At Hvala Waffle Bar, you will enjoy gourmet waffle sticks in various exciting flavours at affordable prices. continue reading
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Matcha Hojicha Latte Matcha Soft Serve
Review (3)
Level1 2016-10-26
the puffle is an egglet and ice cream combination that you don't regularly see? egglet which is also known as "gai dan zai" is commonly found on the streets of hong kong while ice cream is found on almost every corner of the street. the funny thing is that this two combination actually complement each other really well, the warm egglet and the cold ice cream taste amazing together!! the egglet was crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside and the ice cream had a strong vanilla flavour which i really liked!! i chose to put froot loops and chocolate sauce on my egglet, i also chose to put a salted caramel sauce and strawberries on my ice cream!! there was a variety of toppings and sauces to choose from (eg. marshmallows, fruits, chocolates sauce etc) it was only $7.90 (including an egglet, soft serve ice cream and 2 toppings) and i felt like it was worth the price!! however, i would recommend you to share it with a friend as it was considered a rather large portion!! overall, it was definitely worth the hype!! 😚 continue reading
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Level3 2015-06-07
Waffle fever has yet to slow down on our sunny island and another waffle bar has popped up in the basement of 313 somerset. Run by this young couple, they bring creative waffle ideas to the masses. We decided to give these stick doughs a try. Original hvala waffleBerries DelightApple cinnamonBella banana TiramisuCreme Bruleefull review and pictures @ http://shauneeie.blogspot.sg/2015/06/hvala-waffle-bar-somerset-313.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-05-19
Whenever I heard about waffles, the image that appears in my mind is the squarish shape with ice-cream toppings or savoury items on top of it. Oh boy, this time round is different! It is served is thin long waffles stick!Located at Basement 3 of 313 Somerset shopping mall, there is another form of waffles that think out of the box. This waffle bar is operated by a young couple, Benmin and Lynette. The waffles are categorized into “ Fruitalicious” and “ Timeless Desserts”.The business is apparently well after office hours on last Friday when we dropped by. Since it’s freshly made upon orders, you may need to wait a while. We had Smurfy S’mores S$3.80 and Berries Delight S$3.80. Healthy fresh fruits topped with the yogurt and cream cheese frosting. But my favourite is the Smurfy S’mores. The chocolate fondue with flame-touched marshmallows and graham crumbs and not overwhelmed with the chocolate sweetness.Real Vanilla Soft Serve S$3.00 is available with a choice of chocolate fondue, maple syrup or salted caramel sauce. You can add S$2.50 for a cup of vanilla soft serve with waffles too. We tried their vanilla soft serve with maple syrup recommended by Benmin. The soft serve doesn’t melt that fast as we took some photos before enjoying it.If you are craving for waffles and mind your calories or easy to take away, you can give Hvala Waffles a try when you are nearby. It is convenient to enjoy while doing some window shopping too! Show some support to them and give it a try! Perhaps you might love it!More reviews: http://hazeldiary.com continue reading
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