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Level4 2016-01-25
After watching streams of people queue up for I'm Kim Korean BBQ for years at SOTA. I finally decided to give it a try. It's main target audience are youngsters or students who want some korean bbq at a reasonable price. The prices range from $19.90++ to $24.90++ for weekend lunches. Check out therir facebook page as they randomly have facebook promotions just like the one they had on the day I visited, at just $19.90++ per pax for a group of 6 and more!They have a rather huge dining area, that can fit pretty much any party size. The minute you walk in, you will realize the drinks are on the right, cooked food is displayed against the wall at the back of the restaurant and all the tables are in a horizontal layout, parallel to the main street. You will also notice that it doesn't have a strong bbq smell, that most girls are afraid of smelling like, after the meal! Do not fret as they have vents to suck up the BBQ smells, there's even ocsilating fans to keep the air fresh.At the cooked food station, there's some sushi, soup, korean pancakes, noodles and steamed rice. I highly recommend trying their fried chicken wings. They are HUGE! Not to mention, these chicken wings put 4 Fingers to shame! The skin is so crispy, the meat is tender and the sauce has a tangy sweetness to it. Pick your vegetables and seafood too! The prawns were fresh looking and rather sizeable. The variety of vegetables should be sufficient for most. They were replenished frequently too! Lots of vegetables to go along with the meat. Lettuce is fresh and crazily crunchy and it is a MUST HAVE for me at Korean BBQs because I always use them to wrap up my meat.Moving onto the actual bbq, the bbq surface area was decent enough for 4, you could seperate your meats, ie (beef, non-beef or spicy and non-spicy) The hot plate itself got hot pretty quickly and you can control the temperature on the side of the hot plate. I would usually cook the beef atop the vegetables, such as onion or mushroom, so that the vegetables would absorb all the juices from the meat and at the same time, the meat would be good in a reasonable amount of time.After cooking, the meats were tender and juicy. Definitely better than I had expected. Grab a plate or two and stack them up with meats and also get ready to stack up another plate of cooked food! Also, to my pleasant surprise, the staff were extremely friendly and taught us how to cook and eat the meats with the vegetables. I had no problems getting the staff attention whenever I needed help or assistance.They had a varienty of meats, such as marinated ribeye, beef roll, pork belly, chicken and for those who love spicy. Go for their volcano style seasoned meats, you will not be disappointed.Check out the colours of the beef and also the mountain fo raw meats, eying for an empty spot on the BBQ hot plate! The Beef Rolls cook fast and I cut them up into even pieces. These fine slices of beef are delectable and easy to eat. They are savoury but not overwhelming, and make for the perfect start to my Korean BBQ feast.The bacon strips were my favourite. Probably the most unhealthy, but it was salty and juicy, overflowing with fatty goodness. The meat also so very soft and fresh. Bacon lovers will probably love the unlimited amounts of bacon available here.There's also free flow of non-alcholic drinks such as iced water, lime juice, mango juice, rice punch and korean barley tea. All the drinks tasted rather diluted to me but the sweetest drink for me which I liked was the rice punch. They also sell alcoholic drinks for those who want a complete Korean bbq meal!Conclusion : I'm Kim delivered great value meats and cooked food buffet with excellent staff service and atmosphere. Head here for a fuss free korean BBQ that is gentle on your wallet! continue reading
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The restaurant has what I would refer to as 6 main stations1) Cooked Food StationLocal delights such as Korean Glass Noodles (Jab-chae/잡채) and Spicy Rice Cake (Ddeokbokki/떡볶이) were presented, the former of which I loved a lot! I am not a big fan of korean rice cakes, but my younger sister who is did not fancy the ones in I'm Kim so I have reservations about that. I also tried their OMG Fried Rice, which tastes oddly similar yet dissimilar to our beloved claypot rice. The carbonara was a good distractor but the heavy taste of the sauce made me much fuller than I had expected to be, so that is one dish I suggest you not try. Other cooked food included....For more detail, please visit http://teeseirelav.blogspot.sg/2015/11/yummy-in-my-tummy-im-kim-korean-bbq-sota.html ! continue reading
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Level3 2015-01-16
We celebrated Michelle’s birthday at I’m KIM Korean BBQ on a Friday night and the entire restaurant is full house. Quite understandable because their buffet price is VERY CHEAP! It’s quite easy to spot the restaurant because their signboard is loud and bright, with a cute caricature who looks like a Korean actor. As we enter, there is a fridge full of soju and beer. If you are wondering, Kim is the Korean partner of owners Sulim and Christopher Chew, who are also involved in the 77th Street fashion retail brand with their sister Elim Chew.The buffet bar is split into four sections, starting with side dishes of cooked food to the meat section. We had quite a few delicious chicken wings before attacking the thick slabs of pork, beef and chicken. They are marinated with rich sauces and if you BBQ well, you will get tender and juicy meat. The Spicy Pork Collar and Signature Volcano Chicken are great! There is some heat when eating the volcano chicken so prepare your drink if you are not a chilli lover.Read more: http://www.misstamchiak.com/im-kim-korean-bbq/ continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-30
After our exams, my friends and I decided to head to I'm Kim Korean BBQ for dinner. As it was still quite early, like 6pm, we didnt have to wait long for a table. The only bad thing was that we had to leave before 7.30 as the restaurant is fully booked and so the table is reserved for other customers. Anyway my friends and I wasted no time digging in. There was several varieties of marinated meat available, chicken, beef and pork, including bacon. And they also have a lot of cooked food like potato wedges, Korean fried noodles, spicy rice cakes and soups. Overall it was a satisfying dinner with Korean pop songs playing in the background. Would definitely return again for another round of bbq! continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-23
Decided to head down to I’m Kim Korean BBQ which is conveniently located at School of the Arts to celebrate our end of exams after hearing good reviews about it with it’s affordable prices! They have student price for their buffet, so we paid around $14-$15 for their lunch buffet after all the taxes and charges.I must say, their spread of food is really goood! I’m definitely loving this place more than 2D1N Korean BBQ or Ssikkek Korean BBQ now! You’re advise to either make a reservation or go early, otherwise, be prepared to queue and wait for around 15-30mins. We reached about 1 hour later after the BBQ buffet hours has started, so it was already full house by then. But their staffs are really friendly and cherry, always updating us how long more do we have to wait and offer us to get some drinks first while waiting.Let’s cut to the chase – FOOD!Variety of appetizer available to start off your meal and also the various sauces to accompany your meats. They have a decent vegetable choices and kimchi!& of course! whats korean BBQ without the meat?! Highly recommend to try their ‘volcano’ chicken! Gets the kick of spicy-ness as you chew on it one after another. All of their meats are well marinated, fresh and of appropriate thickness. Personally, i prefer the meats that are more strongly flavored which means they are marinated with hot sauces.When you think that’s all for the variety, you are so wrong! They have quite a number of cooked food ranging from commonly known korean delights like kimchi fried rice, tteokbokki, japchae, ginseng chicken soup, kimchi jjigae to others finger snacks like fried nugget, wedges etc. I will not say that the korean delights are authentic but at least i felt that it was passable for the price we are paying for and of course, not to forget the main reason we are here for are for the BBQ meats!It was really an enjoyable dining experience. The whole area is spacious with sufficient ventilation but its a korean BBQ after all, so dont expect stepping out without smelling like one k! Thumb up for the food, service and ambiance!http://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2014/12/23/im-kim-korean-bbq/ for the full review with pics continue reading
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