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Harry's first opened at Boat Quay, which has since grown to operate 26 outlets targeted at the PMEBs (professionals, managers, executives and businessmen). Each outlet is equipped with flat screen televisions, making for a comfortable live sports viewing. The use of wood in the interior design creates a warm and cosy environment. Harry’s also offers its own brew – the Harry’s Premium Lager. continue reading
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I couldn’t believe it when Openrice invited me for a food tasting session at Harry’s! After all, it was only my first week of induction into the community. Kudos to Reka for being such an amazing and chatty host, as well as other members of the Openrice team whose names I have forgotten.Harry’s always had a rustic charm to its décor, so I was rather surprised to see postcards and other travel-inspired furnishing decking their walls. It was a rather refreshing change from the classic look!First up, was the Fish Cracklings, which reminded me of a rather tasty fish cracker snack from the past (if anyone can give me the name, I will personally send you an email to thank you). The fish cracklings were delightfully crunchy and had the right amount of saltiness to go with it. The best way to enjoy the cracklings however, was to dip it with the accompany Garlic Mayo sauce, which was mild and garlic(ky). Upon further enquiry, I found out that the ‘fish’ in question was eel. Eels are fishes too right?Next were the Crab and Potato Cakes; cute little golden-brown pillows crowded around a pool of chilli sauce which they would soon be bathed in for devouring. The cakes were surprisingly fluffy, with a very strong flavorful of crab and a subtle hint of potato. The chilli sauce, though not very spicy, did not disappoint with its tinge of sweetness from the inclusion of tomato. Had it not been for the price ($19 for 6 pieces!), I would have considered ordering another plate for myself!No bar experience would ever be complete without chicken wings, and Harry’s is brilliant enough to deliver wings that are quite simply put – delicious. For some strange reason, I compared the wings to the McWings served at well…. McDonald’s. Let’s face it; everyone loves anything from McDonalds, and McWings are heavenly. No, I’m not asking you to bring your own McWings and skip Harry’s Wings, for the portions here are definitely bigger! The homemade chili jam (a rather funky name for sambal sauce) adds a local spicy kick to it – and for that, I’m going to give this dish a thumbs up.Harry’s then treated us to a pint of their Harry’s Premium Lager, which I joyfully gulped down my throat. The beer was nothing out of the world, but its slight notes of malt and mild bitterness makes for an enjoyable drink for patrons.Jalapeno Steak Sliders came after the beer; three mini burgers that I knew I could take on in under a minute. Strips of steak served with cheese, jalapeno and chili were housed between the soft and glazed buns. I could have devoured the entire thing in one mouthful, but decided to take a small chomp instead to maintain my dignity in the presence of other esteemed guests. “Oishi” I muttered to myself, and it was gone in the next 5 seconds. The burgers weren’t especially spicy, but carried a tinge of heat that is always welcome for people who can’t take spicy food.Chicken Masala came next, with a heap of charcoal bread accompanying it. Initially, I thought that the contents in the bowl was curry, but soon found out that it was thick gravy infused with aromatic spices and chicken chunks. The chicken was surprisingly tender and had a chock-full of flavor thanks to the gravy. The bread however, tasted rather bland by itself, and had to be dipped into the gravy before actually tasting good. An excellent dish foiled only by the mediocre bread.Perhaps the only disappointing dish on the menu – Crabmeat Spaghettini. The portions were generous but that didn’t justify the lacking flavor of the tomato base. I had expected a tangy taste when I had my first serving, but a rather weak and diluted tomato flavor followed instead. The crabmeat was also less than stellar, but managed to be the saving grace for the dish. Harry’s need really work on this dish if they want to keep it on the menu.I enjoy all kinds of alcohol, and the Dirty Harry certainly appealed to my sugar tooth! Served as a complement to the big plates (chicken masala and crabmeat spaghettini), this mixture of vodka, brown sugar, lychee liqueur, zesty lime wedges and cherry lychee at the top, added some well-deserved sweetness to the savory feast.What dining experience would be complete without dessert? For our last dish, we had the Toffee Apple Crisp Tart, which was the perfect ending to the food tasting session. Apple slices lying atop crust pastry, coated with salted caramel sauce and a topping of vanilla ice cream. Each bite was chewy and had a soft velvety mouth-feel unlike a usual crust pastry dish. The caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream only makes it so much more sinful.This concludes my review for Harry’s Bar, and I would once again, like to thank Openrice and Reka for giving me this wonderful opportunity to experience being a food taster. Be sure to check out Harry’s Bar! