With a menu inspired and designed by Hediard Paris chef Vincent Carayon, customers get a unique Parisian taste in Singapore. One can enjoy quality rest with unique tea blends from the four corners of the world. Hediard Cafe-Boutique is also available for private dinner and cocktail parties. continue reading
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With a rich heritage of 160 years of tradition and know-how, the house of Hédiard excels in exceptional gastronomical products and creations. The cafe-boutique serves exquisite brunch, dessert and a wide selection of teas, and the French Gourmet Gifts Boutique.We wanted something more filling so we went for Eggs Bénédicte where we were served with 2 poached eggs on toast with Parma ham, shaved parmesan and hollandaise sauce. The egg benedict tasted great with the egg yolk snoozing out.I also ordered the Café Gourmand. It comes in a mini-platter of exquisite delicacies of the day together with a cup of black coffee. I actually top up a little more and change it to hot chocolate. The delicacies include:1 Marzipan1 Fruit Jelly2 macarons1 Orangette (orange peel coated with chocolate)I love macaron the best.If you happen to pass by Tanglin Mall, do pop by Hediard Café-Boutique for a look. continue reading
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Being a lover of anything French, I was glad to finally be able to try the food here, with a very dear friend *Pamelyn. Hediard is also a boutique French grocery store, offering lots of gourmet necessities as well as other rare / exotic creations. The cafe held an understated elegance in its simple red and brown tones, soothing to the eyes but sophisticated to the feel.My Black Truffles High Tea Set came with an assortment of 6 savoury and sweet items, all containing black truffles, as the name implies - Truffle Tarama Toast, Truffle Creamy French "Oeufs Brouilles", Truffle Artichoke Heart, Truffle torchon Foie Gras toast, Truffle Honey Pannacotta and Truffle White Chocolate Maracon.The Tarama is a pink fish roe, olive oil and lemon juice appetizer, similar to pate in texture, except that it comes with the fishy sweetness of what it's made of. Buttery and rich, it goes very well with the tender truffle slice and crispy toast.Artichoke Heart was a paste made of artichoke as the name goes, a lovely texture that makes one think of matcha ice-cream or wasabi, but tastes nothing like that, of course. It has the light, grassy fragrance of artichoke, paired beautifully with olives and cherry tomato for a burst of flavors.The Truffle and White Chocolate Macaron was unique, but the flavor of white chocolate was very discernible while the truffle was not. The macaron was sweet, with a lovely crust and thick cream.Then the Truffle Pannacotta - my first time having truffles in a sweet form. The creamy pannacotta had the texture of liquid silk, sliding easily along the tongue; the entire dessert is lovely, and the truffle while making its presence very prominent sitting atop the pannacotta - had not much impact against the saccharine flavor.Last but not least, the Truffle Creamy French "Oeufs Brouilles" - scrambled eggs, actually. They were fluffy and creamy in flavor and texture, wonderfully enhanced by the unique, piquant flavor of black truffles.Finally, the Truffle Torchon Foie Gras Toast- melting in the mouth in a mush of deliciousness, along with crumbs of the crackling good toast.For full review and more photographs, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/02/afternoon-at-hediard-french-cafe-tudor.html continue reading
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Hediard is a French Cafe & Gourmet Boutique that serves exquisite breakfast and high tea located along Tanglin Road. Hediard also offers online shopping experience for consumers to purchase gifts, chocolates, cookies, coffees, teas & infusions etc...Tried their "The Black Truffles High Tea Set"1 Truffle creamy french scrambled eggs, 1 Truffle torchon Foie Gras toast, 1 Truffle artichoke heart, 1 Truffle Tarama toast, 1 Truffle & white chocolate Macaron and 1 Truffle Honey Panna Cotta. The taste were unusual - A Premium Quality high tea set!For full review and photos, please visit:http://summerlovestoeat.blogspot.sg/2014/12/brunch-at-herdiard-cafe-123-125-tanglin.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-02
I do not have memory of how I chanced upon this French cafe-restaurant, but I’m glad I did. Hediard Cafe-Restaurant @ Tudor Court was completely off my radar and I had never heard of it before stumbling across it. It offers Breakfast items until 11.30am on weekdays and 2.30pm on weekends and public holidays. It’s in a perfect location, in my opinion. Tudor Court, away from the main crowd, walkable distance from Orchard MRT (near Tanglin Mall) and no stress on where to go after the brunch – Orchard Road, duh!Hediard Breakfast Set ($19++): Granted, it is not the most filling breakfast set ever, it was a pleasure savoring each item off the set. Given a choice between (a) Madeleine Blend Coffee, Hediard Blend Tea, and Hot Chocolate, I had to go with the latter. And that was possibly the best beverage decision I’ve made in forever. I’ve never looked back since (/drama) – it’s by far, the Best Hot Chocolate I’ve had in my life. And that counts for a lot. It’s ridiculously thick and flavorful, but not the overly-cloying kind. You can almost taste the solid chocolate in the hot beverage – it is that good. If you’re here, forgo whatever other drinks that entice you, dive straight for this without fail. The Set also includes (b) Orange Juice, (c) a choice of Croissant / Chocolate Croissant / Brioche, (d) toasted bread and butter with a jar of honey and homemade jam each, and (e) a choice of fried egg / soft-boiled egg / hard-boiled egg. I opted for Chocolate Croissant and it was the ordinary-good standard. The toast, on the other hand, was nothing impressive and much forgettable.Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon, Hard-boiled Egg and Bacon ($29++): Don’t be alarmed. The salad itself only costs $14++, while additional top ups of 3 slice of Bacon is $4++, 30g of Norwegian Smoked Salmon $9++ and the Hard-boiled Egg $2++. I’d recommend getting the Salad + Smoked Salmon. That would suffice. I don’t usually comment much on salads (because how yummy can they be right), but I thought their salad dressing was exceptionally complementary to the salad, and later with the Smoked Salmon. A possible option for a light meal.Eggs Norwegian ($19++): Its rendition of poached eggs met the market standard. The yolks were flowy, hollandaise sauce average. The toasts might seem a little too tough at first, but with the help of the runny eggs, it’ll soften up and you’re ready to finish the course.Macarons (6) ($15++): Hediard Cafe-Restaurant only sells macarons by plates of 6. That makes it $2.50++ a pop. What is exceptional here is that, there are 30 flavors available for selection. From the usual suspects to the rare sights like Gingerbread, Walnut, Ginger, Lavender & Apricot, Lemongrass and Calamansi just to name a few. You will literally be spoiled for choices and might take a while to come to a decision. However, be warned that by right, you will not be given a choice for the selection of flavors. Randomly, 3 ‘fruit’ and 3 ‘normal flavored’ macarons will be put on plate for you. You can try asking though. Anyway, the macarons are above average. The macaron shells are semi-hard (which I like), and the flavors are more or less distinctive.The Cafe-Restaurant was full, filled by expats. We noticed that we were the only locals dining there. Though it’s not a very well-known place to locals, it sure is to the expats. So do make a reservation before heading down. It’s not too hard, you get an immediate booking here.I’d be sure to head back. Not so much for a hearty brunch, but for its ambience, for a get-away, and for a ohmygod good Classic Hot Chocolate (can otherwise be ordered at $7++). continue reading
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Level4 2012-01-04
i had breakfast at this place with a good friend of minethis breakfast was really niceit consist of bread.. and sunny up egg as well as fried egg..really special.. with some green salad and vinegar~i also had this chocolate drink with spice which was really good and thick~! =) continue reading
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