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Ichiban Boshi offers a wide selection of sushi, fresh sashimi and variety set meals. continue reading
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Review (21)
Level4 2014-12-24
It was a really late lunch hence I wanted something light (and healthy) if not I would be too full to have dinner. Got myself the sashimi salad and I requested to have only salmon for the sashimi. As you can see from the picture, the serving of salmon sashimi is really generous. The dressing was also nice and tangy, it made the salad really refreshing. On the whole the sashimi salad is quite good, only thing is I didn't like the kind of vegetables they used for the salad, which was slightly dry and bitter. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-03
Sisters and I decided to have an early pre- Chinese New Year gathering with a couple friend. We decided on japanese cuisine so we chose Ichiban Boshi located at Centrepoint, Somerset. It is a walking distance from Somerset MRT station. We arrived around 7pm and we able to get a seat immediately. Restaurant was not full house and there are seats at every part of the restaurant.We are seated at the end corner of the restaurant which is able to fit 6 pax of us. Menu was served the moment we are seated. After browsing the menu, we decided to place an order. However, we have difficulties getting attention from the staffs. We put our hands up and wave to get attention from the staff but failed.After several attempts, we managed to get our attention from the staff. We placed our orders and waited for more than 20 minutes to have our order served. We ordered Salmon Avocado handroll @S$2.40++ and California handroll as well. We were expecting the handrolls to serve first before the main course. But, the main course came first before the handroll. So, we called the staff to check on our order and follow up on our order as well. Salmon avocado handroll was served after our follow up but it is not what is shown in the menu. The handroll does not come with avocado and I requested for an exchange. California handroll came much later after 2 main courses were served.Sister ordered Chicken Nanban Wazen @S$18.90++ . This set menu comes with side dish (chilled tofu), salmon sashimi, soft shell crab, deep fried chicken cutlet with in-house dressing cream and of course includes a bowl of rice, miso soup and fruit. The chicken cutlet is nicely fried and tasted crispy on the outer skin. The meat texture is tender and juicy. Sister was very filling with this set. However, the side dish was served frozen with ice. We are quite skeptical with it and decided to check with the service staff. When we checked with the staff, he replied that it was supposed to be like that. However, i was not convinced and request the staff to check further with the kitchen staff. True enough, the staff brought back another brand new tofu which has been fully defrost and smooth.My friend ordered Kurobuta Nabe Gozen @ $23.90++. The set comes black pork with assorted vegetables in dashi stock, salmon & brocolli with spicy cod roe maynnoise & cheese, smoked duck roll, udon, appertizer & fruit. She was quite pleased with her choice as the slices of black pork was just nice to go with soup base. We can even request to top up the soup base without additional charges.We also ordered Ishiyaki Kurobuta Rice Set @ $17.90++ which comes with black pork with capsicum on rice in hotstone, salmon sashimi & miso soup. The menu has stated the waiting time is 20-25 minutes long. Hotstone was sizzling hot when it is served so we need to mixed them as soon as possible to avoid the bottom rice get burnt.I ordered Tokusen Beef & Foie Gras Don @ $22.90++. This order comes with sliced premium beef on rice topped with goose liver & spicy cod roe mayonnaise served with miso soup. I think the price is reasonable and decided to give it a try. The premium sliced beef tasted juicy and tender which compliments well with the sauce.Combination of the beef and foie gras was awesome.We also ordered ala-carte -Fried Salmon Skin @ $2.40++. It comes with crispy salmon skin with mayonnaise.This can be quite addictive when you start having it.Justin ordered ala-carte- Hotate Cheese Yaki @ $11.90++. Served on hotplate and it was pretty cheesy as the menu stated. It is best to have it with rice otherwise it could be quite salty by having it alone.Lastly, we ordered Yu Sheng called Celebration @ $21.80++ for our first ‘lo hei’ for year 2014. This is best served for 2-3 persons as stated in the menu. We ordered the smallest portion as we are quite full with our main course. The Yu Sheng comes with 12 slices of salmon and of course the symbolic meaning for each yusheng ingredients ( Red sweetened ginger, peanut crunch , pickled leek , chuka kurage, winter melon, pickled cucumber, chuka wakame , pok chui biscuits , pickled melon ,sweetened lime , five spice, cinnamon and pepper powder).We requested the staff to clear the tables before we order Yu Sheng. The staffs are not attentive at all and we need to get attention to get them to clear the tables before we placed our order for Yu Sheng. We told the store manager to clear the tables and refill the tea but she wasn’t really paying attention on what we told her. So, when the young lady came to refill our tea, we told her again. Finally, a young lady staff cleared the tables all by herself and get our order processed.Overall dinner services are quite disappointing. So, I wrote an email to highlight on the issues above. They came back with explanation and apologize on the staff services and food quality.They also replied on the actions taken upon my email and closed the case. I hope that the services in this particular outlet will improve and noted on our feedback.Read more on my blogpost: http://www.hazeldiary.com continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-17
As a Japanese food lover, I had dined in Ichiban Boshi for a second time in different outlet. I ordered the set meal that come with fried chicken, tempura, tofu, miso soup, watermelon slice, and sashimi. I would recommend the Fried Chicken as it was crispy and tender. ALso, for the sashimi, it is thinly sliced and tasted fresh. Quality dishes at this Japanese restaurant! continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-28
Coming at an offpeak timing was very good news because of their special menu. And this time round, it was mini ishiyaki dons. I chose the mini ishiyaki kurobuta don. which has tofu, sliced black pork, mushrooms and sukiyaki sauce in a hotpot. You might want to put in their red pepper powder for an additional spice kick. This comes with a starter chawanmushi and a green tea. all for just $5.And of course i love my pumpkin croquette too much to skip it. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-25
Ichiban Boshi Japanese Casual Dining Restaurant occupies tge premises vacated by Pizza Hut. Besides conveyor belt sushi and bento sets, a range of side dishes or tapas has progresively been introduced to its menu. Good for times when diners want to skip on the carbohydrates and opt for something that tickles the taste buds. We ordered the tempura $9.90++, takoyaki $5.90++, pumpkin croquette, creamy potato croquette and crispy salmon skin (all at $2.40++ per portion).Tempura was rather disappointing as the prawns were skinny and all the fritters were too thickly and not evenly coated by the tempura batter. Grated radish instead of being served on the side had already been sparingly mixed into the soy dip. Creamy potato croquette (one big patty per portion) and pumpkin croquettes (2 pieces) were moreish. Served with two dips - tonkatsu sauce and a creamy dip that had the consistency of guacamole but tasted like 1000 island dressing. Tonkatsu sauce complemented the croquettes well.Takoyaki were quite small - half the size of those normally sold at food kiosks in shopping centres. Tasty but the chef was rather stingy with the bonito flakes which I like.Service was polite and attentive, with the wait staff topping up our glasses of iced matcha without being prompted. continue reading
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