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Halo, bar goers! I'm sure everyone knows about Harry's Bar when it comes to Happy Hours, but are you aware that Harry's Bar is not just a bar? Harry's Bar at Clark Quay has recently launched an all-new menu with 50 over items! I am honored to be invited by Reka from OpenRice for a food tastingHarry's at Clark Quay, with a travel-themed has a warm & cozy ambiance Heehee... so true!Wefie while waiting for food to be servedThe tasting started off with Harry's Premium Lager beer ($13) followed by some small platesThe crispy Fish Cracklings ($13) served with aioli dip is super addictive I can't stop munching on itCrab & Potato cakes ($16 for 6pcs). Packed with generous amount of shredded Blue swimmer crab meat and mashed potato served with Sriracha tomato dip. This proves to be a hit among the small plates Harry's Signature Wings ($13 for 6pcs, $19 for 10pcs), coated with secret recipe spices and served with homemade chili jam. The wings on it's own taste a little tom yum to me thou =DJalapeno Steak Sliders ($13 for 3). The Mini burgers with tender beef strips and charred bell peppers, served with Jalapeno cheese sauce. Surprisingly, it doesn't have the cheesy taste at all. By now, we were being served with Harry's Signature drink, Dirty Harry ($16). Concoction of Vodka, brown sugar and lychee liqueur with a dash of zing from freshly cut lime wedges, served with a sweet canned lychee. Super delish and the brown sugar adds a hint of crunchiness to the drink. Since Sam doesn't drink, I can't be more glad to help her finish up her's.Up next, the big plates (main dish). Chicken Masala $23, served with charcoal bread. Ain't a fan of Indian food served outside since my Indian friend's mum is a superb cook, but the Chicken Masala served at Harry's tasted as good as home-cooked dish. Charcoal bread served at the side is also soft & fluffy. Definitely a dish I would order on my next visit Crabmeat Spaghettini ($23). It is supposed to be spicy but I couldn't taste a single hint of spiciness. Also, it was way too watery to even taste the tomato nor the crab flavorAfter the main dish comes dessert. Toffee Apple Crisp Tart ($14), with thinly sliced apple on crust pastry, drizzled with salted caramel sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream. The dessert doesn't impress me as the pastry is rather tough. Texture of ice cream feels & taste more like clotted creamLast but not least, dessert was paired with a sparkling Cinzano Prosecco ($13.50) wine to end the dinner on a sweet note. Wefie again =) Don't say I bo jio ok! If you want to be invited to awesome food tasting, join OpenRice now! Fooling around with the props while waiting for group picture to be taken. This prop is just so me! Group picture (*picture credit to Reka)Thank You, Reka for the invite.I will definitely be back for more =)Harry's Bar3D River Valley Road, #01-01Singapore 179023Tel: 6338 7331Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday & Non-weekend Public Holiday: 12 pm to 1 amFriday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday: 12 pm to 3 am continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2015-06-08
Hi fellow foodies, i was fortunate to be invited for a food tasting by OpenRice Singapore @ the newly revamp Harry's Clarke Quay.Invitation was for dinner with Alcoholic drinks served to pair with their delicious food sampling of their new menu, which consist of "Small Plates" (Appetizers), "Platters" (Entrée), "Big Plates" (Mains) and dessert.Harry's Clarke Quay consist of both indoor and outdoor dinning concept. Upon arrival at the main entrance i was greeted with the outdoor sitting area. Looks like any other outdoor pub nothing to shout about. But once inside i was greeted with a long bar and behind are rolls and shelves of various bottles of liqueurs & liquors. With clever play of lighting, it immediately put me into the Mood. (Chill Mood) hehe.The interior consist of mainly dark oak wood, with warm lighting. Sort of like some old British Pub but with a modern twist.Anyway let's fast forward to the Highlights of the evening. Food Tasting! The revamp food menu is Modern European with Asian Twist and for tonight's food tasting, we will be tasting some of their more popular dishes.First we were served samples of their popular "Small Plates" which consist of Harry's Signature Wings, Fish Cracklings and Crab & Potato Cakes.Fish CracklingsThe crispy Fish Cracklings (Eel skins) served with their very own house spice mixed aioli which taste of garlic, olive oil and mayonaise. I could just eat it on it's own all day watching my favourite Korean Dramas.Harry's Signature WingsNext came their signature crispy chicken wings which was serve hot. I like the hint of spicyness on their marinates but Harry's brought it up one notch with their signature home made "Chilli Jam". Shiok is the word coming out of my mouth when i tasted the wings dipped in that sauce. You have been warn, its hot and spicy.Crab & Potato CakesLastly the Crab & Potato Cakes sampler from their small plate items. Its like your version of Begedil (Deep Fried Potato), only more high class lah. Because it has lots of finely shredded crab meat inside the fillings. It has a light crunch, hot and served with Sriracha tomato dip. Yummy!By then I'm starting to perspire with all that chilli jam and spicy sriracha