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Level4 2015-11-08
The Hang Out Cafe is a cosy, affordable and unpretentious eatery which recently moved from Ang Mo Kio to NAFA Campus. I had previously dined at Hang Out several times when it was at Ang Mo Kio and was impressed with their quality of food and service.Being situated at a NAFA campus, Hang Out frequently runs affordable student promos! Do follow them on instagram or facebook to keep up to date!Their interior simple and yet you get a sense of comfort the second you waltz through the front door. Their AC does a great job of keeping you chill, since you probably walked either 5 minutes from Brash Basah MRT or like 7 minutes from Bugis MRT. Either ways, it is still a lot more accessible than it's previous Ang Mo Kio location.The dining area is pretty big and can cater to large groups. I made a reservation for a sunday afternoon at 12pm and I was glad I did. As I realized that the cafe was almost at maximum capacity. I'm guessing NAFA runs weekend enrichment classes for children as there were several families with young children all carrying a little bagpack!I like the honesty of this cafe, they label the desserts that are made in-house and even though this rainbow cake isn't made in-house, it's still a very pretty one! For the month of October they ran this promotion which I manage to take advantage of, during my first trip there!Their menu items range from breakfast like egg royale to spaghetti, pizzas, and even ribs!They also have a decent range of appetizers and a wide variety of drinks to go with. This is full-fledge cafe that cater to majority of the hipster crowd in this era! And Hang Out seems to be able to deliver well in any item you order!!1. Cheese Madness Fries (Large) $12.90This is their speciality in-house nacho cheese sauce with fries! I did notice a slight price increase for this item since their move from Ang Mo Kio, but I'm still glad that their portion justifies the price! The cheese here is so good, it's tempting to add the additional $2 for an extra portion of nacho cheese sauce. But take note, their fries are the soggy kind, not so much of the cripy fries. I'm a soggy fry lover and so this was right up my alley!2. Honey Crispy Wings (8pc) $12.90 *Highly Recommended*Next up! My no.1 favourite, their honey crispy wings must be infused with some of drug as these are most addictive fried chicken wings I've ever had. Everytime I visit Hang Out, I MUST order this! It's usually a death-match to get the last wing, with whichever group I've dine with at Hang Out! The exterior is so crispy and yet on the inside, the chicken meat is juicy and tender! It's a miracle wonder wing!3. Crab Meat Aglio Olio $14.90For a crab-meat aglio olio, it impressed me with the amount of crab meat used in this dish. This was a repeat order for one of my friends in my group and she's still addicted to this! There are chunks of crab meat along with little shreds of crab meat. It isn't too garlicky either, so you don't have to worry about your breath! The noodles were al dente but could be slightly softer. The noodles itself were very flavourful due to the sheer amount of crab meat used. It's impossible to twirl up some spaghetti noodles without have shreds of crab meat being stuck to the noodles!4. Piggy Back Ribs $18.90 *Highly Recommended*Next up we had the marinated Piggy Back ribs with truffles fries ($2.50 top up) and Mesclun Salad with Baslsmic Dressing. I actually enjoyed the fresh salad. It was a nice add to all my fried food for the day. The portion of the truffle fries were also just right. Just wished the fries had a stronger truffle taste and aroma.  The ribs itself were pretty tender and juicy. The bones were very thin and slender, as a result there was quite alot of meat to enjoy. I was actually pretty amazed at this dish as I wasn't expecting too much. Another surprise from HangOut cafe! You don't have to be expert at BBQ to sell good Ribs!5. Iced Green Tea Latte $7For $7, this is a pretty pricey iced green latte but it's probably one of the better ones I had, I could distinctively taste the green tea as well as the latte. It wasn't too sweet either, and when the ice melted, the drink wasn't tasteless either. 6. Hot Chocolate $5.50Their hot chocolate had quite a "kick" to it! I really liked this and at this price, it was a lot more affordable than the iced green tea latte, not to mention, pretty good satisfaction value too!7. Waffle with Ice cream (Thai Milk Tea and Hazelnut) $6.40 *promo *Highly Recommended*Since their move from Ang Mo Kio, Hang Out now has a bigger service counter and has now incorporated an ice cream display! As noted from the staff, they do not make the ice cream in-house, I'm sure if Hang Out had the time and resources to do so, they would probably want to make their own ice-cream flavours. But I do agree with their decision, so that they can focus on other core business functions like their really good waffles! These waffles were