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It has been a long time since we last visit to the stall, perhaps five to seven years ago or probably even more. However, this is one of the kway chap stalls that is deeply ingrained in our memories. Something that can stay in a person memory is usually the best or the worst memory, and this is especially true when come to food.Well, the reason is straight forward; we don’t condone hawkers that are cocky and arrogant. Then, why are we back here again after so many years? Reason is that simple; we observed and found they have improved in the attitude, so we decided to give them a try.We ordered a mixture of braised pork, tau pok, intestine and eggs. The braised pork, tau pok, intestines and the heavenly braised eggs were still well marinated and soaked up all the essence of the gravy. The intestines were well cleaned and did not have the stench of the viscera parts. We especially love the braised eggs, the familiar nostalgia taste crept stealthily back into our taste buds when the egg was delivered in our mouth. The eggs were the first item we ordered and this is one of the die die must eat items from the stall. The flavour is simply zesty and luscious that is regrettable if you missed it out in your order.This is one of the better Kway chap that we have eaten.Interested to find out the Top Best 4 Kway Chap in Singapore? Please refer www.ieatandeat.com for details. continue reading
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Level3 2014-08-03
Many people don't or don't dare eat organs. But in the past, it was one of the poor people delicacies. Preparing organs takes much more effort than normal cut of meat.Washing, cutting and cooking the organs might take hours. However, the kind of fattiness and texture can't be find easily in other part of meat.This entire set only costed S$3.90! Super worth eating. Every single ingredient was fully flavored with the gravy (卤汁). One mouth of the guotiao (粿条), one mouth of the soup and finish with any of the stewed ingredient. Prefect!!!Some people might think stewing is the easiest to master among all the cooking methods. In the actual fact, stewing is one of the hardest to master. Within a pot, there are different ingredients. They have different rate of absorbing the gravy. Some are faster, others might take hours. Take for example this dish.Dried bean curds (豆干) might take less than a hour but the small intestines (小肠) might take more than 2 hours. The ability to control every single one of them to reach the same texture and the flavor of the gravy fully penetrate through take years of experience. That's why I love this dish. Everyone of them is just right! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)