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Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken is famous for their Hor Fun and Bean Sprouts. Their popular Bean Sprouts and Hor Fun comes all the way from Ipoh to remain its true authenticity to their Malaysian origins. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-16
Had quite high expectations of the Bean Sprouts chicken so was sort of quite disappointed when I finally tried it. The chicken seems quite normal to me, I was still thinking how interesting and yummy the Ipoh style bean sprouts chicken will be. To be frank, the chicken was tender and tasty, it's nice, but it tasted like any normal chicken to me, nothing really special. The bean sprouts is quite nice, or I think it's the sauce that is nice. Judging from the name, at first I had assumed that the bean sprouts was supposed to be in the chicken or something like that, but it turned out that it is separate because you can actually order a plate of bean sprouts too! That's really quite weird to me. The 1 pax set ($6.50) is rather expensive for such a serving. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-02
Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken, as it's name suggests serves out mainly ipoh style chicken, bean sprouts and a main dish (rice or noodle). I ordered a 2 person serving of chicken and dry hor fun noodles to go along. The hor fun noodles were not too bad, it was soft and chewy and did match well with the chicken dish provided. However, it is a little too dry for me and I needed to add some soup to wet my noodles first. They should serve a bowl of soup along with the dry noodles but for some reason, they forgot to and we had to ask for it. The chicken was not too bad- it was sufficiently tender and flavourful- however, the portions served here were indeed small- considering we almost paid $10 alone for just the chicken. One good point about dining in this particular outlet, you can also go over to the next door Hill Street Coffee Shop to order drinks or side dishes and it will be delivered to your table. I think both eateries are operated by the same parent company, so bringing the other stall's food is not an issue. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-02
Since the last time I tried the food at Hill Street Coffeeshop which wasn't fantastic, I thought I should similarly give a shot at its neighbour - Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken. A thorough disappointment! The "yellow" chicken hanging at the stall had fooled me into thinkin it was the fragrant "Yellow Oil Chicken" (or was it so?) that I so loved. However, what was served to me was really chicken w/o the skin!!! They didn't even ask whether I wanted the skin or not!!! The chicken meat was not at all fantastic, tender yes, but not the best I've eaten since there was no shout to its taste. What added to my disappointment was the part on "Bean Sprouts". I had thought that the chicken dish would be special, like there would be bean sprouts from within the chicken etc. Turned out the chicken was served on a bed of bean sprouts! That's it! That's my surprise! What made it worse was that the bean sprouts were not thoroughly cooked! I could still taste the raw-ness in some of them. Perhaps my expectations were high, then let's talk about the serving. Bean sprouts - fine if they were meant to be served as a "bed", but really, how much do they cost anyway? Can't they be served more graciously, like in a big bowl, so that there is some redeeming grace? Then, look at the serving of hor fun. My goodness! An average man would have slurped it all up in 2 or 3 mouths. At the end of the meal, I don't even feel like I've already eaten! And how much does hor fun cost??? So, food not particularly delicious, eat also not full, how to give a decent review for them? I can't understand the crowd there really. Does ambience of the old days really that appealing, in spite of poor food? Visit again? No way! Total Cost:1-Pax Set (Chicken + Bean Sprouts + Soup) - $6.90 continue reading
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