Resplendent with live flora, Hello Kitty Orchid Garden in Changi Airport is modelled after Singapore’s modern landscape juxtaposed with lush green scenery – it is a relaxing oasis where, no matter the time of day – or night, weary travellers can fuel up and feel rejuvenated. And for foodies, the pretty plates, comfortable ambience and measured flavours will surely make the trek to the eastern end of the island a rewarding one. continue reading
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Level1 2018-07-12
個女十分鍾意kitty這間餐廳是我必經之地離境是terminal 1要特登走去terminal 3但也不難找當小朋友離遠見到餐廳尖叫和瘋狂跑入餐廳實在不難理解食物也是她們喜歡的雖然有點貴但在機場食飯也差不多何況是特色餐廳呢 continue reading
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Level1 2017-02-06
Captain's Favourite Curry - reminiscent of the popular Kapitan curry chicken found in the kitchens of Penang! This moreish and authentic Malaysian  combines tangy tamarind and creamy coconut milk for a real depth of flavour. Kapitan is the name given to appointed Chinese chiefs during the Portuguese and Dutch colonization in Malaysia. continue reading
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Level4 2016-08-15
The restaurant was located at the arrival hall of changi airport terminal 3, taking over a formerly cafe location. The place was not big and quite open too. Being a theme cafe, and hearing quite a number of poor reviews, we did not have much expectations. Although it was almost peak dinner period at 6.30pm, we were showed to a table almost at once. There were quite a number of unoccupied tables of 2, but most in the queue were families with members of 4 and above.Do not forget to take photo with Hello Kitty after getting a table. There is one right at the back of the restaurant and another in the middle of the restaurant. Remember not to order too much as the table was quite small.Latte ($5.90++)I had selected this drink, as it was the only drink with the Hello Kitty picture on it. The coffee was of a acidic type. It was served with a Hello Kitty Cookie.Strawberry marshmallow Tea ($7.80++)A fruity red colored tea. It was too, served with a Hello Kitty Cookie.Kitty Goes Bananas Split ($18.50++)The banana split features bruleed banana with brown sugar, accompanied with macarons and juicy berries. A classic combination of chocolate, vanilla and wild strawberry gelato sets the stage for this winning creation with a drizzle of marshmallow sauce and raspberry coulis.The gelato melt rather fast. I could not taste the vanilla flavour in the gelato. The berries were quite sour, while the macarons were quite hard.Hola Nachos! ($15.90++)Crunchy torilla chips topped with oodles of paramesan, jalapenos, olives, onions and cherry tomato salsa for that hint of tangy sweetness. Crowned with luscious cheese sauce.Although it looked simple, it was one of the best dishes to have among all.Overall service was not bad. Food was served quite fast. It was easy to get the attention of the staffs. continue reading
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Hello Kitty Orchid Garden, the first hello kitty café in Singapore, has set foot in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 Arrival Hall. Many hello kitty lovers have been overjoyed by this introduction as they no longer have to go abroad to visit these cute café. Unlike the usual hello kitty café, this hello kitty café in Singapore was also infused with Singapore nationalflower – Orchid.Hello Kitty Orchid Garden is owned and operated by Europa Specialty Restaurant (S) Pte Ltd, a licensed partner of Sanrio Co., Ltd., and a subsidiary fully owned by ABR Holdings Ltd. Founded in 1978, ABR Holdings Limited began as the owner and operator of the first full-service Swensen’s ice cream restaurant. Today, the company is listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange, and primarily manages, franchises and operates a portfolio of well-known food and beverage companies and brands, including Swensen’s, Earle Swensen’s, Yogen Fruz, Season Confectionary & Café and Tip Top Curry Puff.Hello Kitty Orchid Garden was located at level one, operating for 24 hrs. Although it was supposed to be 24 hrs, but due to the popular demand, the food was sold out at about 730am. So they took down our name and told us to return later in the afternoon. As seen by the notice below. The café has white background with orchid flesh flower decorating the place. It was chic and colourful, creating a very vibrant vibe.Cake and ice cream displayKitty’s merchandise for hardcore fan.The food offered by the café was considered reasonable as it was about $10 plus per main which the drinks was priced about $6. Reasonably priced, similar to that of the café price we normally see. While waiting for the food to come, patrons can took photo at the photo spot as a form of memories there. The food does not take long to come. On average, it takes about 5min serving time. The food was served fast but the food was not warm. We have ordered the latte ($5.90), Cappuccino ($5.90), Rose, Rose I Love You ($17.50), Hola Nachos! ($15.90) & Big Breakfast Surprise ($18.50).Rose, Rose I Love you was actually buttery orange sugee cake covered with cholate/oreo crumbs. It comes with strawberry rose butter cream and a creamy scoop of peanut butter gelato. The peanut butter gelato was really creamy, smooth and fragrance. On the other hand, the orange sugee cake topped with chocolate soil tends to be very dry. But I find the cake very chewy. It would be recommended to consume each bite of the cake with somebuttercream or ice cream to reduce the dryness. Rose, Rose I Love You ($17.50)Big breakfast surprise came with two pieces of hello kitty shaped waffles, scrambled eggs, sautéed mushroom and a few sliced of smoked ducked. The waffles tend to be very dry and tasteless, so it would be better to eat with the toppings and the honey lime maple syrup. The scrambled eggs and sautéed mushroom did not fair well too as they taste kind of bland. This dish was decently made, but lack the “wow factor”.Big Breakfast Surprise ($18.50)Hola Nachos! Was actually crunchy tortilla chips topped with parmesan, jalapenos, olives, onions and cherry tomato salsa. Well, I’m not a fan of those topping. But I love how crispy the tortilla chips were. They were so crispy and crunchy. When it was dipped into the nacho cheese, it was so addictive till I’m craving for more. Hola Nachos! ($15.90)The latte and cappuccino was decent. But due to the overwhelming demand, they sold out the hello kitty shaped cookies that comes with drinks.Cappuccino ($5.90)Latte ($5.90)All in all, I enjoyed this café as it was pretty and affordable. It was a great and wise decision to introduce this popular Sanrio character to Singapore. I sincerely hope that you guys willbe lucky not to meet the same situation as me where things sold out and have towait for hours for a restock. Read more at http://jacefootprints.blogspot.sg/2016/05/singapore-hello-kitty-orchid-garden.htmlFollow me at instagram/facebook for updates: @jacefootprints continue reading
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