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Level4 2017-12-06
Located some distance from the main street, the place was a far cry from the busy road. Here one could bring in pets into the cafe. One did not have to worry about own pets doing personal business around the place. The staffs were efficient to handle it easily. The menu covered quite a wide range from bento sets to western main courses to bingsu, as well as, items for doggies.Duck Leg Confit Aglio Olio (S$18)Spaghetti, Whole leg confit in its own fats topped, tossed with mushroom ragout and garlicky chilli oil The pasta was garlicky with a slight spicy taste. A bit too oily at bottom. The duck leg looked quite dry but the meat was quite tender and not too salty.Unagi Bento (S$23.90)Japanese style unagi, basted and grilled with in-house yakiniku sauce and served with rice, tempura prawn & miso soupI was surprised that the plain looking rice tasted like the chicken rice version of rice. It was garlicky and oily with hints of ginger. The eel was tender and flavourful. The tempura prawn was more like ebi fry as it was covered with crumbs instead of batter. It was light and crispy. Cornflake Chicken Cutlet (S$20)All time favourite!XXL juicy chicken thigh, coated with cornflake crumbs, honey mustardServed with coleslaw and wedges The serving was huge. Crunchy crispy crusted, inside the meat was thick and juicy.Black Sesame Bingsu ($14)Finely shaved ice, topped with black sesame powder, colorful mini mochi balls, and a scoop of  black sesame ice cream.Unlike the commonly available versions in Singapore, the version served here was not overly sweet, with the tiny mochi balls providing a chewy texture.If you are bringing your dogs over, don't forget to order items such as Furkid's Minced Pupcake ($6.50/ chicken)Contains carrot, oats, potato, eggFurkid's Minced Pupcake ($7.50/ lamb)Contains carrot, oats, potato, egg for them. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-20
With the gaining popularity in pet cafe in Singapore, I have decided to patronise one of the recommended cafe which is Happenstance cafe. This cafe is actually a dog friendly cafe whereby customers are allow to bring their dog along. As for their menu, it also offers menu for the pet if I'm not wrong. Apart from that, it also allow customer to create their own unique pasta from choosing the sauce, side dishes and type of cheese. I have created the pesto with capsicum, beans and mozzarella cheese pasta. The pasta itself is nicely cooked, not too dry. The pesto sauce goes very well with the pasta as well as the cheese. Lastly, the presentation is also very appealing. Apart from the main dish, I have also ordered the americano coffee which I think is well brewed and has a nice aroma. Overall quite a good experience at this cafe. Will recommend to all people with their pets !!  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
This pet cafe is at the stretch of shophouses in Bendemeer area, always full of furkids and human the whole day during the weekends!Golden Beer-battered Fish & Chips ($13.90+)The dory fish fillet was fried till golden brown with tender fillet inside and Black pepper was put on the fries to enhance the taste! Yummy! (You can choose to have rocket salad or fries) It was served on a black long tray instead of those normal boring plates which made the whole dish look very presentable - Especially the way they placed the fish n chips! Thumbs up for their creative effort!Pasta Creation For Furkid ($6.50+)Butterflies Pasta + Zucchini + Pork Meat! I really love the butterflies pasta, so pretty!!! It looked delicious... And this was the BEST food presentation for dogs i've seen so far! This was also the most well spend $ on the food for my furkid compared to other pet cafes!Overall Impression: So far this is the BEST Pet Cafe we have been to so far! Even if you do not own a pet but love pets, you can just come here for lunch or dinner and enjoy watching the furkids run about, very fun!From the presentation of food + food bowl + water bowl they used to serve for the furkid, we can see the owner of this cafe was very meticulous.As for the food, though it's not very fantastic, but i have to say this is the MOST better food quality compared to other pet cafes. Waiting time for the food was quite long but time passed quickly as we have so many lovely furkids there to focus on so this is not a big issue to us. For full review & photos, please visit:http://summerlovestoeat.blogspot.sg/2014/10/happenstance-cafe-dog-friendly-35-opal.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)