on a promotion at half price $6.40, made them a great steal! I got mine with Thai Milk tea and hazelnut, both ice cream flavours were very smooth and creamy. The thai milk tea was sweet and didn't taste artificial at all, it tasted like frozen thai milk tea! The hazelnut rocher tasted just like ferrero rocher ice cream! Both ice creams went well together with the crispy waffle. I also liked the staff's effort to create a "mickey mouse" with the ice cream on the waffle. Super cute! Great job guys!8. Butterscotch and Crunch Ice cream scoopAfter spending $40, you get a stamp that wins you a free scoop of ice cream and so I got this free single scoop of butterscotch and crunch. This butterscotch ice cream wasn't too sweet as you would've expected. Rather it was mildly sweet but each time I ate a crunch, the crunch itself seemed to be caramelized and tasted very sweet indeed!9. Humming Bird Cake $6.90This was an interesting cake introduced to me by the friendly counter staff. It is a mix of bananas and pineapple. It did have little cubes of pineapple in it and the cream in between the sponge layers seemed to taste like banana cream! A very interesting cake indeed! I definitely will get this again if I see it!10. Ondeh Ondeh Cake $6.50 *Highly Recommended*Another interesting find on my second visit to Hang Out Cafe. This ondeh ondeh cake had lots of coconut flakes all over it. It was also served with gula melaka sauce. The cream itself was thick and hard and the layers were moist. Definitely my no.1 cake choice here at Hang Out! For all coconut cake lovers, this is a must try!11. Rainbow Cake $9.90Their chocolate rainbow cake was so pretty and the owner Juliet, did a great job decorating the plate and even playing "Happy Birthday" song over their sound system in the cafe! This is superb customer service, you don't normally find in other cafes!The cake itself was good, my friends really enjoyed the chocolate layers as it was almost like eating "real chocolate" bars. The layers weren't too dry, but they were slightly drier in comparison to the ondeh ondeh cake. But eaten together with the chocolate syrup, it still tasted great!Verdict : I must say the owner Juliet and her team delivers some of the best cafe food in town along with superb customer service! continue reading
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Note: This review was written back in September 2014, when I attended Hang Out's grand opening. It was originally on Facebook, prior to me finding out about OpenRice. Photos used were obtained with express permission from Hang Out Cafe.AMBIENCE: 7/10Hang Out Café is nestled in a quaint neighborhood area at Ang Mo Kio, so keep an eye out! It can be quite easy to miss!A huge juxtaposition strikes you when you first step into the Café; its clean and minimalistic interior puts you right at home amidst the rather unimpressive neighborhood. The décor is artistic and modest, a break from the usual vibrancy of other café’s. The place does have rather limited seats though, so you might have to place reservations if intending to dine in a big group. Diners craving for some fresh air will be pleased to know that there are seats available outside the café!Do note though: the walls of the café are rather thin, so it can be hard to hear from across the table when the chatter levels start rising!------------------------------FOOD: 7/10Of course, food. Glorious food.I started off with the Hang Out Big Breakfast, a hearty plate of fresh forest salad, scrambled eggs, honey glazed ham & bacon, chicken sausages and mashed potato balls for those who insist on their hash browns.The ham and bacon were delicious, a skillful mix of sweet and savory. I would have enjoyed it better had the ham been thicker/juicier; though it’s just a matter of personal preference. The scrambled eggs are different from the ones I’ve tried before – more silky than runny/fluffy. Despite the new mouthfeel and texture experience, I had no difficulty gobbling them up in seconds. Oishi. Those who don’t enjoy their greens very much (hi-five!) would have no problem with the forest salad. The dressing (balsamic vinaigrette?) and cherry tomato slices added a touch of sweetness that had me patiently munching away on it. The chicken sausages (a slight grey color) were succulent and juicy, though nothing to write home about. My favorite part of the breakfast though, was the mashed potato balls. These little things packed a big potato punch that reminded me of hash browns, and lots of delicious things. YUM!I then had their chef recommended’s Bombastic Eggs! These babies consist of bacon, cheese and egg housed in thick bread slices shaped like muffins (Not an egg mcmuffin). My very first bite left me with mixed reactions; the bread was crusty and its taste seemed to overpower the other ingredients, until I took another bite with the egg yolk. I think smorgasbord would be an appropriate word here; the taste culminating in your mouth was sweet, eggy and savory all