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Fish Head Bee Hoon San Lao Hor Fun
Review (23)
Level4 2016-05-30
If you can put up with crappy attitude in search of good food, then this stall is ok with you. Male boss usually takes orders and collects money from a table at the front of the Coffeeshop. When ordering, he makes you feel like he's doing you a favour by taking your orders. Oh well. I put up with his unsmiling face to enjoy a big bowl of yummy fish meat Beehoon soup. The soup is milky and tasty, with strong hints of cooking wine and the fish chunks are fresh too. Yes, I will return to endure fowl face for good food. 😅 continue reading
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See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2016/02/07/very-good-dinner-holland-village-xo-bee-hun-on-6feb2016/wife & daughter wanted to have zi char dinner.daughter had just been to wah chee dover, and wife & i had just been to hong kong street old chun kee 香港街老珍记 at commonwealth crescent.we decided to try holland village XO fish head bee hun (on 6.2.2016). i had takeawy from here about 1 year ago. ^^the coffeeshop was quite crowded at 6.45pm on friday evening.a medium fish head bee hoon is S$10. to add XO, S$2 more.it was very good though, very tasty, slightly intense, reminded us of uncle leong’s crab bee hoon (even though it was really no comparison…uncle leong’s was just soooo good!).taste wise it was a lot better than hong kong street old chun kee 香港街老珍记. a simple dish yet quite different satisfaction taste wise.but hong kong street old chun kee 香港街老珍记 gave large pieces of meat even for the S$6 bowl. here it was a lot too but mostly bones.it was too troublesome & tiring for me. next time i will just order sliced fish.the fried kai lan was excellent!so fragrant, super wok hae! ^^san lo hor fun was very good too.really, these 2 quite basic dishes the satisfaction quite different la.. for these 2 dishes i will come back here & not old chun kee.the HDB ghim moh edge apartments looked really nice like private condos – the veiw from where we were sitting at the coffeeshop. continue reading
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It's so natural when we talked about the Famous Fish Head Bee Hun, we will automatically link ourselves with Holland Village's XO Fish Head Bee Hoon. I have been patronizing their stalls during school days when they were located in one of the Coffee Shops among the vicinity of the popular and crowded Holland Village but soon after its shift, I had gradually lost touch to the good food. Nevertheless, the thought of it still pack me with anxiety when I knew that we were going to have that for lunch.It's more economical to order a huge bowl of Fish Meat Bee Hun if you are dining in groups as it's more costly to order individually. Portion is generously with thick slices of fish meat added with cabbages to sweeten the broth taste.Chunks of big thick meat were awesomely fresh, covered up under the milky flavour XO broth. Have a good stir with the ladle and distribute into smaller bowls. Another notable dishes of Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hun is its prawn paste chicken. Crisply fried to golden brown perfection, as it was served to our table, we managed to see the dish was still sizzling with blood oozing out from one of the drumsticks. Have a squirt of lime juice over the crunchy crust of the chicken wing to enhance its taste. Yummy!In conclusion, their XO broth was tasty but was lessing out on the insensitivity of its alcohol content. I would prefer the one in Chop Lian Hin located in Pandans. Afterall, I would say that the standard of food was above average and definitely worth a little "BO" drinking down the XO broth which makes us sweat a little. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-21
My 2 other colleagues and I specially went to Holland Village XO Fish Head bee hoon restaurant early on a Saturday evening because we have heard about the crowds during weekends. We secured our seats and made our order quickly. We ordered the XO fish soup as well as a plate of vegetables. The fish is fried and the fish slices are in large chunks which is very generous. The fish is also very fresh with the fish meat being very tender. The fried fish soaked up most of the essence of the soup so it is really very tasty. The soup is very robust and full of flavour. We could not resist drinking up every bit of the soup even though it made us rather thirsty afterwards because it is really that good. Do try the soup with xo as I think there is an option for soups without xo. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-24
This stall is quite famous for the XO fish head bee hoon. It is quite a long wait for our food during weekends and you can see that most empty tables with people are all waiting for their orders to come from this stall. We ordered the prawn paste chicken and the XO fish head bee hoon to share among the three of us. The star is no doubt the XO fish head bee hoon. There is a choice of it being served with fried or sliced fish and we ordered the slice fish. The soup base is really tasty, with depth in the flavour from the hours spent in boiling the soup and I could also distinctively taste the XO alcohol. The fish slices are thick and fresh and firm, and it is a delight eating it with the soup. The ginger slices in the soup helps to balance out the flavours, making the taste of the soup well balanced and non fishy. It is hard to describe how nice it is, you simply have to make a trip down and try it yourself. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)