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Ichiban Boshi offers a wide selection of sushi, fresh sashimi and variety set meals. continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-09
see my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2014/09/09/just-ok-lunch-ichiban-boshi-on-9sep2014/a friend bought lunch at ichiban boshi @ great world city on 9.9.2014.i had been to ichiban boshi a few times some time ago. more recently i went mostly to sun with moon wheelock. looking t the internet menu, and comparing with the dinner & lunch sets available at sun with moon wheelock & say tonkichi, chikuwatei, momoya & kuroson, my view is that by comparison ichiban boshi is not value-for-moeny.i decided to order a bars chirashi don (they called it chirashi don but it was actually bara chirashi don) because the bara chirashi don set at sun with moon wheelock was really very good, even better than a chirashi don at tonkichi.but it was a mistake (i would be better off if i ordered the S$19.90 seafood don, which was actually a chirashi don). the rice was nothing like the very tasty rice at sun with moon wheelock & the sashimi cut & amount were poorer in quality & quantity.my friend ordered a beef yaki set for himself & he added a sashimi moriawase. not quite sure him much but i guess maybe S$25.90. it had good quality ingredient like mirugai (geoduck) and so s- hokkigai (atlantic surf clams). salmon was average, hamachi was good.in my opinion it would be much better value-for-money to pay 25% or 35% more at sun with moon wheelock & get a lot more quality food. at the very least, sashimi is probably not the food to try at ichiban boshi since it is serving kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi 回転寿司, quality likely mediocre, so perhaps it maybe better to try the cooked food. however just looking at the photos, the kamameshi for example does not look anything like the appetising ones at sun with moon wheelock. continue reading
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I originally wanted to go over to Zion Food Centre for dinner but their menu looked really tempting and I'm always game for Japanese food so we ended up in Ichiban instead Their seasonal set menu had an assorted seafood set, consisting of assorted seafood in garlic teriyaki sauce, chawanmushi, snow crab miso soup, salmon sashimi, cold tofu with sesame dressing, rice and 2 slices of watermelon for $27.90. I ordered this as I liked every item in the set The assorted seafood consisted of 2 pieces of salmon, 2 pieces of dory, 2 prawns and a scallop in garlic teriyaki sauce. I thought the portion was really generous! I gave 1 piece of salmon and dory each to my boyfriend and was still full after the whole meal. This says a lot since I'm usually a big eater. The sauce was a little salty. The salmon could also be more moist. My favourite was the dory fish.The chawanmushi was nice and soft with the lovely eggy taste . There were ginko, mushroom, and a big chicken chunk inside.Included in the set were also 4 slices salmon sashimi, which were fresh and yummy. They didn't stinge on the thickness and size of the slices which I was really happy about I was expecting to taste some of the crab's sweetness and freshness in the miso soup but I couldn't. I was a little sad that it tasted like normal miso soup. Anyway, there was a good amount of tofu cubes and seaweed in the soup. There was a pincer and part of the crab leg in the soup, but the snow crab meat was difficult to eat, with the meat stuck to the shell and it comes apart easily/disintegrates when you try to pull the meat out. Not sure if this is how the meat of snow crab normally is. But taste-wise, the crab meat was nice and sweet. I thought this set was pretty worth it considering there were so much food included! The food quality was also good. Ichiban never disappoints continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-15
I was craving for some Japanese soba noodles and so my friend & I went to dine in at Ichiban Boshi! My set meal consist of cold cha-soba noodles, mini unagi don, chawanmushi, salmon sashimi, miso soup and watermelon slices. Tempted again to order my favourite lobster salad sushi! I can't find a better one from anywhere else! continue reading
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Full Ichiban Boshi review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2013/10/ichiban-boshi.htmlIchiban Boshi is a Japanese concept restaurant, no 2 outlets are similar in menu, ambience, and service. What is similar across the board for Ichiban Boshi restaurants is their commitment to use the freshest ingredients, simplicity in preparation and presentation, and reasonably priced and affordable Japanese cuisine.Ambience is part of the concept of Ichiban Boshi, and revolves around transporting the diner to a locale in Japan. Decor and furniture could range from simple, to modern contemporary, to traditional. All Ichiban Boshi outlets feature a conveyor sushi belt as the center showpiece, behind which the various chefs go about their work. Part of their appeal is also the takeaway Sushi counter, prominently displayed outside Ichiban Boshi outlets, which are colourful and attractive.Service at most Ichiban Boshi outlets are fast and efficient, though consistency of staff alertness and initiative differ greatly. Junior staff may sometimes struggle with menu knowledge, while experienced staff are very well versed in it. Staff are also trained to check on how your meal is going, and ask for feedback.Food at Ichiban Boshi focuses mainly on Japanese sushi, sashimi, seafood, hot pots, and katsu. Quality and freshness of ingredients across all Ichiban Boshi is very good, and prices are reasonable for the high quality. Dishes are mostly tasty and flavourful, with the natural taste of ingredients as a highlight. Takeaways also tend to hold up well for 1 - 2 hours, though sushi is best consumed as soon as possible. Each Ichiban Boshi outlet also has a particular speciality, which means ordering the same items elsewhere gets you a lower quality, but still passable dish. Highly recommended to order the outlet's speciality, and skip those items that aren't. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-01
The Salmon Avocado Sushi here is amazing. The sushi tastes fresh and healthy and it is tightly packed with rice and ingredients so it's really satisfying. The rice has great flavour even on its own being perfectly seasoned and just sour and sweet enough. The seaweed is good too and doesn't stick to your mouth. The salmon and avocado are generous in portions and really creamy and delicious! Overall a great sushi and not too expensive too! continue reading
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