at the same time! This is definitely one for the adventurous, or those craving to introduce new and unique tastes to their palate.The Super Mario Pizza came next, a quirky name that I deduced to be related to mushrooms. Lo and behold, the thing was really MADE for mushroom lovers! It consists of mushroom slices, lots of cheese and their special house tuned paste. This was my favorite item of the menu; had I not been calorie conscious, the entire pizza would have been finished by me! I managed to grab two slices before some ninjas sneaked in and made off with the other four.I managed to grab a bite of their house wings as well, which comes in either honey or buffalo sauce. The honey variant was so-so; its taste was slightly overpowered by the sauce’s sweetness, and I quickly moved on to the Buffalo wings. The buffalo variant was coated in a sweet and slightly spicy sauce which I found out upon enquiry, to be another one of their unique house tuned sauces (secret recipe, just say lah…). For someone who isn’t a huge fan of spicy food, it was tasty enough for me to polish everything off to the bone.Last but not least, I had the Brownie with Vanilla Ice-Cream.I normally skip desserts because they’re sinful, but sometimes I let YOLO get the better of me. The brownie is made by their pastry chef Juliet, and it certainly is delicious! The texture is fluffy and melt-in-the-mouth, while the union of vanilla ice cream and chocolate is simply heavenly. Shiok! There are also berries accompanying it for that extra dose of fruity sweetness! Did I also mention that their hot teas (chamomile, lavender, earl grey, etc….) can be topped up with hot water free-of-charge?------------------------------CONCLUSION:With their unique menu and extensive choices, Hang Out Café is definitely a place you would want to watch out for! Whether you are a veteran café hopper or simple foodie, Hang Out will offer a range of novel dishes that will delight your palates!For more information, check out their very own Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hang-Out-Caf%C3%A9/729644860405486?fref=ts continue reading
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It's pretty quiet there with ample parking space because it's at Ang Mo Kio Blk 603! Yes, I love neighbourhood cafes (just like to-gather cafe at Bedok and Shrove Tuesday at Toa Payoh) because first, their service are usually better. Second, it's usually cozy and quiet. Third, parking wouldn't be too expensive/hard to find.We went on a Saturday noon, it was drizzling outside when we arrived. The entire cafe isn't very big, probably looking at 20-25ish seats. Not really recommended for big groups if you are walking in. Good news is, they do take reservations! Groups of 4 should already consider reserving.Best part about this cafe? No GST or Service Charge. L-O-V-E I-T. Since they are pretty new, here's the menu for you before you decide if you want to drop by. Anyway it's worth a try, so just go. Hahahhahaaa.Continue to read more @ http://www.pepperminter.com/2014/10/cafe-hangout-cafe-ang-mo-kio-avenue-5.html  continue reading
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Level1 2014-10-02
Located in the block of apartments right next to Calrose Garden, this little cafe was a surprise with its happy lights and cosy atmosphere. We were looking for a cafe that was open late as it was already 9:15pm. Rang the cafe up to get directions and the owner informed us that the dinner kitchen was closing at 9:30pm, but that she would hold the kitchen open a little later to accommodate us. Had a snack of the smoked salmon salad ($10) while my girlfriend had their creme brûlée. The salmon salad was huge and generous in both smoked salmon and their yummy balsamic dressing. It was the perfect snack to satisfy my late night craving. My girlfriend loved the creme brûlée. You can smell the sugar caramelising as they do it on the counter in front of you. In fact all their desserts looked beautifully executed. The next table ordered honey chicken wings. That was a sight!! The honey trickling from each wing!!! I'll be back to try the wings! Tip: if you're going for a late dinner, let them know and they'll be super kind to hold it open a little later continue reading
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Level1 2014-09-14
This cafe was previously called Burpz, but they changed their management which means a change in menu too. My boyfriend and I ordered  honey and buffalo wings mix , truffle fries and super mario pizza. Sadly I only managed to capture the picture of the super mario pizza. As I forgotten to take a picture of the fries and the wings. But I have to say that we were very very happy about our dinner. Everything was really nice. After our dinner we ordered dessert , a lemon tart. And the cream and tart went very well. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family and i'll definitely come back again    continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)