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French cuisine in a casual 'kopitiam' setting. Chef Owner Immanuel Tee runs the kitchen on a simple principle – good ingredients, well made. continue reading
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Pork Belly braised in Kakuni Style Burgundy Escargots French Duck Leg Confit
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Level4 2015-10-17
Their French Pizza is on a frozen dough but their toppings does make up for the overall taste. You can taste the bacon and the onions and the cheese. We also had the Fried Frog Legs which turned out to be pretty good. I have never had frog legs done in angmoh style and they do theirs well. Can order again if we are back. continue reading
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Full Immanuel French Kitchen review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/05/immanuel-french-kitchen.htmlOpening its doors in June 2014 within the modern hawker enclave of Salute Coffee Shop / Salut Kopitiam, Immanuel French Kitchen has since won rave reviews for its tasty, immaculate, classic French cuisine at relatively affordable cafe-esque prices. The man behind Immanuel French Kitchen, chef Immanuel Tee, has an impressive resume, including holding the head chef position at the now defunct Keystone restaurant, as well as stints in several reputable fine dining establishments such as Guy Savoy Singapore, Jaan Restaurant, and the 2 Michelin star Pastorale Restaurant in Belgium.Ambience at Immanuel French Kitchen is shared with every other stall in Salute Coffee Shop / Salut Kopitiam. Functional, decent furniture, bright lighting, and the garish, iconic, blue checkered tablecloth. Service at Immanuel French Kitchen is completely self-service, where ordering and payment is done over the counter, as is collection of orders via a buzzer. I do like that the menu has helpful, concise descriptions of each dish, and that they provide serviettes. Interaction however, is minimal, especially since chef and team are usually busy.Food at Immanuel French Kitchen is distinctly classic French, with some elements of Japanese. Chef even makes his own charcuterie / cold cuts in-house. Generally, I find most dishes to be very tasty, with each component of the dish being well executed, such that no ingredient overwhelms the other, a sign of good planning! Portions are filling for 1 person, and may be suitable for sharing. Prices are comparable to a mid-range cafe, budget about SGD $21 per person for a meal here.The Onion Soup (SGD $4.90) is a Soup Du Jour, or soup of the day. Love the savoury and sweet broth, thick and deep with caramelised onions, which are soft and pliable. The cheesy crouton lends a nice textural contrast, retaining its crisp crunch for quite awhile, and pairs nicely with the rich soup broth. Excellent comfort food, highly recommended!The Duck Leg Confit (SGD $15.90) features a medium sized portion of duck leg, prepared in the classic style of France, cured and cooked in its own duck fat. This results in tender, extremely tasty meat that tears off easily from the bone, and a moderately crisp skin. However, it toes the line between moist and dry. The mashed potato in brown gravy is so smooth, almost creamy in texture, and the gravy lends a nice savoury taste. The spring bacon succotash of shredded cabbage and corn kernels bears a slight hint of salty, smoky flavour, and lends a burst of colour and freshness to the dish. Highly recommended! continue reading
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Level4 2015-02-17
It was not too long ago when De Burg (a decent burger outfit which has since moved to Kallang) was still situated at the rather quiet coffeeshop along Blk 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1. In the space of a about a year, much has changed and the same coffeeshop is now bustling with stalls selling different produce and crowds patiently queuing up for a table. One such stall that has moved in is Immanuel French Kitchen, a much publicised (by the media) outfit selling fine French cuisine at seemingly affordable prices.Duck Rillettes - Served up in a tin container alongside another tin of gherkins and a platter of sliced, rather dry and hard baguette, the duck rillettes came across as decent; Generous and well shredded with a nicely smooth, oily finish. Would have been better if it had been a little creamier and a little less salty.Pork Belly Braised In Kakuni Style Served With Duxelle Mushrooms, Onsen Egg & Potato Foam - This dish was a little east meets west as the pork belly was done Kakuni style (simmered in dashi, soya sauce, mirin, sugar and sake and popular in Nagasaki). The belly was relatively tender but had quite a fair bit of fat, giving it a nice wobbly texture but also a rather nauseating effect. Amidst the richness of the pork belly and a quivery onsen egg sporting a runny center (topped unfortunately with bacon bits that tasted straight off the shelves), the duxelle mushrooms provided a commendable earthy complement whilst the lightly smooth potato foam and croutons dispensed the necessary carbohydrates. Pretty decent but honestly it was the potato foam that impressed me more than anything else.1 duck rillettes and 1 pork belly dish for a grand total of $25.50. Whilst I appreciate the thought and effort that has gone into both dishes, I personally do feel that $16.90 is a bit too much to pay for the pork belly, given the quantity (not much!) and setting of the place (coffeeshop). But to be fair, food quality is a notch or two above average so that should count for something I guess?See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2015/01/immanuel-french-kitchen-french-food-in.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-17
