Happy Realm Vegetarian Food Centre is a Chinese restaurant that serves delectable dishes suitable for families and friends gatherings. continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-06
I only knew of this place when I surfed OpenRice for lunch options. With an adventurous heart, I set out to see, if this place still exist! Thank God they do (or my colleagues will kill me, from the long walk)!  If you know where Yangtze Cinema is (ahem! ), it's there, at Level 3. You can take the old old lift up since the escalator is constantly not working (never see it worked before). The restaurant is essentially "Buddhist-ic", with the unmistakable "Fo" hung on the wall. I ordered the "Three Mushroom Beehoon".  I had wanted to order this mushroom - "Bei Gu", but didn't know what mushroom it was, and didn't quite believe the waitress when she said it was the black one (which black one?!). Btw, the "aunty" waitresses were all very friendly.  Pretty dish right? Unfortunately, it was bland.  I was unsure if it was meant to be this way - probably healthy without MSG and all. I likened it to Loving Hut, a vegetarian restaurant that also serves bland food. Oh well, it was still acceptable as I simply regarded it as a healthy meal. My colleague said his Hor Fun was bland too (oops! ).The curry vegetables, on the other hand, was delicious!  It was rather light, so each bite did not incurred "weight" to the subsequent one. The place is air-conditioned, so people who breaks a sweat easily or folks on a diet can consider having their meals at this place. As for me, I need food with "taste".  Sorry! Total Cost: Three Mushroom Beehoon - $6 continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-14
Had lunch here the other day. Ordered a couple of dishes and one of them is this vegetarian assam fish as shown in the picture. It is quite good and quite delicious. The sauce is really tasty and the carrots and other vegetables in the dish is quite delightful. Really love the flavour and overall taste of this dish.The sauce also goes well with plain rice and can be eaten as it is. continue reading
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Lunched at Happy Realm Vegetarian Food Centre! We ordered the cauliflower and 'fish' which was actually just flour made to resemble fish meat. It was good! The cauliflower was very sweet and the sauce was very appetizing. Goes so well with our rice. The 'fish' is very nicely cooked to give it tenderness. The special sauce just made the 'fish' even more yummy. their bee hoon is good too! flavourful and addictive. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Treated my dearest mum for Mother's Day celebration today at this Vegetarian restaurant called Hapy Realm at Pearl Centre. It's the shopping centre nearest to Outram MRT station.This Vegetarian restaurant is actually our usual favourite place to eat and we would often patronize them for some special occasions like birthday. Sometime, we can also see monks having lunch there too. One of the many reasons for this restaurant to be our favourite is the reasonable price here, no GST or service charge is charged on the consumers. The waiting time for the dishes to be served is also not too long.Appetizer was served and it was a plate of fries with peanuts. The fries was way too additive to stop eating. It's not like the western french fries but instead it taste with a mix of sweet and sour. We ordered a jar of Chrysanthemum tea which was not too sweet with a mild Chrysanthemum taste in the mouth after drinking it. Great to quench our thirst on a hot weather today. For the dishes, we ordered claypot ma po tou fu ($7), kang kong ($6), fried dumplings ($5) and yam basket ($15) and three bowls of rice and wet tissue. Total cost is $40.80.Our favourite is their claypot ma po tou fu. The tou fu is so smooth and soft, it melts in the mouth like eating bean curd. The sauce and mushroom is a perfect match to this dish too. The Kang Kong with belachan chili is another must order dish. It is not too spicy and crunchy with every bite. As for the fried dumpling, we are kind of disappointed. Previously, the fillings are rich, but today, it seems like they have forgotten to add the fillings, can only taste the crispy skin with the tomato sauce. As for the yam basket, the standard has drop too compared to our previous visit probably because we usually order a big one but we only order a small one today. The strong taste of the yam is not there. Luckily, the mix of corn, capsicums, vegetable, carrot, mushroom are still there. Overall, this vegetarian restaurant would still remain as my family's favourite place to eat and the vegetarian dishes are so good that one actually won't crave for meat when eating here. continue reading
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