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Guiga at Tanjong Pagar Road is our must go to place if we are looking for a good Korean BBQ that hit the spot in our stomach. Little Devil and I visited this place frequently, even the service staff recognise our faces.From the outside, the décor is very simple. Each table has a cubicle seating, which normally can cater up to 4 person. If you have more than 4 in a group, they will let you have the private room (no minimum charges required). Lighting can be quite dim, so don't expect anything fancy in this department. We will normally order their BBQ set. Guiga A ($89 – Prime beef short ribs, marinated prime beef short ribs, prime beef ribs and thin sliced beef brisket) will provide you with their Beefgasm experience, while Guiga B ($49 – 5mm Sliced pork belly, marinated pork ribs, sliced pork jowls, and 2mm sliced pork belly) will cater to your porkgasm experience. In case you are you are in the small group and want to have both, go with Guiga C ($69 – Prime beef ribs, marinated prime beef short ribs, 5mm sliced pork belly, and marinated pork ribs). The prime beef shorts ribs & marinated prime beef short ribs are excellent. Cooked over charcoal and grilled by the service staff, we normally have it cooked to medium rare. It basically just melts in your mouth. For a non-chilli lover, I just add a little bit of salt to the meat. The prime beef ribs will normally come with the bone and the meat are thinly sliced, and score diagonally creating a diamond shape, to allow for the marinate to absorb into the meat. It is tender, but has a more springy texture compare to prime beef short ribs. Thin sliced beef brisket will has more of the stir fry texture, which needs to be dip chilli or salt & sesame oil before you eat it with rice or vegetables. Don't expect the pork belly here to melts in your mouth. The 5mm cut version, provide a more springy texture but filled with pork flavours. While the 2mm cut, has a more crispy texture, but less flavour. The one that we like the most here is the marinated pork ribs. The meat is just tender and succulent and the slightly sweet marinate really accentuate the flavour of the pork. The sliced pork jowl (pig cheek) has a high contain in fats. The BBQ gave it a more crispy texture, while draining the fats from the meat.One BBQ items that become a favourite for LD recently is DweiJiMacchang ($25) – Pork Abomasum / pork intestines. Cut to about to 2cm size, it is grilled over low fire. The result, crispy texture on the outer part, and chewy inside. I personally find it all right, but for those lovers of chewy stuff such as dried cuttlefish, you can include this in the die die must try list. Another LD's and gang's favourite is Tokpoki ($20 – stir fried rice cake in a spicy sauce). According to them, the rice cake was cooked to perfect with the right chewyness and the spicyness in the sauce was just right that you feel like eating on the street in Korea. For the soup, don't miss the Galbitang ($16 – Beef Rib Soup). The broth is robust and pack of beef flavour. LD recently find another soup that is more unique, SunDaeGukBab ($18 – Korean Sausage Soup with Rice). This is a pork based soup, with ingredients such as pork belly, pig intestines and Korean blood sausage. Definitely for the acquired taste but I let you be the judge of that. If you are a Chicken Ginseng Soup person, the version here is so so only. The best thing about Guiga is that you just need to sit back and enjoy your food. The service staff will do the grilling for you. All the Male service staff here are Korean so they speak Korean and English, while the female service staff mostly from China speak Mandarin and a little bit of English. The side dishes are free of charge and changes every time, depending on ingredients available. The lettuce for wrapping might not be sufficient, but if you run out of it just ask and they will refill it for you. Overall, Guiga deliver in all aspects such as good quality of the food, great service and reasonable price that is just to difficult not to like. The best part, they open from dinner until wee hours in the morning. So if you feel like having some food after your pub crawl, this is also the place to go. So for your next Korean BBQ cravings, we recommend Guiga. Gun Bae!! Cheers !! For the complete review, click / copy the link below:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2015/04/guiga.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-18
Chanced upon this korean restaurant when we were roaming around the area so I decided to try out their seafood stew. The side dishes that came with it were not fantastic but acceptable. The seafood stew had lots of cabbage and vegetables in it, some baby head squids, shrimps, clams.. The soup was very forgettable, moderately spicy but there wasn't an addictive kick to it and did not make me want to have more. Even though the stew had different types of seafood in it, the soup lacked any seafood flavour in it. Overall, it was a mediocre meal and I would not be back any time soon. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-04-10
When both of my friend and me looked at the menu displayed outside of the restaurant, I found it very yummy for BBQ SET C (Beef + Pork) $69 because it suitable for 2 or 3 pax!It consisted of 갈비살 Non marinated prime beef ribs + 양념갈비 Marinated prime beef short ribs + 생삼겹 5mm sliced pork belly + 돼지갈비 Marinated pork ribs to be cook on the sizzling hot pan.After that, we walked in and sit at one table to place this order with the waiter.Upon paying the bill, I was very happy when I have a good time with my friend before going for a drink.Conclusion: This has been the nicest Korean restaurant that I have tasted before so far in Singapore. I am sure that there must be a hidden gem of this authentic Korean restaurant. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)