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Itacho Sushi is a fast food type of sushi restaurant, popular with the younger crowd. The restaurant prepares delicious and succulent sushi, which is made upon order, using seasonal fresh fish and the finest ingredients at an affordable price. continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-05
For those of you who like cheap sushi like sushi express and nihon mura but are sick of the selections that they have, you can try Itacho Sushi. You can spend about $10 a person, if you know how to order the cheap stuff.Here's what greets you as you take your sit.FYI : they charge $1 for wet tissue. So try and spend about $10/pax to get the $1 tissue charge waived. Look through the menu and write down on the paper what you would like, and call for a waitress. They will take the order sheet from you and deliver the sushi to you. The service at Plaza Singapura was pretty quick at 1130am on sunday. They had just opened at 11am and it took not more than 5 minutes for our order to arrive on our table, all pretty much at the same time. Except for the fried food items that took longer.Here are their really cheap sushi offerings. Starting at just 40cents!So what do you get for something so cheap?There we go.. for 40 cents each, which makes this plate just $2++. Dp note, you can only order one sushi per pax. For $3.80++ you get this one side of a salmon head w spicy sauce. It wasn't spicy at all, a slight tinge of sourness which complemented the tenderness of the fish. The head was complete with one eyeball. Not a bad dish to order for those who love fish heads. The Ikura handroll was a let down. The seaweed was mushy, not crispy and fresh. The handroll was dripping and strangely, it was warm. The eggs were okay, not extremely fresh either. Sushi teis' ikura handroll is so much better than this and at the same price too!Here is the spread with the salmon head, smoked duck croquette roll and deep Fried Inari w spicy salmon rice w caviar. We order 4 pieces at 60cents each. It was my favourite. It was very crispy on the outside and tasty on the inside. Imagine a very crispy wanton with like fish meat inside. Definitely worth a try. Although I realized the oil they used had a smell.. Not sure if it's because they haven't changed their oil often enough. Smoked Duck Croquette Roll, they were alot smaller than expected. About the size of a bigger fish ball. You could taste the smoked duck inside, and the potato was seasoned well. It was crispy and when dipped in the mayonaise mix they provided. It was a good appetizer.At the end of our meal, we asked the waitress if she could check if our bill had hit the $10 per pax, she said it was only $18+. So we decided to get two low priced sushi. At $1.20 per pair, the Teriyaki Chicken w red ginger rice and Deep fried squid w lemon flavour rice was a good dish to end off. The red ginger was strong but not too overpowering and you could taste the teriyaki chicken inside. For the deep fried squid, it was crunchy and yet chewy on the inside. The lemon flakes on the plate added a zesty and a slightly sour taste to the sushi. A very interesting mix of sushi. Again, very different from what you would get at Nihon Mura or Sushi Express and instead ofr $1.50. It is only $1.20So all in all, we spent $21.65 for two people, for quite a variety of items. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-25
Itacho is one restaurant which I like to go frequently for my cravings for japanese food. It helps that there are more outlets as well. Just a few weeks back, I went to the outlet at Plaza Singapura. I ordered quite a few items and I must say everything that I ordered is up to my standards. My favourite is the green tea cold soba with scallops. The soba is very refreshing and the scallops are sweet and full of flavour. The price is also very reasonable with the amount of scallops in the dish - it costs $8 for this green tea soba. They also have a special menu which features a few sushi items at discounted prices, so it is worthwhile taking a look at the menu. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-09
Itacho always have long q outside their restaurant so we decided to go there at a non peak meal timing (4pm) We ordered 2 plates of salmon ( 6 pieces of them in total ) and they are thick and fresh! the price of it is 3 pieces/$5 and we find it really worthwhile. They have pretty good deals for their sushi too but the one we wanted (40cents / sushi) is sold out already.Next, we had cold soba and it was average. noodles could be more soft and chewy. Overall, i will definitely come back again to try the sushi in my opinion, the food at ichiban is very affordable and good! the staffs are friendly too. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-03
We didnt order a lot, so just a few to share here.Roasted Salmon Roll - $3.50Salmon aburi (half cooked salmon) is one of the items that I will always order whichever Jap restaurant I go. Not impressive here but passed. kekeGrilled Pork Sushi - $2This caught my attention. Pork sushi? Wow, there was really unique! It tasted like putting a piece of grilled pork and a spoon of rice together in the mouth. I guess the idea was innovative, but taste wise pretty much expectedWe wanted to try this ~ 40 cents sushi, where to find?Indeed, it was hard to find.We were there at about 5pm+. When we first asked for it, the waitress said that it was not ready yet. Half way through our course, we asked again, still dun have. Nevermind, wait lor. By the time we finished all our food, it was officially dinner time like 6plus 7pm. The waitress still said that it was not available! Wah lau, when is this 40 cents sushi ever ready lah! So ya, I never get to order it at all. =_=Visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2011/04/itacho-sushi.html to read more and see photo! continue reading
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Level3 2013-11-02
Itacho Sushi offers sushi for as low as 40 cents! Yes, 40 cents for salmon with soya sauce sushi. Each diner is only limited to 2 pieces and tends to be sold out fairly quickly. I don’t think it is very nice because it is a thinly sliced salmon skin with some fats and even thinner salmon flesh. It has some fishy smell too. Apart from that, other discounted items such as cold soba with seasoned scallop, spicy salmon sushi and salmon lobster roll are delectable! The cold soba with seasoned scallop is chilled and very refreshing. The spicy salmon sushi is filled with spicy salmon and the sweetness from the beancurd skin complements it. The salmon lobster roll is really worthy. It is fresh and the salmon just melts in your mouth. Yummy! continue reading
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