dips and someone answered my prayers. HaHa. Ice Cold Beer! Harry's Premium LagerThis is Harry's very own signature house brewed premium beer. It is smooth with light fruity taste and definately paired very well with the "Small Plates".Next up is the "Platter" (Entrée)Jalapeno Steak SlidersWe were only serve one sampler from the Platter Menu and it's one of Harry's more popular item in the entrée. The steak in the 3 sliders were juicy but i would wish that my buns are more toasted and more generous with the creamy Jalapeno cheese. Overall it was a good dish, value for $$$ and also paired very well with Harry's Premium Lager.Next Stop "Big Plates" (Mains)We were presented with 2 main courses. "Crabmeat Spaghettini" and "Chicken Masala".Crabmeat Spaghettini Unfortunately it was one of my least favourite food served. The pasta tasted rather bland for me and also the fine shredded crabmeat is just too fine to really taste it. I would have prefer the sauce to be more punchy with more tomato puree and chunks of luscious crab meat  instead. Btw the menu says it is toasted with pine nuts and fresh cut chilli, but I don't remember tasting any of it.Chicken MasalaAhhh.... a much better choice compare to the Crabmeat Spaghettini. It comes with toasted charcoal bread to dung into the gravy and my oh my, the richness and flavourful spiced gravy just soak up the bread. Couple with the chunks of tender chicken meat, and i must say it was definately the winner. Slurp Slurp.Dirty HarryHarry's ClarkQuay knew that all that rich food and spices will take a toll on our taste buds and presented us with a cocktail call "Dirty Harry" to pair with the 2 mains.It is one of their signature cocktail of vodka and brown sugar with lychee liqueur and slice of lime. A very nice cocktail good for sipping on a lazy hot afternoon at some beach holiday resort. Do take note it is a rather strong cocktail. But i prefer if i have a choice to mixed it with fresh lime juice to give it some kick. Something like Calamansi with vodka. hehe.After the Big Plates went by, I was starting to feel alittle kick coming from the alcohol effects. I was going into full chillout mood. HaHa.The last food tasting item for the night. Dessert time!Toffee Apple Crisp TartIt contains thin slices of apple on a crisp flatbread crust with caramel and served with vanilla ice cream. It was also another one of my least favourite item served. Nothing to shout about for me. The crust was hard probably because of the caramel sauce soaked into it for some time and the vanilla ice cream taste soso. Overall it was quite a boring dessert for me.Harry's Clarke Quay served us each a glass of fruity Moscato to pair with the dessert. Somehow didn't work for me. It's like Sweet Vs Sweet equals overly sweet ending for me.There you have it. My "in your face" food tasting review of Harry's ClarkQuay and their new revamp food Menu.In conclusion, Harry's new revamp menu sure looks interesting and most of their items are priced in the mid range between $13 to $23. Recommended ones in my opinion are the "Small Plates", "Chicken Masala", Jalapeno Steak Sliders (Pls give me my cheese) more creamy Cheese sauce plssss and Harry's Premium Lager to wash them all down.Thank You Harry's for the food and hospitality, and Thank You OpenRice Singapore for organising it. Cheers. Hic.. Ops.. excuse moi. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2015-06-07
It was a great honour to be part of this Food Tasting organized by OpenRice and definitely I had a great night with the different food tasters, of course with some of the familiar faces from the previous food tasting sessions! Harry's Clarke Quay outlet, which is directly opposite the prominent location of Harry's Riverside Point introduced a new concept, with over 50 new dishes. And that very night, we managed to tried out 8 dishes as well as 3 different beverages as part of the tasting. We started off the night with a mug of Harry's Signature Premium Lager (3.5/5) as well as the Fish Cracklings (3.8/5). I personally thought that the Fish Cracklings was the best Small Plate that we tried that night. Fish Cracklings have the same concept as Fish Skin or rather Salmon Skin that we usually get at Dim Sum and Japanese Food Joints. But, this Fish Crackling stands out, with the portion being reasonable for the price, as well as the dip which made the dish one that people will not forget. Next up, we tried the Harry's Signature Wings (3.0/5), served with a sambal chilli sauce that was claimed to be very popular in Harry's. Heard from the PR of Harry's that they once removed the chilli dip from the menu last year and the customers were quite upset about it and requested it to be back on the menu. Personally find that the wings are very normal, definitely comparable with the ones served at coffeeshop. Let alone comparing it with the ones at IKEA. As for the chilli dip, I thought that it wasn't really that good either. We continued with the last small plate of the night, Crab & Potato Cakes (3.2/5). This dish is also very normal, the amount of crab is definitely justifiable, but personally cannot savour the taste of the potato, thus I would call this dish a Crab Cake instead of Crab & Potato Cake. My opinion will be to add more potato bites, as well as some special ingredients such as chestnut or something crunchy so that