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A flaming elite dining experience, watch the chefs set your plate on fire while preparing your meal. Choose from sundry choices off their Teppanyaki menu to cater to your every craving. continue reading
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The restaurant is partitioned into 4 sections: Sushi - Counter seats/ Private counter room Teppanyaki - Counter seats/ Private counter room Robata - Counter seats Ramen - Table seats Diners may cross-order food from other sections (subject to terms and conditions)
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Level4 2014-09-22
It was a return visit for dinner since we were craving for some decent Japanese food and it had been a while since our last visit to Hide Yamamoto.Booking a few days in advance notched us the elusive round sofa seat, which on hindsight, wasn't a great choice as it was situated directly below an air conditioning vent. And we spent a good part of our dinner shivering.Chawanmushi Black Truffle Flan with Fresh Sea Urchin - The chawanmushi boasted a silky smooth texture with truffle undertones in every spoonful. Topped with a fresh piece of sea urchin, it was just sublime. Portion sizes are a tad small so do order another one if you are a fan.Tiger Prawn & Tamago Sushi - Sweet and crunchy prawn served atop fluffy, not too sticky rice with a mild vinegar aftertaste and a spot of wasabi in the centre. Nice and simple. Ditto the tamago sushi as well. A sizable piece of mildly sweet tamago towering over a bed of excellent sushi rice.Sea Scallop with Spinach and Butter Soy Sauce - The scallop was huge and the buttery taste gave it a very western slant whilst the saltiness of the soy sauce yanked it towards an eastern orientation. Interestingly good but not exactly mind blowing for $20++ a pop.Teppanyaki Wagyu Sirloin - Done up medium as per my request, the wagyu (100g) clocked in a fat to meat ratio of about 30-70 with the meat tender and flavourful, albeit a tad too salty for my liking. Certainly not the best I've tried but decent enough. Served up with awesome crisp garlic chips and vegetables. Not too sure if its worth the $98++ though.Snow Crab and Mushroom Claypot Rice with Ankake Sauce, Truffle Flavour - Served on a hot plate with the sauce mixed in separately (a little like Pepper Lunch), the rice was moist and plump with a nicely savoury, mild truffle aftertaste. Topped with copious amounts of succulent and sweet snow crab. Pretty nice!Seafood Miso Ramen - One of the reasons we wanted to return to Hide Yamamoto - the awesome ramen, which is apparently made from a 110 year old recipe. Alas, it wasn't as good as we remembered it to be. The ramen was al dente but the broth did seemed a little too diluted. And this time round, the sweet corn failed to lift it up with its mild sweetness. The seafood (tiger prawn, scallop) was fresh though.One other comment. I have no idea why the wait staff hesitated in serving us the ramen in parallel with the claypot rice. I was having the rice while my wife was having the ramen so it wasn't cool that we had to chase them for the ramen.Apart from the chawanmushi, dinner wasn't exactly memorable. And it certainly wasn't cheap either, at $260 for two (diluted green tea @ $9++/pax. Seriously?). Food quality seems to have taken a dip and even the once great ramen has fallen from the peak. Would I return? Probably not.See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2014/09/hide-yamamoto-ii.html continue reading
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For more reviews, please visit http://oyhz.blogspot.sg Was craving for their ramen, but the restaurant was full that evening.Thankfully the waiter arranged for us to be seated at the sashima section even though i just wanted to have ramen.Been there before, but was seated at the ramen area.So this time round, I had a good look at the sushi making process, the menu etc. A little overpriced imho. Stuck to our decision to satisfy my ramen craving. Visit http://oyhz.blogspot.sg for more photos continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2012-07-27
For more reviews please see http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.comA bit surprising that Hide Yamamoto was very sparse when we popped in for lunch over the weekend. We were the only ones present at the sushi counter! Hide Yamamoto serves up 5 different styles of Japanese cuisine, separately located at the sushi area, ramen section, teppanyaki tables, rotaba grill and sake bar. Don't worry, you're not restricted to wherever you sit, you can still order from the other menus even if you sit in a different section. Bits of the chef's east-west fusion style invariably find their way into all 5 menus, but you don't quite realize it because the cuisine, most of their sushi menu anyway, adheres to the traditional.Service was excellent as well. The staff anticipated our every need and we never had to call for any staff over. Our cups of green tea were never empty, and the staff was right by our side to take fresh orders barely 2 seconds after I flipped open the menu. Such efficient service was despite the fact that the wait staff always left our section to let us to dine in private. It's as if they had some kind of sixth sense as to when we needed to be waited upon.One small teensy weensy note though, on closer inspection of the bill, we realized that our green teas, which were refillable, cost a whopping $9 for the iced one, and $5 for the warm one. I don't know how rare the green teas were, but we thought that a difference of $4, just for ice, was a bit excessive. We opted for the 1) Sushi Course ($160): It was nothing short of awesome, and one of the more memorable ones I've had this year. Everything was executed with effortless flair and absolutely faultless. Not a single wrong move made here.2) Tuna Sushi Combination ($50), a trio of sushi comprising Fatty Tuna, Medium Tuna and Blue Fin Tuna Sushi: Absolute MUST-TRY3) Salmon Sushi ($8 each): sweet and clear4) Truffle Edamame ($13): an absolute must-try as well. We loved this. Aromatic and delicious.We'll definitely be back. continue reading
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Level3 2011-03-21
This place has a unique seating arrangement, pleasant ambience. I tried their seafood ramen, which includes vegetables, lobster meat, crab meat (real ones, not those instant sticks we can buy from supermarkets) and scallops for just $30+ per bowl. The other must try item on the list is wagu beef. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)