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Level3 2015-05-08
We chanced upon the ticket sales 3 weeks before the Event Date & were very excited to have an enjoyable Feast…we were not disappointed.Anricipating a full car park, we went there half an hour earlier. We were pleasantly surprised that everything was in an orderly manner although the floor was packed with people.I liked…- the ticketing system & the discount vouchers that comes with each Adult Ticket…- the punctual patrons queuing patiently outside the Restaurant…- the polite staffs gently putting the colored ribbons on our wrists for identification…- the neat table settings, the cute bibs, the big plastic bin to throw the shells with…- the quality food that they serve…- the extensive menu that had incorporated both the Swedish & the Local Cuisines…The Herrings go very well with the crackers. The Smoked Salmon is my favorite! It reminds me of our tour to Europe, having it every morning there…The Farmers Cheese is simply marvelous with the rye bread…(wished they'd station a staff to do the carving though…)The thick, creamy Mushroom Soup is everybody's favorite. It is filled with generously sliced mushroom!You can see everyone filling their small bowl to the brim & balancing cautiously not to spill while walking back to their seats…Chilli Crab is fresh & cut into big chunks. The sauce is a little too spicy for me but everybody seems to love it, nearly scraping the plate clean with the fried Mantou!Must save room for desserts for IKEA's Buffet!The Swedish cakes are super fantastic!It's completely cleared out within minutes!It's interesting that this time round the Restaurant kept the Muslim Counter open to the public. Felt sorry for the envious people on that side of the restaurant though…as some greeted their friends who were busy enjoying their succulent Chilli Crab…There is just too many great tasting cuisine to savor…The soup, starters & salad already had me going back (in small potions) again & again!Not to mention there is still the Cooked Food Menu…their famous Swedish Meatballs, Poached Salmon, mashed potato…Ohh…we will definitely be back for IKEA's next Buffet Feast!  ~ via Mobile continue reading
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The Ikea restaurant at the Tampines branch is a lot bigger than the Alexandra branch, with a bigger dining area and plentiful of seats. The self-service food counter area is also slightly more spacious to allow for smoother human flow. The place is dressed in a casual, modern style, with clean arrangement of simple, classic furniture and artsy overhead lamps. Colours are mostly kept to the minimum here, except maybe for the children corner. This may make the place look a little sterile, but I find the simplistic beauty of their minimalist decor endearing, especially when there are not much people around and it is quiet.We went before 10am (the restaurant opens at 9.30am although the store itself opens at 10am) when there is not much crowd yet so we could just sit where we like and enjoy our breakfast in relative peace. We opted for a seat nearer to the windows where natural sunlight bathes the area in a light, warm glow. The family next to us even took the opportunity to chill out together over their breakfast and the morning papers, giving meaning to the term "family bonding". Even before I get my food, I'm already liking this place. Pancakes with Scrambled Egg and Hashbrown ($3.00)The pancakes feel a little dense but are otherwise soft and slightly buttery. The scrambled egg is a little wet but not runny. Add a little salt here and a little pepper there for a little more flavour. I like the hashbrown best. They are crispy, tasty and not so oily. At only $3.00, we all agree that this set is really quite reasonably priced.Garlic Bread (2 for $1.00)Generously seasoned with garlic spread, these slices of garlic bread are tasty enough to eat on their own or to get as an add-on to your meal or cup of tea or coffee. We like this enough to consider getting a bunch of it to make up a "loaf" to eat on its own in future.New York Cheesecake ($3.80)Dense, heavy and creamy, the cheesecake is quite a treat. It is not too sweet, but cheesy with a tease of lemon zest. The thin cracker base feels a little wet, but overall this is pretty decent for the price. It feels quite rich on first bite. My favourite next to the cinnamon roll!Cinnamon Roll ($1.20)Not just my favourite but also my family's. The cinnamon roll is sweet, soft and chewy with a slight crispy glazed outer crust. The scent and taste of cinnamon is also pretty strong, making this a rather flavourful treat. Recommended!Coffee ($0.50) & Tea ($0.50)Make your choice from a cup of decent coffee or Dilmah Ceylon black tea, which comes from a teabag, at the low price of only 50 cents. The best part is that they are refillable and you can make them as sweet as you like with the sugar or cream sachets at the condiments counter. As usual, the food are very reasonably priced with some really value-for-money items on their menu. It helps that the decor and availability of seats here are really much better than the Alexandra branch. Service is also quite decent and the staff are generally friendly and helpful with (our) queries. We enjoyed our dining experience here, not only for the affordable but tasty food but also for the family-centric environment and experience. Do go early to take advantage of the peace before the crowd (and noise!) starts trickling in. It will start to get progressively hectic, especially during peak hours. For us, it's definitely worth getting up earlier to enjoy a nice breakfast here with the family! continue reading
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Level3 2014-02-11
Don't ever leave IKEA without having their meatballs! There meatballs are perfect considering the price you pay for! The meatballs are slightly chewy and the accompanying ligonberry sauce complements the meatball so well! The sauce is seasoned alright to my liking. My favourite savoury dish among the rest. continue reading
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Level3 2014-02-03
Decide to have dinner at IKEA as too Lazdy to cook during CNY Period.Surprisingly IKEA have introduced quite a lot of new dishes like Yusheng, BBQ Pork Ribs,Siew Mai, Curry chicken rice, Lotus rice etc.BBQ Pork Ribs- Too dry and hard to bite. Very disappointing dish.Curry Chicken- Chicken is super tender and curry is thick and fragrance. But rice is too little.Lotus Rice: Suprisely it turns out to be very good. Generous with the filling and the rice is very fragrance.Chicken Wings- A must to order. The standard never drop the chicken wing is crispy and tasty as before.Drink- Pay $1 free refilled but there are no more ice cubes provided. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-05
For details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.sg/2013/12/food-at-ikea-singapore.htmlEach time IKEA is mentioned, Food at IKEA just appears instantly in my head, and more distinctly, the swedish meatballs! Used to visit the Tampines outlet regularly for their breakfast, because I thought it was so delicious and cheap. Thus, for the first time, I went there for dinner, and it was surprisingly a little disappointing from the breakfast I had before... Poached Salmon ($7.90). Salmon was alright but a little overcooked, and potatoes were hard and tasteless even when smeared with the sauce which I like.Spring Chicken with Broccoli for around $11+, if I'm right. It was half spring chicken to be exact, but definitely more than enough to keep me full for hours. Normal-sized chicken wings, but I love it! It's so yummy, and for a moment I thought to myself, "I should have just ordered this as my main!". Overall, Food at IKEA is great for some bites, such as the hotdog buns, or supposingly "light food" to fill up your stomach for awhile, such as the swedish meatballs and the chicken wings. But to fully enjoy your dinner, perhaps somewhere outside IKEA would be better.For details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.sg/2013/12/food-at-ikea-singapore.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)