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Wanton Noodle
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Level4 2014-03-10
Besides having the famous Pontian Wanton Mee from 505 Jurong West Market and Food Centre. Here's another good alternative for you: Hong Ji Shu Shi. Having been around over the years, Hong Ji Wanton Mee was well-liked by the neighbourhood. Just on a weekday night, I had to queue for about 20 minutes in order to secure a plate of their Wanton Mee. At that instance, the stall was manned by a family of 3, where by the guy would do all process of the cooking and preparation while the soft spoken uncle went down the queue to talk the incoming orders from his customers. The lady who was standing in between the two guys in the stall would help up with the condiments before handling the ordered item to us.Noodles were thin and springy with not much of the "ki" smell. For the $2.50 portion, there were only 2 wanton given, they were just the ordinary. The light douse of chilli oil with its thinly sliced lean Char Siew Meat was perhaps the starring part among all that makes the dish delectable. Meat was sweet tasting with no presence of fatty portions.To make my queue worth the while, I bought a bowl of dumplings soup (comes in 7 pcs per bowl) so that I can test them out. Since its Wanton was ordinary, I would like to emphasize that their dumplings were doing much better.The usual dumplings would have packed chestnuts and minced meat wrapped with dumpling skin but Hong Ji had given these little pouches more taste by adding chinese wine in it.http://www.umakemehungry.com/2014/03/hong-ji-shu-shi.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-30
The char siew tasted like a vegetarian type of meat, because there were no fats and it was very lean. in fact, it tasted a little like flour with some added colourings.the noodle was thin and delectable, it was springy and fun to chew on it. it was a great time slurping the noodles down. the wanton mee costs only $2.50, very affordable in this day and age. there was also ample green vegetables and accompanying wanton in soup, which tasted more saltier than average wanton mee!look at the micro-view of the char siew, it really does look like vegetarian type of char siew isn't it? continue reading
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