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Using only the finest ingredients, Guy Savoy, one of France’s most celebrated chefs, prepares and serves with an uncompromising awareness of what makes a dining experience truly exceptional. continue reading
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Fine Dining
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Black Truffle Salad Crispy Sea Bass With Delicate Spices
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It's really a pity to see such a refined restaurant exiting from Singapore's fine dining scene. At $130++ per pax, this price tag was well justified. From the fine ingredients used, to the visually astounding food presentation, and last but not the least, to the ever attentive and pleasant servers, every single detail was delicately planned and executed, resulting in a most memorable dining experience for its patrons with that touch of finesse. Guy Savoy, you'll be dearly missed, not only for your exquisite creations, but exceptional service level too.Lobster “raw-cooked” in cold steamThis was not only a visual feast but a tantalising treat as well. The hidden jewel – a delicious treat of lobster tartare – emerged from the surreal mist and in all its splendor and glory. Although the flavour was light, it was tastefully prepared and was indeed, sheer indulgence. Mosaïc of poularde, foie gras and artichoke, black truffle vinaigretteThis unique tasting Pâté was a masterpiece. Although it seemed plain in appearance, it was deceptively appetising. It was savoury but not overwhelming and retained the aroma of the black truffle vinaigrette. It was also exceptionally smooth with a fragrant aftertaste. John Dory “étuvée” in a thin vegetal layer amidst the color greenAmidst the lush greenery was a tender piece of poached dory. This beautifully dish would have been perfect if not for the blend green curry sauce which marred the overall taste of this fusion creation. Although the texture of the fish was soft and literally melts in your mouth, the paring sauce lacked the spice and flavour typical of traditional Thai Green Curry, resulting in a flat flavor which was a disappointment. Shoulder of Australian wagyu in two preparations,young carrots and potato “Maxim’s”An epitome of French fine dining where a kaleidoscope of flavours made the overall experience more delectable than the mere sum of its parts. One stewed and the other pan-seared, both preparations were equally heavenly. I personally preferred the pan-seared variation, which had retained the natural flavours of the precious ingredient. A remarkable delicacy indeed! Grapefruit terrine with tea sauceBoth the grapefruit and tea sauce were naturally bitter, no doubt; but somehow this blend of ingredients turned out surprisingly tangy and refreshing with a lingering bittersweet aftertaste. Chocolate orbA climatic finish to our splendid meal at Guy Savoy! As the server meticulously poured warm chocolate sauce over the orb, the transformation was simply brilliant with the melted orb slowly revealing the treasures within. This visual feast was truly a magically experience that we would relish in our memories. continue reading
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Level3 2011-03-08
Sexy, unabashedly opulent with personal & surprisingly warm service & menu bursting with sensational dishes; all these take place in an elegant upscale French restaurant in the heart of Marina Bay Sands. When culinary meets "art-de-vivre", this new kid on the block is wooing diners with their oasis of fine food. And if you don’t mind remortgaging your house for a dinner, this place is for you. Since Guy Savoy made their statement at the Marina Bay Sands, I’ve been dying to step foot in this savvy restaurant. Then came my birthday; an absolute excuse to get pampered @ S$375/pax (set menu) or S$1,000 for 2, incl drinks & taxes. Reservation was made a month ahead, to ensure I secure a place there. They sure have an unusual way of presenting their Amuse Bouche. The server came & handed me a cocktail stick – Foie Gras Terrine paired with crispy bread. It was delicious. What a pleasant opening!A crockery, resembling an espresso cup was placed on the dining table. Parsnip Soup was served. Then the pair of hands that served us, lifted the “cup” to reveal a Duck Roulette. The Beef Jelly, mingled with the duck was a triumphant recipe. Now, here’s a Chef that will surprise you with an intriguing menu, & I was hungry for more surprises.Next on the list was the Oyster In Ice Gelée. The oyster was delivered fresh on a bed of artificial seaweed, which we’d been advised not to eat them.The Homard du Maine, which was Maine Lobster, served raw. Out of the blue, smoky cold steam engulfed the entire plate & this seafood was immediately raw-cooked in cold steam. What an eye-opening experience for me! I was totally mesmerized by the transformation. After that, I was slurping away the Lobster Consomme which was dished out cold. Yummy!My hair stood up when I was told the fish course would be served with SCALES!! The lovely lady assured me the scales were done perfectly to give a crisp. Sorry Chef, I just had to remove the skin. I took half the fish & it tasted good especially with the Black Trumpet Mushrooms & the sauce.The dessert-looking course is one of the best I’ve ever taken. Guy Savoy calls it Colours of Caviar. Not only it’s colourful by sight, it’s also colourful by taste. I was pleasantly surprised by its unique mixture of taste. The Chef has cleverly translated his flair for French Cuisine by displaying his artful culinary skills with just a simple use of Caviar. I’d no idea what comes next & I was anticipating for more.The next dish was a teaser. The server brought a pot, opened the lid & let us smell. It was like see no touch. Then, he covered the lid & we watched helplessly as he took it away. Hey, don’t go! Don’t remove my Foie Gras!!The server finally returned with my Foie Gras, attractively arranged with Radish in an orangey Beetroot sauce. Perfect!The flavourful Soupe d’Artichaut à la Truffe Noire was served with Toasted Mushroom Brioche. The server gently creamed Black Truffle Butter onto the Brioche. She recommended us to put it into the soup & eat it together. Indeed, the combination was just perfect. This Artichoke & Black Truffle Soup is their signature dish & the Ala Carte price is @ S$70!!The Pigeon course was done in two ways & presented with a “Polychrome” of Beets, paired with a cup of delicious Consommé. I was incessantly seduced by the Chef’s ingenious creativity.A trolley of Fine Cheese was brought in, which signalled the meal was coming to an end. The Sorbet was a real tour de force, with textures of Apple cleverly layered. Fresh Apple juice was then poured into the zesty sorbet. The crispy Apple Chips were a witty addition.The Floating Island was a dessert spoon displaying an interesting egg-white Marshmallow, topped with Coconut. Coupled with it was a mixture of icy Passion Fruit, Mango & Pineapple. It was really refreshing after a full satisfying meal.The entire meal finally ended with another of Guy Savoy’s brilliantly complex recipe - Chocolate Orb. The friendly server “insisted” that I pay full attention to this transformation as she poured the warm Chocolate sauce over it. Slowly, the Orb melted, revealing delightful ingredients inside. Every process at Guy Savoy was like watching a performance. In this case, it was like watching a magic show.It was a magical gastronomic experience around a nicely dressed table; a whole spectrum of haute dining experience that was sheer heaven. As far as big-ticket diners go, the Chef's tasting menu is a decadent splurge that's worth every penny comparing to its Ala Carte. Despite the extravagant price tag, the restaurant was almost packed to a bream. I can now understand why. It’s definitely a cut above the rest. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)