Haato is a unique brand of gelato manufactured in Singapore created from traditional recipes from Japan. It is one of the first gelato counters in Singapore to offer gelato that is free from artificial colouring and preservatives. continue reading
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Level2 2013-11-19
Love chilling around this area while chatting with friends and people watching. Eating Haato and co ice cream while doing that is just like icing on top of the cake. Love the green tea ice cream over here, not so sweet that makes you want to stop eating after a few spoonfuls, there is a subtle fragrance of the green tea aroma topped with just the right amount of milky taste, really awesome. Will definitely return again. Prices are pretty affordable based on the quality as well. continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-25
A scoop of matcha ice-cream ($3.50)This was my order when I first came here. Thought it tasted quite good, because I'm a matcha lover. But for anyone who doesn't like the taste of green tea, please do not order this, as it can be quite overpowering, especially if you order it with other sweeter flavours like cookies & cream or hazelnut. Gelato Waffle (($7.50)Don't get me wrong, I didn't take a million photos before getting this shot. This was the one and only shot I got of my gelato waffle. I snapped it once the waiter served it on our table. Their ice-cream melted really quickly on the waffle, & was flowing on the waffle when it was served. Honestly, the waffle was really disappointing, as it tasted of nothing but flour. The texture was similar to that of a bakery waffle, without the crisp. No taste of butter, no taste of pandan like those from the local bakeries in the heartland areas. I think I'll settle for just the ice-cream if I ever come back again. Overall, I feel that the ice-cream taste great, but perhaps, just give the waffle a miss. Ice-cream melts really quickly & you'll find yourself rushing through, trying to finish it up before you end up drinking the ice-cream instead. Price is reasonable, and ambience is good. Just beside the river, you get to enjoy the lights if you're going at night, great for a catch up with friends. However, service can definitely be improved. The waiters always seem to be pulling a long face, with very little words, giving a hostile feeling at times. But the great thing is that they do not chase you away after you're done with the ice-cream.Up at http://flightplayback.blogspot.com continue reading
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Bought a voucher from deal.com.sg for Carnival Sundae at $6.10 instead of $8.50. According to the deal description: Carnival Sundae - Mango gelato, strawberry gelato, Royal chocolate gelato, Kit Kat, M&M, marshmallow and cherry.I ordered plain waffle along with the Carnival Sundae as I doubt the sundae alone would suffice. While my bf was busy taking photographs, I sneaked tiny spoonfuls of the Carnival Sundae. The Mango gelato is not as intense as I'd have liked. The marshmallow and Kit Kat, however, gave a pleasant edge to the texture and taste. The gelato melted really quickly though. In less than 5 minutes, all that's left in the sundae glass was a pool of melted and mixed gelato - not very appealing. It was disappointing as we did not get to really savour the taste of each individual scoop. The waffle, on the other hand, was excellent! Crispy on the surface and so so so chewy! It tasted so perfectly good even without any maple syrup (which I usually always have my waffle with)! It was so amazing with the butter spread and melted over it. I was practically having a food orgasm! This is a Must-Try! I'm glad I bought the voucher in the end, else I might not have made the trip down and miss the yummy waffle!On a side note, the service is disappointing. Called for inquiries and the staff who answered,"How I know if there is still any ice cream left later? I cannot guarantee right?" when I simply asked if ice cream would still be available around 10-ish at night (I know some places stop serving them after a certain hour). When placing the order at the outlet, the staff asked "What waffle? We have so many types!" even though there wasn't really any queue and I was asking very politely... The seating area wasn't very clean either and since it's an alfresco, bound to have smokers around.Still, I recommend this place for the yummy waffle! Make sure to try it out! For the gelato and ice cream, there are many places that serves better quality.Photography by my bf - Shaun Valentino. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-03
We were craving for some dessert after lunch and decided to try out Haato's ice cream as it seemed quite tempting. We tasted a few flavours and eventually settled for Wildberry – a milky mixed-berries ice cream that's smooth and tasty. However, a downside was that the ice cream melted pretty quickly. Other notable flavours to consider include Rum & Raisin, Green Tea with Red Bean, and Royal Chocolate. For those looking for something lighter and more zesty, Yuzu Sorbet would be a good choice.At $3.90/small cup, it's quite a premium price to pay for a small portion. Would recommend getting their medium cup ($4.50) or large cup (2 flavours @ $5.50) for a more value for money deal.   continue reading
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Level2 2013-08-29
It was not easy to decide what to order because there were so many yummy options! Eventually, we ordered a Chocolate Fudge with Marshmallows ($8.50) to share. The presentation of the waffle look so attractive we could not wait to dig in!It is alfresco seating at Haato & Co and the wind kept the chocolate sauce that we were supposed to drizzle on the waffle flying. Nevertheless, we managed to devour this divine waffle without making a mess. The waffle was crusted on the outside and soft on the inside, making a perfect combination with the vanilla gelato. However, we felt that the gelato melted too quickly. We only left the place after a good solid 3 hours and that was probably the longest time I have ever sat down with friends by the riverside with some good waffles. continue reading
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