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Level4 2014-01-21
This place was buzzing with people, the last round I walked past it (I still don't know why). Therefore, I gathered my friends to give it a try, to see if it was minimally on par with that of Golden Mile. It certainly did not, and fared way beneath!I read previous reviews about its main outlet, in that there is no A/C. Well, this outlet does, but with the heat within, you are better off sitting outside (limited seats). My friends and I ordered the basic ala carte buffet Mookata set - $29.90++ per pax. The food arrived quickly, with the grill/ steamboat arriving 30 mins after the food. It didn't help that we saw other tables served first, when we arrived earlier than them. My friend then highlighted to a staff/ owner that we've been shortchanged of 30 mins, since there was a 120 min limit for this buffet, and the staff pacified us that he would not enforce the time limit strictly. He added that the charcoal for the grill needed time to start up. I understood him, but as a customer, I don't care how long/ difficult it takes. I'm paying and I want my food right now. Aside from the waiting, the food wasn't particularly delicious. I only remember that the Black Pepper Chicken fared best (the tom yum chicken and pork belly had a stink to it), but its pepper balls got lodged onto the grill and stuck to everything else we put on later. In fact, it was so disappointing that my friend kept showing me pictures of a recent Korean grill she went for and it certainly looked a hell lot better than what was before us at the table. I'd ranked Seoul Garden above this eatery as well.Drinks were not included in the buffet. I'm fine with this. The waiting torture injects periodically, when we made further orders. We always have to wait - new food, additional drinks, change of grill top etc. When we're finally done with the eating, it really felt like a huge relief! We could finally get out of this place (after making our $ sufficiently worth by eating enough), and compensate ourselves with Udders nearby. No way am I going to pay $33 for this quality of food again. I'd rather drive myself to Golden Mile and have a good fix. continue reading
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