Arriving by Bus: #123/143/587/590/598, Bustop Name: Orchard Plaza, Bustop No.: 08137. Arriving by Train: Somerset MRT. Nearest Carpark: Cuppage Plaza Carpark continue reading
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Char Siew Ramen Miso Ramen Tempura
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You may not know of this place as they are located remotely in Cuppage plaza, level 2. However, the food that are served is absolutely one of the freshest i had. Nijumaru Bento ($21) - Although this is abit expensive, but consider the quality of the food, i certainly recommended all to try. Saba fish (top left of the tray) is not too dry, crispy on the outside and juicy meat combiination. However, there are bones, so be careful while eating. Tempura is nice and crispy, taste first hand on the freshest tempura. Sashimi include salmon, tuna and yellowtail, no complain over these. Stew pork really look special, the lean meat and fats are proportion and tender when chew. Simply delicious. Shogayaki Set ( Pork ) $14 - Marinated pork stir fried with spring onions, served with stew eel meat (Bottom right) and miso soup. Pork meat is tender and wonderfully delicious. There are a mixture of lean meat and fats, the proportion are just right. Stew eel are delicious too although there are bones and you must be careful while eating. Ika Fried ($8) - Fresh, sweet and chewy. Although it is fried but you still can taste the squid freshness. Eat with mustard sauce or sweet sauce to experience different taste of the squid.Chawamushi ($5.50) - Lots of ingredients, mushroom, prawn, spring onions, ginkgo nut and chicken chunk. The steam egg is really delicious and smooth. Really pipping hot even after leaving it for a few minutes. Certainly yummyBustling with customers Although there are no people walking along the walkway Food is very fresh, the sashimi that i ate do not have any foul taste or smell. Even the tempura that i had also taste sweet and tender. I have a great impression on the food provided.Staff's service is quite ok although I heard a lot of complaints about bad service. However, I was asked to leave as there are a small group of people queuing as i have not finished my cup of tea.For full review:http://uniquelious.blogspot.sg/2014/03/izakaya-nijumaru.html continue reading
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This is the second time I'm having a meal here and it really is a gem in Orchard. Despite the 'sleaziness' of Cuppage Plaza, Izakaya Nijumaru is a pretty big restaurant with decently priced food items and nice Japanese ambience. Bento sets generally ranges from $8 to $25 but they do offer a wide variety of food such as sashimi, yakimono and dons.The first time I came, I had the Nijumaru Bento but this time I decided to change and order another set recommended by a friend: The Unajyu Set.Similar to the Nijumaru Bento, a variety of dishes comes with the Unajyu Set. You get to choose between Tempura or Assorted Sashimi, and of course the big highlight of the Unajyu Set would be 2 big slices of Unagi! Unagi lovers like me will definitely be jumping with joy at the sight of this set! The unagi was made deliciously and nicely glazed with a nice smooth texture. The generous portion of unagi was also a sight to behold. The assorted sashimi that I ordered along with the set was decent and fresh, and in my opinion a better option than ordering tempura.While the first time I was here, I had the opportunity to just chill in the restaurant after my dinner, this time the waitresses were eager to get me out due to a long waiting list in the queue outside the restaurant, so do take note if you dine here! And if you walk in or make a reservation, do make sure everyone is on time because they won't let you into the restaurant unless everyone is present so that's one more point to note. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-07
So I went back to this Japanese restaurant after I tried out their oden. This time round I was feeling really hungry so I ordered their Tonkutsu Curry. When my food arrive, I have a shock. The portion is actually very big and is enough to share among two person. However, as I was very hungry that day, I polished off everything from the plate. The curry is very tasty! One of the very authentic Japanese curry I have tried compared to other places. It comes with a miso soup as well and it tasted just nice too. The tonkutsu is retains it's crisp still even after soaking in the curry. The meat is soft and is really enjoyable. This cost around $12 and I must it's super value. continue reading
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Some people might not like the atmosphere in this Izakaya as it is not atas enough for them and the servers are mostly aunties. But honestly, this place reminds me of the Izakaya in Japan. The oden is $8 and the ochazuke is $5, which is considered cheap compared to many places. The soup in the oden is very sweet and it doesnt taste like msg-soup. And they have many ingredients unlike the other places. Nijumaru is probably the place that charge $5 for their ochazuke. And they are consistent in their food.However, the tea in the ochazuke is not the thick, its diluted, but the soup portion covers the rice. The salmon bits are small but is a generous serving. They are not famous / popular with desserts though. Dont think their ice cream is handmade. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-17
At the old run down building of cuppage plaza, it is a haven for Japanese food. There are loads of Japanese restaurants (and shady pubs with girls in tight clothes but ignore those) ranging from expensive to affordable. I was introduced to this place by a friend and do come early because seats are limited and there will be a long queue if you hit the peak dinner time. My friend had a bowl of Oden. The soup is simply packed full of flavour! If you don't feel like having a heavy meal or slightly under the weather, this is the dish for you! Light, not too salty, and warms the belly. Japanese idea of chicken soup This is a yakitori dish of bacon wrapped oyster. Super delicious. The yakitori stove is manned by this old stern looking Japanese uncle who carefully flips and grills all the meat, seafood and veg on a hot grill. The bacon is dripping in oil and compliments the oyster very well. Taste is smoky, greasy and has a slight seafood briny flavour from the oyster. A must try. Another dish (which I don't have the photo) which is AWESOME is the yakitori pork belly. Super super sinful but damn good! Even my friend who doesn't like pork belly was converted after eating it. It's like bacon but 100 times the taste and very nice and chewy. I had the curry rice with pork katsu. This dish I feel is normal. I had better elsewhere but the curry is good and has a home-cooked feel.. I prefer my katsu thick and juicy compared to this thinner and dryer version. Nonetheless, I left this place satisfied and will definitely be coming back to try more things. continue reading
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