Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert serves a variety of Hong Kong style desserts, such as the Sheng Kee Mango Pomelo. There is also a selection of Hong Kong noodles, rice and snacks such as HK Wanton Noodle, Braised Pork Belly with Mui Choy Rice and Carrot Cake. continue reading
Opening Hours
Mon - Sun
10:00 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Almond Sesame Paste Mango Pomelo Sago Mango Pudding Osmanthus Jelly
Review (3)
Level4 2013-10-20
I have tried several conventional desserts from Sheng Kee before, so I decided to try something new this time. I ordered the avocado cream with "noodles" - which was actually jellyish and had a strong coconut taste. It was a novel dessert, but taste wise was average - the coconut noodles served as a good contrast, but it could be a little chewier and less sweet. The bowl of dessert costs $5.90, quite costly. continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-30
Had dinner with my mum at around 8pm.Wanted to order the Gold-Dusted Chicken Cutlet Rice but it is out of stock.So I ordered the Gold-Dusted Pork Cutlet Rice instead, while my mum ordered the Steamed pork belly rice with preserved vegetables.Added on the current promotion where we just have to add $1.50 to get a side and a dessert.Sides we got are carrot cake and yam cake, and desserts are almond paste and sesame paste.The food came within 10 minutes and at a nice warm temperature.They served the sides and desserts at the same time too. For the Steamed pork belly rice with preserved vegetables, the sauce is too little and the rice is a little dry. The meat and preserved vegetables is not a lot too.It still tastes quite nice though.(:The pork is not too fatty and the meat is tender and nice.As for my Gold-Dusted Pork Cutlet Rice, the pork cutlet is quite a lot.The noodles is not too dry but there is those taste of the ‘yellow’ noodles.The seasoning of the pork is quite strong and it makes the dish tasteful ;DAs for the desserts, they are really delicious as it is thick and not watery.The taste is strong and really nice;DIt is quite affordable to dine here continue reading
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Level4 2012-12-28
It was after 8:30pm when we were seated at Sheng Kee, a casual and laid back Hong Kong style cafe that serves dimsum, noodles and desserts all day. We placed our orders and paid cash at the counter and waited for the food to be served. The nicest thing about dining at Sheng Kee was having affordably priced, authentic fare brought to our table by friendly staff without having to pay the 10% service charge. Our noodles were served piping hot about 5 minutes after we had ordered them. The BBQ pork or chaxiu noodles were served al dente and lightly doused in soya sauce. It was not oily but a little salty. The sambal chilli was not spicy but the addition of crisppy dried shrimp really got us addicted to it. We could not stop helping ourselves to it. The BBQ pork may not look attractive but it was tasty and sliced thickly - unlike the stingy thin slices you get at food courts. The wonton noodle soup was superb and the sliced pickled green chilli served on the side were fresh and crunchy. The bowl had five plump wontons with fresh shrimps. At Sheng Kee, we had noodles of Crystal Jade/Imperial Treasure/Canton Paradise standards without having to pay restaurant prices. The noodles were priced at $5.90 + 7% GST, with no surcharge for tossed/dry noodles.Sheng Kee specializes in Hong Kong desserts so their dessert selection is more extensive than their food selection which though limited, was adequate. Traditional favourites such as almond paste and black sesame paste were available but we opted for iced desserts. The lemongrass jelly with aloe vera ($3.90+) was light and refreshing. The mango pomelo dessert with mango pudding ($5.90) was very good and was on par with the versions served in Chinese restaurants like Peach Garden and Tung Lok. Sheng Kee was generous with the pomelo sacs and diced mango. For the same price, the mango pudding can be replaced with Chinese herbal jelly (gui ling gao). We left feeling happy and satiated. continue reading
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