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http://static2.sg.orstatic.com/UserPhoto/photopending/0/FC/00314BABF913CBC6B95E90c.jpgThis little quaint cafe is one of the many gems that still remain undiscovered. I haven't seen many people visiting it, nor many photos of it. Perhaps because of its price, because it was rather pricey, but it comes at a justified cost. I ordered the white truffle ravioli, and expected perhaps a little more than the usual standards, because of its price. But it was all worth it. The pasta was cooked just right, and the filling within was impeccably delicious! It was a fine mixture of truffles, cream and some type of garnish which brought out the fragrance of it all. Every bite was a little piece of heaven! Their desserts were good too, but most of all, its the sort of place where you want to enjoy a slow brunch with your girlfriends and talk for hours. I love it that there wasn't too many people so there is no pressure to finish your meal and leave! Nope. This is a great place to chill and have those good long catch-ups. The waiters were really friendly as well, always refilling our cups with a smile, and they never attempted to pressure us to leave. Lovely place, great food, I highly recommend it! continue reading
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Level4 2011-10-01
Had dinner at Heart Bistro and I must say I really had a great experience! Their staf is always so friendly and always smiling. Such a joy to have your meal surrounded by nice people, lifts your mood too! Excellent service. I tried their Bircher muesli and salmon tartare, and boy, they were good. Could really taste the freshness in the ingredients and the texture was very balanced. Great job, Heart Bistro! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
They started our dinner with a shot glass of fruit blend and I must say it's nice and refreshing, good marketing ploy too as 2 friends got themselves a Nice & Green and Red Defender. They said it was good. I'll take their word for it. Between the 4 lovely ladies, we conquered: 1) Crabmeat Pasta - generous peppery crab meat over al Dente pasta. The pepper taste is strong so you need to be prepared. 2) Angelhair Pasta - this one by comparison is tasty but light. I could have eaten 4 plates of this and still feel wonderful! This only meant the serving of this dish is small. 3) Beef Cheeks - a sizable piece of tender slab of beef that's well cooked and very tasty. Served over potato mash that's also very yumz. 4) Sake Cod - ok serving of fresh and very tasty cod. I mean, it's COD! How to go wrong?!? 5) Duck Confit - we expected a piece of rather dry meat but were pleasantly surprised with very tender and very full-flavoured 6) Chocolate Brownie - nice bits of nuts in a healthy-tasting piece of cake. Light but still very nice 7) Lava Cake - a little disappointed as I thought I'll like Lava cake more. Maybe the small lava cake was a let-down but I guess I wasn't wowed by the taste as well. As it's not in a popular shopping mall, the mall lights were partially turned off from 9pm so good for the tables of couples wanting a EVEN more romantic setting. Not likely a place I'll return without our 30% discount but definitely a place to recommend for folks wanting a romantic spot and healthy eats. continue reading
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Level3 2011-08-16
Three of us ordered the Brunch set at S$33 ++ each, comprising of starter, main, dessert with coffee or tea. This is a generous serving of "starter of five" from one of our Brunch set, which kept our stomachs from growling ;p The breads are warmed and we love warm bread! Not forgetting the 3 bottles of assorted jam and butter ...My choice of 'roasted snapper with baby spinach, edamame in a ginger broth'The menu doesn't state that the roasted snapper comes with rice and I am rather amused when the server placed chopsticks and spoon on my table. lol ~ I was still thinking that it could be a mistake of utensils until food is served.The fish is fresh and there are sufficient spinach and edamame to my liking ... And I feel good and 'less sinful' on calories intake after the meal ;p'Braised beef cheeks' and 'seafood penne with tomato and pesto sauce' tasted good too 'sticky date pudding' and 'warm chocolate yoghurt brownie with a scoop of ice-cream'.'fruit sorbet with fresh fruits' and coffee and tea On the other hand, the desserts are not that memorable but they do taste not bad. Well, we can't ask for the sky for the brunch price paid. Lazing there with coffee and tea after the meal and chatting away with the right people is definitely a good Sunday spent And yes, I love to return again to try more dishes! continue reading
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Level4 2010-10-06
Initially, our intention was just to order mains from the ala carte menu. But we had a change of mind when we saw the weekend brunch ($32++ for 3 course) cuz it’s more value for money.I’ve been craving for real, feel-good food like bircher muesli these days, so much so that I’ve been making my own quickie version at home. And that’s why I was delighted to see that Heart Bistro offers homemade bircher muesli! Definitely tasted better than mine, creamy and moist with lots of grated apple, nuts and berries~This is my first time trying the Myanmar inspired pickled tea leaves with ripened tomatoes and mung beans and it caught me by surprise. I thought it’ll be a mild salad but no, no. It’s a mishmash of textures and strong flavours: spicy, salty and tangy all at once. Thumbs up for this.For mains, I had the roasted black cod with baby spinach and edamame from the ala carte menu (additional $6++). The oily fish was moist and tender but the highlight was the ginger broth, incredily light and aromatic. Soba purists will probably wanna stone me when I say that I had a side of soba noodles to soak in all that pure heart-warming consommé~ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)