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Bak Kut Teh Pork Leg
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Level4 2015-01-08
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/01/08/good-ter-kar-pig-trotters-lunch-han-jia-east-coast-lagoon-food-village-on-7jan2015/i didn’t have great ter kar (pig trotters) the last time at han jia bakuteh & pork leg, easy coast lagoon food village. 2 good friends took it upon themselves to convince me otherwise, so we had a 4pax lunch there on 7.1.2014. they felt that the trotters were overcooked & too soft at dinner time, and lunch time was the right time to try the trotters. there was a short queue, my friend bought lunch & ordered 1 trotter each. there goes my 10km jog! ^^ was it good? well, i couldn’t say it wasn’t. it was good.but was it any special? i didn’t think it was. i think the ones at ng ah sio bakuteh, song fa bakuteh were just as good, and same for lao ah tee, rong cheng etc. & the ones at 幸福潮州小食 pig trotter at whampoa market probably better in look & texture. the one i like most was at zion road hawker centre quite a while back, probably not there now. one friend who generally has a better palate than i said it was very “pang”, and indeed it was. i put it down to personal taste. for pork trotters, i like it to be “kar kar” where the meat texture, the bite is gelatinous. this was indeed less soft than the last & overall pretty ok, but not near the perfect gelatinous texture i like. if anything i prefer my own braised pig trotters – the colour, texture & taste, and here. anyway, it is a matter of personal preference. ^^ kidney & liver soup was good, not special also. taupok was average. i didn’t like the buay chai much, prefer the chai buay at teochew muay stalls better. overall it was a good lunch, good friends, cool weather, nice food. i always like ter kar though don’t eat that often, and 1 ter kar is a big large portion for 1pax. continue reading
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