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Ichiban Boshi offers a wide selection of sushi, fresh sashimi and variety set meals. continue reading
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Review (9)
Level4 2014-05-23
I know that many people complain that the food here is like Japanese Fast Food but I really beg to differ. Of course it is not gourmet Jap cuisine but we are also not paying top dollars for those type of cuisines. I have had the fortune of experiencing an authentic Japanese dinner that is mind-blowing but Ichiban Boshi serves good comfort food that feeds my Japanese stomach without ripping a hole in my pocket!I love their salad with Japanese dressing! I always struggle to not order it as I ALWAYS over-order.My hubby loves their raw fish over rice box! I love their salmon slices over rice box too!The first time I ordered their calamari was slightly disappointed, the crisp is there but sadly the flavour is somewhat lacking...Still...its my favourite go-to place to fulfill my Jap needs! continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-20
This is my second time at ichiban boshi, and I am still pretty satisfied with the standard of food there. This chicken teriyaki udon set that I have ordered has lots of variety of food in it and all were good. The teriyaki sauce was very well flavored and the chicken was tender and soft. The sashimi taste very fresh and chewy too. And I like how light the udon soup base taste. The noodles were very chewy. Charwanmushi was rather mediocre has it has not that hot when I’m eating.Overall, my main cost me sgd $19.90++ which I find it a little expensive. But sometimes, you really need to pay a bit more for good quality food continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-09
My friend and I were planning to make a trip to Sentosa but my friend suggested eating at Vivo City before going as she was concerned that the food would be overpriced there, although I personally preferred trying the food there... but we compromised and she opted to have an early lunch at the Ichiban Boshi branch at Vivo City.The place was still quite empty when we went on a weekday noon during the school holidays although this might have to do with the fact that the outlet opened its doors for business just a short while ago. Nevertheless, the interior was clean and the place was already operational with sushi already being prepared and placed on the conveyor's belt. Upon seating, we placed our order and were surprised when the food were served less than 5 minutes later. I guess that was an advantage of going when the place was still empty. Ichiban Jyu ($13.90)My friend opted for this dish which was salmon sashimi with sesame oil and chili padi on sushi rice bowl. The salmon was quite fresh and the dish was a tad spicy. My friend liked this dish and found it pretty good, although I was neutral about it. This dish also came with a side of miso soup which was quite tasty. Cha Soba ($8.50) I wanted to save my stomach for more food at Sentosa later, so I just got a bowl of Cha Soba. This simple dish was served cold with ice on it to maintain the temperature. The soba was quite firm and chewy. The dipping sauce was a tad salty but it worked well and added some flavour to the otherwise mild soba. Overall, I thought this was a rather refreshing dish to have and it was also quite reasonable at $8.50. My friend also gave this dish the thumb up. If you are looking for a healthy but tasty meal, I'd recommend the cha soba, which you can also pair up with a dish from the ala carte menu for a more completed meal! I'd actually love to have sit longer and tried more food on their menu but unfortunately it was time to go. We were in and out in about 30 minutes, which I thought was rather a pity as I'd prefer to savour the experience and food especially at cafes or restaurants. Nevertheless I'd visit other branches in the future to try their other food, especially the tempura ice cream which looked quite interesting! continue reading
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The mussels were really worth it! Deep fried and served hot and the sauces on top of each mussels are different.There were plenty of fresh sashimi pieces in the chirashi , but it didn't come with wasabi.A little pricier than the other dishes but it's a choice if you can't decide on what to order. Considering the number of selections that you have unagi, tempura, salmon sashimi, and broiled fish--it's really worth it. Also nice to share too tea that you can order, but need to ask them to help you refill water. continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-01
My girl requested to have Japanese food for dinner and since we are already at ViVo City, we brought her at Ichiban Boshi. Just like Sakae Sushi, Ichiban Boshi also serves sushi in kaiten (conveyor belt). My sushi lover girl picked two plates of sushi from the kaiten and she ordered Honetsuki Torimomo Mushi from the menu. In layman's term, it's a stewed drumstick with potato salad. For the record, she finished it all by herself considering she also had two plates of sushi (she only shared 1 each for me and the hubby). The drumstick must be really good, my girl rarely finishes her food when we eat out.Hubby and i had Kaisen Salad, Hotate Cheese Yaki and Soft Shell Crab Tempura. The kaisen salad is a must try! Hotate Cheese Yaki on the other hand is only recommended for cheese lovers. Read my full review at <a href="http://www.sweetmemoirs.com/2013/08/delectable-japanese-treats-at-ichiban.html?m=1">http://www.sweetmemoirs.com/2013/08/delectable-japanese-treats-at-ichiban.html</a> continue reading
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