfect combination of savoury and sweet taste. If you ask me, this is going to be winner that I will pick. The portion is also just nice for a person or to be shared with another person after having a heavy meal (main dish). Chocolate Madness $11.50Who don't love chocolate? This is another one that is hard to resist too.For this Chocolate Madness, the ice cream include Rocher and Belgian Chocolate Gelato with kids favourite cocoa crunch and chocolate sauce.Not too sweet which is just nice for my liking.Over the Rainbow $11.50Don't you think by looking at first sight, you will feel happy? This is so pretty - Strawberry Cheesecake and Vanilla Gelato topped with Strawberry Jam, Marshmallows, Maple Syrup and colourful Rainbow Sprinkles. However, I feel that this is a little too sweet for me but might be perfect for kids that have sweet tooth. Thanks for reading! continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-29
For the full review and more photos, please visit http://makanarts.com/2014/03/25/griddy-gourmet-waffles-westgate/Westgate boasts many new F&B places in the west, some being their first start-up. Griddy Gourmet Waffles is one of them, which specialises in burgers made using waffles and waffle desserts. The company who owns this place also owns Pho Street (which has an outlet here and also Bedok Mall).The menu. The waffles selection is not as diverse yet (at the point of visit)The Battered Chicken ($4.90++) is part of their Classic Waffles selection (which has since been renamed the Griddy Burgers selection) and is assumed to be no longer sold as it's not available in their menu. This is topped with sliced hard boiled eggs. This is rather disappointing as the chicken cutlet, which is slightly spicy, is rather hard to bite into and tasted rather stale.The Ocean Catch ($5.90++) is also part of the former Classic Waffles selection (the current Griddy Burger selection). It is garnished with dried bonito and dips of mayonnaise. This fared better than the Battered Chicken.The Truffle Fries ($4.50++) is probably one of the cheaper ones that you can find. This smells strong on truffle, the fries are crisp and is filling but the taste of the truffle oil on the fries could have been more.For an inexpensive fast-food choice around the Jurong area, this place will definitely satisfy the criteria (and besides, it's waffles!)Note: One of the + in the ++ of the pricings here is a 1% service charge instead of the usual 10%. continue reading
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Summer season starts ,so everyone is looking for cool desserts.Yes i can found a place at Westgate ,named Griddy Gourmet Waffles.We ordered 2 variety of waffle desserts.1.Waffle with strawberry cheese cake.It comes with crispy ,tasty waffle & the top one scoop od straberry ice-cream with cheesecake inside.Then around the waffles the fresh cut slices of strawberries with the straw berry sauce. Yummy!Another one is Blueberry cheesecake with waffle ice cream.In that A scoop of blueberry ice cream with cheesecake inside & fresh small blue berries surrounds your waffle with the flow of blueberry sauce.In both the waffle is very very nice,Normally waffles are having some egg smell which i don't like ,but here i couldn't smell of the egg.So i like the waffle taste much.The same way,the fresh fruits & the sauce are awesome.The only thing the ice-cream, I don't like because I felt that is not fresh as well as tasteless. They have to improve their ice-cream quality.The price, ambience & service everything ok. Moreover they not only have desserts,They have variety of waffle sandwiches & western main dishes& beverages. continue reading
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Have you been to Westgate? Probably yes, just like the rest of West Singapore. Assuming you are as blur as I am, you might have missed out B2 of Westgate. It's a whole yummy world that I've not discovered for the past 5 times I've been to this shopping mall. While it looks like JCube's B1, the choices at Westgate are much more exciting. One of them is Griddy Gourmet Waffles. Its menu is entirely waffle-inspired, but be rest assured that you won't just be chomping down waffles. The menu is neatly categorized into 5: Griddy Sandwiches, Griddy Plates, Griddy Fingers, Griddy Up and Griddy Desserts. Here are my picks for the Griddy Sandwiches!Stuffed generously with beef patty, mushrooms and savoury sauces, the signature Gourmet Ribs waffles is quite an innovative and delicious creation. The waffle exterior tasted more like burger bread, and not like the usual pandan-flavoured waffles you find at neighbourhood confectioneries. The one that truly caught my attention was the waffle fries, which came along with the burger. Initially I didn't think much about it because I don't like fried food, but it is really crispy, expertly salted to the right amount and tasty! If I could choose, I'd prefer this Aloha Hawaiian to the Gourmet Ribs. The teriyaki sauce drizzled within is more sweet than savoury. The chicken is succulent to every bite, though I wished it could be more tender. Next, we also tried the Griddy Up Set of a Classic Waffle + Drink! Not sure why they are using Pho Street's packaging... but the drink they had was Sjora orange juice, straight from the carton. I would say that this isn't a memorable dish, and they could do more to make it more exciting - perhaps add fruits, chocolate or other toppings. It's good to fill your stomach as a snack, I guess.From the Griddy Desserts section, my selection is S'mores Griddy! Looks sinful? Well, wait till you eat it... trust me, it's worth every calorie! I felt like leaping into marshmallow icy mountains with chocolate snow caps. It's great that the waffles are slightly warmed but yet the ice-cream melted quite slowly.I'm a closet fatty, I eat a lot and can't stop if there's food in front of me (very bad for health though). These Onion Rings are freshly deep fried and they are really tasty because (1) they are piping hot, (2) definitely did not reuse the cooking oil (3) super fragrant and golden-brown crunchy/crispy! It's rare that I'll ever praise fried food - because it's hard to get it right, but Griddy definitely nailed it.My recommendation for Griddy Gourmet Waffles would be for its desserts and sides which I really enjoyed and found to be better than the average dining experience. You can head over if you're still feeling hungry after your main course elsewhere or a place to relax your legs after shopping. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-02
Was here on a Wednesday and this selected waffle dish was on a promotion during lunch hours at 50% off. It's just $3.95 which is really value for money. The waffle fries were a disappointment as they were very dry hard to swallow. It wasn't enjoyable eating them at all. I had requested for no tartar sauce and japanese mayonnaise but they somehow still put the mayonnaise in it. Anyway, the battered fried fish was quite filling. Batter wasn't thick and floury so it's good Waffles were fragrant but very thin and not at all fluffy. I didn't mind that because it was very filling and the waffles tasted nice. Their desserts look good, perhaps I'll try that next time but i won't be back anytime soon for their mains. continue reading
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