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Offering healthy and tasty meals, Herbal Oasis's menu is developed by registered TCM physicians and includes herb-infused dishes, nourishing soups, freshly-brewed herbal teas and even desserts that benefit your overall well-being. continue reading
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Managed by a Renhai clinic, Herbal Oasis claims to offer healthy and sumptuous meals for people to enjoy in a peaceful and comfortable environment. Located at the 2nd level of a RenHai Clinic仁海堂, the Zen inspired design instantly gives you a sense of calmness and serenity when you step into the restaurant.The menu consists of flavoured rice made of different ingredients, herbal soups, tea made from TCM herbs and healthy desserts that benefit the overall well-being. Their recipes are developed by qualified TCM physicians working with experienced chefs. Each item on the menu has a herbal touch to it, even the freshly baked homemade pastries!The rice was nicely cooked and perfectly done boosted by the natural flavour from the olive, yam and walnut. Keep in mind we are talking about healthy eating and don’t expect heavy seasoning for a bowl of oily, salty or artificially sweet rice. It was a bowl of fragrance rice impregnated with all the natural goodness that we all love. Must try their Yam rice, super yummy!The soup were not oily or too salty, the Qi Tonic Chicken Soup actually has the chicken skin completely removed to keep the bad cholesterol to the minimum. For Snow Pear with Fig Soup, the Pork ribs were lean and small just enough to infuse the sweetness and flavour into the soup, we are talking about healthy eating and so please don’t expect big chuck of fatty meat to be served. Overall, the soup quality has not been compromised and it is once again proven healthy cooking is achievable through natural means and not required the artificial seasoning. Must try their Qi Tonic Chicken Soup.The dishes stick to Herbal Oasis healthy cooking philosophy, besides the herbs for various health benefits, the two dishes Fish with Danggui & Mushrooms and Sweet Peas with Chinese Yam and Abalone Mushrooms that we tried were not salty or oily, it was light and capitalized the natural sweetness and flavour from the ingredients to give the dish the succulent taste. We can fully appreciate the goodness of these hearty dishes.The teas are specially blended to provide specific health benefits. We can fully appreciate the fragrance from the floral and herbs.The Muffins were soft and moist, we like it for the not too sweet taste and the nice aroma from the black sesame and sweetness of the red dates. Perfect to go with the tea. Must try the red dates muffin.Please refer to www.ieatandeat.com for details review. continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-16
The restaurant is located above a TCM shop, which I almost walk past. After walking up the narrow staircase, we are met with a small dine in area. The place is decorated in a very zen look. As it is almost closing time, there is limited items in the menu available. The staff has kindly marked the menu with stars for the available items.Olive Rice 橄榄饭 ($4)This is only type of rice available. I am surprised that the rice is quite tasty on its own and does not have the usual salty olive taste. Qi Tonic Chicken Soup 补气嫩鸡汤 ($7.50)A veritable qi tonic, especially beneficial for the digestive system (脾胃 “spleen and stomach”), suitable for growing youth 益气健脾The soup is surprisingly light and flavourful. Quite different from the usual sold outside, which is tends to be more on the salty side. The chicken is super tender.Snow Pear with Fig Soup 雪梨无花果汤 ($7.50)Together with almond, this soup nourishes lung and resolves phlegm. Suitable for those troubled by their cough 润肺化痰Mother is expecting this to be a sweet soup for dessert, but it is not. Cooked with pork ribs, it has a light hint of sweetness in the soup. Interesting but flavourful soup.Crunchy Lotus Root with Pork ($7)The lotus root is sliced very thinly here but still tastes very crunchy and crispy. The pork is very tender too.Clear Vision Tea 清热明目茶 ($5)With mulberry, chrysanthemum and wolfberry to clear the mist from your eyes 含有菊花、桑叶与枸杞子There is a lot of leaves in this tea, but it tastes of chrysanthemum mostly.Complexion-Enhancing Tea 贵妃养颜茶 ($5)Secret combination of flora herbs to rival Yang Guifei’s complexion brew 这秘制花茶,让您肌肤如杨贵妃一样光滑Not sure what is inside the tea, but there is a lot of flowers in it. It tastes flowery and sweet, reminding me of longan tea.Red Dates Muffin 红枣松饼 ($3)It tastes naturally sweet with the small juicy red dates in it.Black Sesame Muffin with Lemon 黑芝麻柠檬松饼 ($3)A very yummy muffin which tastes very much like the black sesame paste dessert with its sandy texture.Osmanthus Jelly 香甜桂花糕 ($3 for 2 pieces)The jelly is light and tastes with a hint of Osmanthus.Overall the food is delicious. There is not much crowd here and it is quite relaxing here. Although we are the last customers of the day, we are not rushed to finish our food. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)