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A Chinese restaurant offering both ala carte and set menus, Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant specialises in serving Chinese steamboat. continue reading
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Review (3)
Level4 2017-05-19
The restaurant was under the Imperial Treasure chain, and offered hotpot. It was considered one of the most atas outlet in Singapore to offer hotpot. There was also branch in Great World City. This outlet looked quite grand from the entrance. Reservation of 8 people was made a week ago. The staff called up about an hour before the reservation to confirm. The staff showed us to a private room with a great view of Orchard Road. The table was big with 2 induction stoves and could seat 10 pax comfortably. Most hotpot restaurant had sauce counter, but here the staff brought the tray of sauces which consisted of satay sauce, peanut sauce, sesame sauce, sesame seeds, chilli sauce, garlic chilli sauce, sliced green chilli, sliced red chilli, chopped coriander, deep fried chopped garlic, chopped garlic, chopped spring onion) to the table. Each person was charged $2.50++ for the sauces.For soup base, selected Imperial Drunken Chicken Soup 乾隆醉雞窩 ($28++) which tasted slightly bitter in the beginning but was quite flavourful. It came with a bowl of marinated chicken to add into the soup. The chicken was quite tender.Accompanied with the following :King Tiger Prawn 鳳尾蝦 ($18++/ 4pc) - served peeled, big and juicySliced Eel 白鱔片 ($14++) - quite boneySquid 鮮魷魚 ($10++)USA Sliced "Kurobuta" Pork Belly 美國黑豚豬腩肉片 ($14++)Sliced Lamb Shoulder 鮮羊肩片 ($15++)Four Treasure Ball Platter 鮮四寶丸 ($14++/ 8pc) - Fresh Prawn Ball, Fresh Cuttle Fish Ball, Fresh Canton Dace Fish Ball, Fresh Pork BallFresh Prawn Noodle 唧唧鮮虾麵 ($14++) - The staff pipped out the paste from a bag, very tenderFresh Dace Fish Noodle 唧唧鯪魚麵 ($11++) - The staff pipped out the paste from a bag, very tenderAssorted Vegetable 雜菜籃 ($6.80++)Bamboo Pith 野山竹笙 ($20++) - spongy and softAssorted Mushrooms 雜菇籃 ($8.80++)Deep Fried Fish Skin 酥炸魚皮 ($6.80++)Deep Fried Beancurd Skin 炸三秒 ($6.80++) - Everyone's favourite item, had it without soaking in the hotpot, so that it would be light and crispy. Else soaked for a few seconds in hotpot which soaked up the soup easily.Chilled Beancurd 凍豆腐 ($4++) - It was like a more airy and softer version of the dried bean curd, which was able to soak up the soup.Washed down the meal with Cooling Herbal Tea 清熱凉茶 ($12++/jar) and Sweeten Plum 秘制酸梅湯 ($12++/jar) continue reading
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For details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.sg/2014/01/imperial-treasure-steamboat-restaurant.htmlBefore anything else, laid before us are these 12 sauces ($2.00/pax). Not really sure what are all these individual sauces, but they will keep on reminding you to scoop the sauces, as they will be removing it away.. Sounds like we don't get the chance to refill, though we still can...We had two soup bases, which are pork bone and chicken soup.Some of the items we ordered from their ala-carte menu. Most we ordered were in a portion, such as Japanese Mushroom ($5.00), Kurobuta Prok Belly ($12.00), Australian Beef Brisket ($18.00), Luncheon Meat ($5.00), Fresh Pork Ball ($8.00) and Fish Ball, Shrimp Wanton ($8.00), Silky Beancurd ($3.50), and Assorted Vegetable ($6.00).Half Drunken Chicken ($20.00). We were "awed with surprise" as we didn't expect half a chicken to be this size... Thus, we actually ordered another half to make up for this insufficient amount of meat...Food is barely a pass, though crew service is still satisfactory. Pork Bone soup is tastier than the other, but quality of the soup changed when the drunken chicken together with the alcoholic marination was thrown in... Our total bill came to about $230, which I felt can be well-spent in other places with nicer food.For details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.sg/2014/01/imperial-treasure-steamboat-restaurant.html continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-28
If you happen to pass by this Chinese restaurant whille you are shopping around ION Orchard, do buy a piece of their egg tart to try as they are simply very delicious. The pastry crust is very crunchy and baked till very nice golden brown colour. The egg custard in it is very smooth in texture and is not too sweet as well. The combination of the custard and the pastry is simply too nice to be able to describe. Try it and you will know what I meant. continue reading
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