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Hard Rock Cafe was the brain child of Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton - two shaggy-haired Americans who just wanted to find a good American burger while living in London. They opened up their own American style diner, naming it Hard Rock Cafe.Today, they have over 175 Hard Rock locations in 55 countries. continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-20
Full review - http://midas400.blogspot.com/2016/03/dinner-at-hard-rock-cafe-orchard.htmlMet up for a birthday dinner treat for Dec sista. We picked this place as it has 1 for 1 main course deal on The Entertainer App, and also it has been many years since we visited it. The restaurant still looks the same with that vintage Cadillac hanging atop the entrance.The usual Rock inspired decor theme with all kinds of electric guitars lining the walls, and various music memorabilia from some of the greatest Rock legends.We ordered a main course each and one appetizer dish for sharing. But first, some refreshing mocktail drinks to start the dinner off proper. Mango Berry Cooler $13++ each.Buffalo Wings $17++, served with blue cheese dip and raw carrot and celery sticks. They were nicely done and pretty addictive to much on.For my main course, it's the Hickory BBQ Ribs (full rack) $34++, served with coleslaw and fries. The ribs were delicious, meat was tender and well flavored with smoky hickory sauce.Other mains ordered were Hickory Smoked BBQ Combo $36++ (Ribs, Chicken & Pulled Pork), and Bacon & Cheese Wagyu Burger $32++. Both were well received by the girls.Hard Rock Cafe is still the place to go to for classic American food. Despite being in operations for over 25yrs in SG, food quality and service are still well maintained. It's not a bad choice for friends to hang out over yummy food and drinks, while listening to Rock music. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-31
Hard Rock Cafe is probably one of the oldest restaurants in this area - it's been here ever since I was a kid but I've never once tried the food before. Since it's Christmas Eve, most restaurants do not take reservations but surprisingly Hard Rock Cafe did.We ordered a Nachos to share and just when I thought "how wrong can you go with nachos", the one I had here was really quite bad. The Nachos were not crisp at all and felt like it's been left out for a long time. Some bits were even too hard to bite. It was rather disappointing, really.I also decided to try the Legendary 10oz burger. The fries were pretty good - very salty and addictive. But the burger was another letdown. The beef patty wasn't marinated very well and had quite a strong beefy taste to it. It's not the driest burger I've had, but I thought it was rather bland as it didn't come with any sauces at all.Overall, the food wasn't great and the atmosphere of the place feels like a sleazy bar with a very bad live band. I definitely will not be re-visiting this outlet anytime soon. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-29
Although the exterior of the restaurant venue looks run down, the interior seems rather well-kept. It was almost as if you were brought into a different world upon entering.The aircon was on full blast and it was really cold, I wonder if how cold the restaurant was contributed to how fast the food got cold so quickly. The service was really good because the waitress, Geraldine, actually told us that she wouldn't recommend that we order more as she thought it would be enough. Though we weren't quite as full as we thought we'd be after the meal, I think it was rather good of the waitress to recommend what she did instead of just silently recording all the orders. There was also a manager walking around and checking on all the tables--I got to say the service is probably one of the best I've had in Singapore in recent months.The portion wasn't as big as I thought they may be--it might have shrunk down from the typical American portion to cater to the Asian crowd, but it's still decently huge.Ribs and Pulled Pork Combo.There are many ways that you can order the ribs and we decided to try the ribs and pulled pork combination so that we could taste the best of both worlds. The food, unfortunately got cold quickly, but I'd have to say the ribs were better than the pulled pork. The pulled pork was served on top of a slice of bread, but it wasn't particularly savory and felt a tad dry.For an add-on of about $5, you could add on the salad. We ordered the Caesar Salad and it was tossed nicely. I'd say it's a very worth it ad-on and it paired nicely with our main course.We wanted something small for dessert as we had a sweet tooth--the presentation surprised us as the cheesecake was served in a small cup and it was literally cream cheese with a tiramisu-like powdery top. The way they draped the chocolate syrup on the interior and along the glass did add points to the presentation. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-12
It was pretty big piece of salmon that was served to me with steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes. Big portion is always expected when you are at hard rock cafe. So take note that it can be good to share. The grilled side of the salmon is soft and well marinated. The grilled taste was there and it was very nice. Underneath the grilled side, the salmon skin was crispy and good too. If you like salmon, this dish is highly recommended. The only problem is that the restaurant tend to get a little noisy. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-30
Ceasar salad here at Hard rock cafe is really nice as the chicken that is added in the salad adds a nice taste anf flavor to the salad. The salad is also mixed in a cajun flavored sauce and this dish has other ingredients such as shredded cheese, tomato, fresh lettuce and of course the fried chicken cubes. Love this salad and portions are huge making irt great for sharing. try the onion rings too which are really crispy and aromatic. The nachos are also great for sharing as the portions are big. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)