Visit www.umakemehungry.com for more reviewsImmanuel French Kitchen is situated at the location where De Burg was previously, exactly at the same spot. The search for a pocket friendly French Cuisine is something you are looking for if you dont mind a kopitiam environment.As mentioned in the previous post, the kopitiam is something out of the ordinary and perhaps one that served "atas", restaurant quality standard of food.Menu was rather simple and straight forward, consisting most essentialmust have food from the French Cuisine Menu like foie gras, duck confeitetc.A look into the kitchen and we get to see Chef Immanual on his job and there are no secrets for its open concept.For our starters under homemade Charcuterie, we had the duck rillette and this was served with gherkin and bread. Spread some of the duck rillete on the slice of bread given and enjoy the moist and buttery bites off.Moving into the mains, we had one of the staples selection in Frenchcuisine, the confit of duck leg. Imported from France served sitting on abed of smashed potato, braised cabbage and Au Jus. Simply love itsouter layer for its skin is "crackling-ly" good!Another starring dish - Braised pork belly in kakuni style served withduxelle mushroom, onsen egg and potato foam. Deliciously plump andyummy!The last main dish we had was Chicken breast cooked in Sous VideTechnique served with barley risotto and mushroom fricassee. The chickenmeat came in a circular shapes which reminds me of those pre-packedToufu we had from the market.The verdict: alot of affordable french cuisines dining were seen poppingup in the malls and neighborhood recently. Strategically located totheir targeted customers and gradually the idea of relating FrenchCuisine to "having to spend a bomb" is out of the picture. Enjoying suchfrench cuisine may be deemed affordable and reasonable now.Though Immanuel French Kitchen is relatively new and had just joined inthe "clan", I would say that they are good but not the best in the West. continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-25
When I mention about French Dining, the word “Expensive” seems to be the first to pop up in people’s mind. However, I have just recently visited this little gem located in Bukit Merah and I am so excited to share it with you guys!Chef Immanuel’s French Kitchen is set to become one of the latest casual french dining spots to join the growing number of atas kopitiam stalls that serves restaurant quality standards at affordable prices!I have visited this place twice in a week and tried quite a significant number of dishes (almost everything) and it is sooo good!DUCK RILLETTEServed with Gherkin and BreadSGD 7.90CHICKEN LIVER PATE WITH PORT WINEServed with breadSGD 7.50FROGFrogs legs sauteed with shallot garlic and parsleySGD 12.60FOIE GRASPan Fried Foie Gras served with Caramelized Apple, Herb Salad and Orange GastriqueSGD15.40BURGUNDY ESCARGOTBaked half a dozen snail with tomato fondue and garlic herbs butter served with breadSGD 11.90PORK BELLYPork Belly Braised in Kakuni Style Served with Duxelle Mushroom, Onsen Egg & Potato FormSGD15.40SOUS VIDE CHICKEN BREASTSous Vide Chicken Breast served with cheese rigatoni pasta Gratin, Mushroom Fricassee and Mustard SauceSGD12.60FRENCH DUCK LEG CONFITConfit of duck leg from France served with Mash Potatoes, Braised savoy cabbages and Au JusSGD14.90STEAK AND FRIESSteak served with Shallot and garlic confit and french friesSGD 18BEEF BOURGUIGNONBraised beef in red wine with bacon, mushroom and onion, served with crushed parsley potatoSGD 17***VERDICTOne of my favorite dining dinner. Definitely not what you would expect in a Kopitiam setting. The meat served up to use were all tender juicy soft and the flavors are well balanced without ever reaching out for additional condiments.I tried picking out a a favourite main, but I am spoiled for choices! However if you are in the mood for something different, the pork belly is one which you definitely have to try out. The spoonful of egg, mushroom, pork belly and potato foam is mind blowing good. Mash potato will never be good enough for me again.Portions are definitely generous enough for me to be stuffed after the meal, and even if the mains don’t fill me up, anyone of the side dishes or starters will definitely do the deed.Definite worth the trip up to Bukit Merah! continue reading
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