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Izakaya is a Japanese bar with variety of small plate dishes which include Yakidori, Sushi, Tempura and drinks like Sake and Beer. At HanSang Izakaya & Charcoal Barbecue diners can sit around the table top grill with friends and family, start with fresh Izakaya food from both Japan and Korea. continue reading
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Level3 2015-04-05
Situated in front of d'Good Cafe and diagonally across Haagen-Dazs, this restaurant offers both Japanese & Korean cuisine and, as the name states, charcoal barbecue.The alfresco dining area is perfect for barbecue as they do not have retractable pipes to absorb the barbecue smoke.At a corner is where the chef prepares the sashimi.Though many who visits came to enjoy their charcoal barbecue, I opted for other items in the menu as having barbecue in a Sunday afternoon doesn't seem a good idea to me.Yaki Gyoza (S$6.50/6pcs)Juicy pan fried dumplings. It taste good on its own without having to dip into the soy sauce.Doeji Bulgogi (S$18)Spicy pork. As we were not sure the spicy level so we asked for less spicy. Pork is tender and the thick gravy is so flavourful that you will be able to finish the whole bowl of rice.Side dishes are served with all set meals.Kimchi Jon (S$9) - smallKimchi and pork belly slice pancake. The pancake is moist and soft with crispy edges. Delicious and not spicy though I couldn't really taste the pork belly slices. Pleasantly surprised is that crispiness of the edges are still maintained even when the dish is a little cooled down.Shishamo (S$6)Grilled smelt fish. Fresh and not very fishy even without squeezing the lemon. continue reading
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Level3 2013-02-27
Nestled in one of Singapore's most happening night-spots, the multi-level Hansang's layout was a fusion of Western and native Korean, equipped with a sleek series of wooden furnitures and inviting ambience lights, with the real barbeque actions cooking up at the second storey. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love pork belly meat, despite all the high fats content and health risks and what's not, I mean, come on, life's too short not to enjoy. By that, self-control is definitely recommended when in Hansang, with all the high-grade wagyu beefs and pork slices, one would find it hard, but salivate constantly. Well, it's not wrong to pamper your taste buds with some Samgyupsal (S$25.00) once a while. These lightly seasoned pork belly slices sizzle at the touch of the grill. There are probably a hundred and one ways to savour the meat, but my prefered way of eating is none other than wrapping one or two slices with some garlic in the crispy lettuce, dipped it into chilli sauce and pop them into the mouth!If you are looking for something more fulfilling, why not try their classic Bibimbab (S$18.00), which consists of generous portions of meat slices, mushrooms and assorted vegetables, not forgetting the glorious egg. Jumble them up with your prefered sauce and you're good to go. Nothing special though. A good bowl of beef stew is set to warm one's body during the cold season. Although not usually the case in all-year-summer Singapore, beef stew with savoury broth and heaps of japchae (glass noodle) is still one of my favourite dishes when it comes to Korean cuisine. Smoke might be difficult to avoid as Hansang is not equipped with retractable pipes that suck in the barbeque smoke, prices are quite steep (spent about $50 per pax), other than that, Hansang is a good place to go if you're craving quality korean barbeque in a relaxing environment. continue reading
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Level4 2012-10-21
i always love korean side dishes! but this one is a bit quite few types given. the anchovies, mashed potatoes and red beans only. set meal: beef wrap rice and kimchi soupthe bulgogi beef is quite nice and tasty if eaten like that, but if wrap with the rice and vege then the taste is a bit bland already. for the kimchi soup, i always love this kind of spicy and sour soup so i think it's nice and warmy! continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-17
This Korean restaurant may not just have really delicious barberqued meat and dishes that are able to impress me, their different types of refreshing salads taste equally good as well! Love their apple salad which the different types of cut apples in it are very fresh and crunchy. The mayonnise sauce used in it is not too thick and goes very well with the crunchy apples. It is cooling and certainly good for your health as well. continue reading
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Level4 2011-08-20
I live relatively near Holland V and Hansang has been around for some time (ever since sushi tei closed down. Yet, prior to this visit, i never once step foot into Hansang. Why? Because of its location - in the middle of the windmill side and the Wala Wala side of Holland V. So before i can even reach Hansang, i would have gone into one of the restaurants or bars before it. To those who frequent Holland V and like me, have yet to patronise Hansang, please do. You will not regret it. Not only is the price relatively cheap (they often have promotions and if you don't order expensive things like wagyu beef you could easily get a satisfying meal at 15 dollars.3 of us shared a steamboat which came with noodles, vegetables and chicken. The nicest part of the steamboat was the soup. In fact, before we were half done with the ingredients, we did not have any soup left. One of the managers (or maybe she's the owner, im not sure) relented and let us have extra top up of soup for free even though this wasn't part of the menu. continue reading
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