the dish will be able to stand out better. Especially for the price of $19/6pcs, customers will definitely be looking forward to something much better. It was also served with a chilli dip, and I thought that this one tasted like the garlic chilli served at McDonald's. Anyways, personally will prefer this chilli dip over the sambal one. Next up we had the platter of the night - Jalapeno Steak Sliders (3.7/5). Personally loved the way the toothpicks are designed and the serving size of the sliders is also just nice. Acccompanied with capiscums and sauce, the steak slides were of a great combination. Though, I thought that the Steak could be much better, it was too stiff. Otherwise I thought this sliders were good. For the Big Plates that will be featured in the next few pictures, we were advised to accompany them with a cup of Dirty Harry (3.9/5). Dirty Harry is a verson of lychee liquor with apple slices. It tasted really refreshing, with especially with the Chicken Masala. Chicken Masala (4.2/5)! I thought that this was the best Big Plate amongst the two that we tasted. The charcoal bread was tard normal, same goes for the curry. But, the chicken on the other hand was surprisingly good. It was soft and well cooked, and I can have a whole bowl to myself. Suggestion would be to change the charcoal bread to something that has a more flavourful kick so that it can go well with the curry. Our last main for the day - Crabmeat Spaghettini (2.5/5). We were all looking forward to this dish and we had high expectation, especially for the spaghettini. But it turned out to be one of the worst dish we tried tonight. The amount of crabmeat is justifiable, but the size of the crabmeats is too small and as for the spaghettini, it was much overcooked and the combination of the crabmeat pieces and speghettini doesn't gives its customer a instant WOW, but rather a turn off. Personally find that this dish have lots of room for improvement, especially for a price of $23. Nonetheless, the portion is really huge. Personally was expecting to try out the Baked Chocolate Cake, but it ended up with this Toffee Apple Crisp Tart (2.1/5). Expect to receive something much better than this for a price of $14. The portion is too small and there is nothing special about this dish. Although I agree that the toffee hint was there, but the tart isn't crispy at all and it was too tough! As for the scoop of ice cream, there isn't any thing special about it, and it was just plain vanilla ice cream. Suggestion will be to remove this dish from the menu. All comments and suggestions made were based solely on my opinion, which I have acquired on the day of the Food Tasting. Other than the food, I thought that the ambience of the place needs to improve as well. The corner seats were too dark, there were just two lights shining down and seems like there are water leakages everywhere. Also, staff needs to be more alert of the surrounding and customers need. We have to prompt the staff before ice water was served. Its the basic to serve ice water before the meal and also, we have to prompt the staff to change our plates, although its very obvious that our plates needed to be change. Such meiticulous things will make the restaurant service stands out. All in all, I thought that Harry's Clarke Quay will be a good place to relax and have a cup of wine or two. But not for its mains. Its too unworthy for the quality of food and service.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2015-06-04
Singapore’s most well established dining and bar chain, Harry’s, has launched a brand new menu. At its latest outlet in Clarke Quay, the interior design takes inspiration from Harry’s travels and adventures around the world. Harry’s is also a great place for live sports viewing while enjoying the night. The pretty interior Starting off with Fish Cracking, the fish skin are tossed with spices and accompanied with garlic mayonnaise to make it more savoury with the aromatic touch. Made with Eel skin, these cracklings are crispy and doesn’t go soft even after we left it for 1 hour.Harry’s Signature Wings, our hot favourite. With Harry’s own homemade chilli jam, the wings are much more savoury. The homemade chilli jam taste like the chilli sauce you get when you order nasi lemak, but the difference is that this chilli jam is much more spicier. Despite having a low tolerance for spicy food, this chilli jam just makes me crave for more.Next up is the Crab and Potato cakes. This dish has a strong hint of lemon grass. So people who has a liking for lemon grass will definitely love this dish. Together with their sweet chilli sauce, it is definitely deliciousThis Jalapeno Sliders are small bite sized burgers. The meat and seasonings are tasty, but just not to my liking as the pepper doesn't go well with the meat inside.Dirty Harry. Vodka with lime and lychee mixed with brown sugar, to give it the fruity taste. It is indeed refreshing and goes well with the platters.No, those look like charcoal but they're not. This dish is Chicken Masala, a pot of curry chicken accompanied with bread that looks like charcoal. Toffee Apple Crumble. the crumble are abit hard to bite, with apple slices spreaded across the base. Topped with Vanilla ice cream, it is a perfect dessert to end off your meal. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)